Nepalese food is famous among Nepali and its neighboring countries. Here is the list of top foods in Nepal that are famous among Nepalese. Please look at the list, as it may be your favorite one.
Nepal does now not have an excellent cooking style. However, meal habits fluctuate depending on the region. Nepali meals have been influenced by the aid of Indian and Tibetan cooking patterns. Authentic Nepali taste is determined by Newari and Thakai cuisines.

Nepal is a very beautiful country that is always bragged about for its natural beauty as considered heaven. It attracts many tourists cause of the natural beauty it holds. Nepal is a very multicultural country and is influenced by the cultures of the neighboring countries. If you plan to visit Nepal and want to know the foods that they often reach for and the reason why it’s so raved about by Nepalese, Here are the ten most famous food among Nepalese people.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

pinsdaddyThe most usual and preferred food recipe in Nepal is Dal Bhat Tarkari. This is an almost compulsory meal in the Nepalese lifestyle. Bhat is boiled or steamed rice, Dal is a lentil, and curry is tarkari. Besides, we can add a pickle called achar in Nepali with yogurt.


myrepublicMo:Mo is the only dish in Nepal that is available in most of the country. It is one of the most consumed dishes in Nepal. Every hotels and restaurant include Mo Mo on their menu. Varieties of Mo:Mo, like veg Mo:Mo, Buff Mo:Mo, Chicken Mo:Mo, Mutton Mo:Mo, etc, are available in the market.

Aalu Tama

aalu bodi tama ko jhol

Aalu Tama is one of the traditional dishes mostly used in the hilly region of Nepal. It is a mixture of potatoes blended with bamboo shoots(Tama). You can make it even better by adding black-eyed beans.


YamariActually, yamari is the favorite dish of Newars, inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. It is prepared by filling the dumpling with rice flour in the form of fig, and a mixture of molasses and sesame seeds is added. Then, it is steamed in a pot called potasi.


chatamariAnother favorite dish of Nepalese is chatamri which is also a Newari dish. It is a pancake made up of rice flour. So, it is also called Nepali Pizza. It can be better tasted with eggs, meat or vegetables. This dish is compulsory in Nepali Newari festivals like Dewali and Degudeopuja.

Sel Roti

maxresdefaultSel roti is one of the favorite dishes of Nepalese that is mostly used in the Tihar festival. It is prepared with semi-liquid rice flour in which cardamom and cinnamon, butter, and cream are added for taste. Then, it is added in high heat temperature oil to make a ring shape. When both sides are gets cooked, it is ready to eat.


77 Rice KheerWho else is there in Nepal who doesn’t love Kheer? It is one of the sweet dishes that is prepared by adding rice, fruits, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder to the boiling milk. Once it is cooked, it is ready to eat.


gundrukGundruk is a dried and fermented vegetable prepared in most parts of Nepal. It is very simple and fast to make this dish. Nowadays, people are using it to prepare for the pickle called Gundruk ko Achar.


SamayebajiAnother Newari dish that is popular in the Nepalese market is Samayebaji. It is the traditional Newari recipe that consists of beaten rice, black soya bean, smoked meat, potato, roasted meat, boiled and spicy beans, boiled eggs, ginger, pickle, green vegetables, and Mewari liquor.
Newars are rich in meat-based dishes like chhoila, kachila, sekuwa, mo:mo. They also make special bread like chatamari, bara. They also produce drinks at the house, like chhyang.

Mutton Curry

mutton curryThe most preferred dish for dinner is mutton curry. You cannot go wrong with this in your dinner. You can enjoy it with naan roti or steamed basmati rice for a great taste.

Nepali Khana

Nepali culture is rich in food. Nepali khana and Nepali parikar are often described as being spicy but are appreciated for their authentic taste and, of course, their mouth-watering delicious taste. Almost all of the Nepali Khana and Top Nepali Parikar are made in the household, so you might not need to visit restaurants. However, due to busy schedules, families are often limited to basic and daily food habits. Rice and bread are certainly the regular Nepali Khana.

nepali khana

Gundruk and Dhendo 

 Dhendo, a porridge made of cornmeal, can also be made with millet, buckwheat, or barley. A fermented and preserved leafy green called gundruk is used to make soup or pickles. They combine to provide a satisfying, healthy dinner. The addition of meat curry to the pair in the urban environment further enhances the overall appeal of the dish. Basically, served Nepal’s rural communities in the high terrain.

