Here is the list of top foods in Nepal that are famous among Nepalese. Please look at the list as it may be your favorite one.

Nepal does now not have a wonderful cooking style. However, meals habits fluctuate depending on the region. Nepali meals has been influenced with the aid of Indian and Tibetan patterns of cooking. Authentic Nepali taste is determined in Newari and Thakai cuisines.

Various Nepali khana (Nepali Parikar) are available in Nepal. Nepal is a country consisting wide range of cultures, preferences and ethnicity. This has determined the clothing as well as fooding behavior. With large number or caste and ethnicities, there are numbers of Nepali Khana too. However, should an overall list be made on Nepali Parikar and Top Food of Nepal, some cuisines would certainly be not supposed to be left out.

Most Nepalese do not longer use cutlery however eat with their right hand. The normal Nepali meal is dal (lentil soup), bhat (boiled rice) and tarkari (curried vegetables), frequently accompanied by means of achar (pickle).

Curried meat is very popular, however is saved for exclusive occasions, as it is enormously extra expensive.

Momos (steamed or fried dumplings) deserve a mention as one of the most popular snack among Nepalese. Rotis (flat bread) and dhedo (boiled flour) also make meals in some homes.

We, Nepalese are certainly proud of our authentic Nepali food, Dhido and Gundruk. Dhido is semi solid food made by cooking the floor of maize, kodo or fapar in deep heat. It is very necessary to be cautious about the amount of water to be added. Gundruk is dehydrated form of leaves or vegetables. It turns sour after sometime and can be used as pickle as well as vegetable.

Nepalese also enjoy eating dry fried Maize and beans called as Makai and Bhatmas. The list of Top Food of Nepal also comprises Mo:Mo. It is internationally known as dumplings. However, it is locally called Mo:Mo. Chowmein makes to the list of top food of Nepal.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

-2079The most usual and preferred food recipe in Nepal is Dal Bhat Tarkari. This is the almost compulsory meal in Nepalese lifestyle. Bhat is the boiled or steamed rice, Dal is lentil and curry are tarkari. Besides, we can add pickle called achar in Nepali with yogurt.

Mo Mo

-2079Mo Mo is only a dish in Nepal that is available in most part of the country. It is one of the most consumed dishes in Nepal. Every hotels and restaurant include Mo Mo on their menu. Varieties of Mo Mo like veg Mo Mo, Buff Mo Mo, Chicken Mo Mo, Mutton Mo Mo etc are available in the market.

Aalu Tama

-2079Aalu Tama is one of the traditional dish mostly used in the hilly region of Nepal. It is a mixture of potatoes blend with bamboo shoots(tama). You can make it even better by adding blacked eyed beans.


-2079Actually, yamari is the favorite dish of Newars, inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. It is prepared by filling the dumpling of rice flour in the form of fig and a mixture of molasses and sesame seeds are added. Then, it is steamed in a pot called potasi.


-2079Another favourite dish of Nepalese is chatamri which is also a newari dish. It is a pancake made up of rice flour. So, it also called Nepali Pizza. It can be better taste with eggs, meat or vegetables. This dish is compulsory in Nepali Newari festival like Dewali and Degudeopuja.

Sel Roti

-2079Sel roti is one of the favourite dish of Nepalese that is mostly used in the Tihar festival. It is prepared by semi liquid rice flour in which cardamom and cinnamon, butter, cream is added for taste. Then, it is added in high heat temperature oil by making a ring shape. When both side are gets cooked, it is ready to eat.


-2079Who else is there in Nepal who doesn’t love Kheer. It is one of the sweet dishes that is prepared by adding rice, fruits, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder to the boiling milk. Once it is cooked, it is ready to eat.


-2079Gundruk is dried and fermented vegetable prepared in the most parts of Nepal. It is very simple and fast to make this dish. Nowadays, people are using it to prepare for the pickle called Gundruk ko Acchar.


-2079Another Newari dish that is being popular in the Nepalese market is Samayebaji. It is the traditional Newari recipe that consists of beaten rice, black soya bean, smoked meat, potato, roasted meat, boiled and spicy beans, boiled eggs, ginger, pickle, green vegetables and Mewari liquor.

Mutton Curry

-2079The most preferred dish for the dinner is mutton curry. You cannot go wrong with this in your dinner. You can enjoy with naan roti or steamed basmati rice for the great taste.

Nepali Khana

Nepali culture is rich in food. Nepali khana and Nepali parikar are often described being spicy but are appreciated of their authentic taste and of course their mouth watering delicious taste. Almost all of the Nepali Khana and Top Nepali Parikar are made in household so, you might not need to visit restaurants. However, due to busy schedules the families are often limited to basic and daily food habit.

Rice and bread are certainly the regular Nepali Khana. Meanwhile, the people of higher altitude also prefer Dhido. Nepal is rich in cultural diversity and people of these varying cultures have their own diverse food culture and special dishes. Newars are rich in meat based dishes like chhoila, kachila, sekuwa, mo:mo. They also make special breads like chatamari, bara. They also produce drinks at house like chhyang.

nepali khana

Best Nepali traditional Khana

There is a special food Nepalese love to add to their identity. It is called Makai and Bhatmas (Fried maize and beans) and it tastes amazing being accompanied by Gundruk ko achar (Pickled dehydrated vegetable-leaves). Based on climate, ethnicity and preferences, Nepalese consume different types of food. Thekuwa, Bari, Bagya, Bhakka, Puwa would be some Nepali Parikar you will get to taste if you visit Terai region. Nepalese food culture is rich with spices and love. All the Nepali Parikar are prepared by females with love and compassion that just adds more taste to the food.

Should you be willing to taste any of those when you want? You can simply visit a Nepali restaurant and you will get to experience authentic Nepali taste and you can make your mood. Whenever, we hear of Aloo ko achar (Potato pickle), we start salivating. There are lots of other cuisines that could blow anybody’s mind away. There are some similarities between Indian culture and Nepalese culture too so, some influences can be noticed. However, those foods have Nepali touch so; you will surely be able to point out significant differences.

Other than these foods, if a slight deviation is made looking at local dishes, Sekuwa, Thukpa, Bara, Chatamari are some more mouth watering foods. Nepalese culture is rich in spices and foods. Nepalese prefer spicy food. Those mentioned are very much important names in food culture of Nepal but when it comes to daily consumption, Rice and bread cannot be left out.

Nepalese consume food rich in carbohydrate. Majority of Nepalese consume Rice both in lunch and dinner. There is huge list when it comes to Nepali Parikar. Nepal has diverse communities from east to west and north to south and every community has their own dishes. Bhakka, Bagiya, Thekuwa, Puwa are some delicious foods common in the Terai region. Nepal also has home-made drinks very authentic in taste. Tumba, Chhyang, Marfa are some amazing drinks that are often prepared by housewives.