There is a special food Nepalese love to add to their identity. It is called Makai and Bhatmas (Fried maize and beans), and it tastes amazing being accompanied by Gundruk ko achar (Pickled dehydrated vegetable leaves).

Top 10 Nepali food that is famous among Nepalese

  1. Momo: No matter where you go, in any part of Nepal, MOMO is the most loved food in Nepal. It’s basically a dumpling. In Nepal, you can find dumpling in different sizes, colors, and different varieties. They are affordable and supper yummy. Its skin is made out of wheat and flour and fillings are made out of different meats, such as buff, pork, chicken, vegetables, paneer, and also chocolate. It is companied by achar, which is basically a chilly sauce which is different from one store to another and also many people prefer to have it with soup. Also, you can have your momo fried, steamed, Kothey (half fried, half steamed), chilly, and many more.
  2. Chowmein: Chowmein is noodles with different choices of meat and spices and also different vegetables. Again it’s one of that affordable food that is found in every restaurant, cafe, or even street vendor. The taste is unique from every store and Nepali people love them. This is basically the most ordered food in Nepal after Momo.
  3. Chatamari: Chatamari Known as Nepali Pizza is a Newari dish. It is basically a pancake made of rice flour with exotic toppings that are according to the choice of the customer. It’s normally vegetables with egg and meat. Chatamari is normally accompanied by chicken curry or soup. This is a must-dish on any occasion in Newari Culture. Once again this is very affordable and found in any Newari cuisine, restaurant, and event street vendor.
  4. Saifale: Same as momo, it is basically the same concept instead it has a thick skin that is fried, and the outer rim or let’s just say the border has this interesting swirl or twist design to lock the filling inside. Fillings are of the customer’s choice with any meat with onions and spices and vegetables. They are very affordable and easily available in any store or restaurant. Highly raved, super yummy food with again is companied by achar which is different from place to place.
  5. Alu Tama: Alu (Potato) Tama (Bamboo shoots) is a traditional dish prepared especially in hilly regions. It is basically made out of fermented bamboo shoots with potato and black-eyed peas. The taste is little sour but is very rich in flavor with a refreshing taste.
  6. Daal Bhat: As an Asian country, Nepalese people eat rice for breakfast or dinner or sometimes even lunch. Basically, they eat rice every day. “Bhat” is referred to rice and daal is basically a cereal that is soupy in consistency to accompany rice with that there will always be curry, which can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian achar, vegetables, salads, and other side dishes. This is “hands down”, any Nepalese favorite food. It’s in the culture what Nepalese eat every day and it’s not only cooked in restaurants but also daily at home or any kind of occasion, a must-have dish.
  7. Chapati Curry: Chapati is basically a flatbread made out of wholemeal flour which is very hearty and best eaten with curries and vegetables also with achar and sometimes with daal also. There are also different varieties of chapattis you can have depending on what flour is used and also this is too eaten daily in most houses in Nepal. This is extremely affordable and found almost everywhere.
  8. Thukpa: It is a noodle that is cooked with a thick soup, best for winter, and mostly cooked in the Himalayan/ Mountain region of Nepal. Again one of those most ordered dishes. This dish is seasoned with vegetables mixed with Himalayan spices with your choice of meat or one can simply eat vegetarian. This dish is of course cooked in most restaurants in Nepal but you might find a different range of thukpas that are cooked in Tibetan restaurants in Nepal.
  9. Sail roti: It is an ancient dish that is cooked especially cooked in Tihar. The main ingredients are rice flour which is watered down to the liquid form with some salt and sugar. This liquid is carefully poured into the oil that is under really high temperature in a mostly circular shape. It is eaten with either curry or mostly with tea or coffee.
  10. Newari Khaja Set: Newari khaja Set is a traditional cultural dish for Newa (An ethnic group of Nepal). It is a must on special occasions and Newari people have it almost daily. It consists of baji(flattened flakes of rice flour), bhuttan (Fried meat of buffalo), Choila( chicken or duck), roasted and smoked meat with spiced beans, egg, fish, potatoes, and vegetables and also the special drink chyang or aila. It is basically a home/self-made liquor made of rice that has been fermented and is very popular.