Happy Dashain 2080 fever has already started, so we are collecting lots of Dashain SMS and Dashain wishes for your friends, family, and relatives. Dashain- the biggest festival of Hindus, is being celebrated from Kartik this year. The greatest day, called Vijaya Dasami, falls on the 7th of Kartik 2080. Many people are devoted to God and Goddess during the Dashain period.

Dashain Wish in Nepali language

The best Tika Time on Dashain 2080 is fixed here.

Best Dashain wishes for 2080

Maulawos jindagi makhamali sari, Muskurawos khusi sayapatri sari, Chamkiwos naam nidhar ko tika sari, Akhanda rahos udeshya puja ko diyo sari. Wishing you and your family HAPPY DASHAIN 2080.

Best Dashain wishes & SMS Collection that fits Everyone

Dashain- A festival of love, pleasure, and happiness. Wish you all a happy blasting Dashain.

Dashain SMS 2080 for your family members, relatives, and friends. Sending Dashain SMS increases the bond between you and the receiver. Numerous Dashain SMS good wishes are available on this page. You can take the idea to write Dashain SMS and send it to friends, colleagues, relatives, girl-friend or boy-friend.

Dashain Wishes for Friends

Dashain SMS 2080 wishes

We have collected Dashain SMS 2080 for all Nepalese. They can send these messages to grow their intimacy. This Dashain good wish SMS consists of lots of good wishes. You can type this on your SMS and send it to your friends. This good wish SMS consists of greetings, feelings, and wishes that grow intimacy.

Dashain Wishes for Relatives
Dashain Subhakamana Wish for Friends

Numerous Dashain SMS are available on different websites. You can send those SMS. Nepal Telecom, Ncell, offers huge discounts on Dashain for SMS services. Ncell and NTC have already declared to provide bonus SMS to all their customers. The main reason behind giving bonus SMS service is to send SMS to known persons wishing prosperous Dashain 2080. Not only that but Ncell and NTC also have huge discounts on phone calls made during Dashain’s time. It also signifies how important Dashain is for Nepalese.

Dashain Subhakamana Message

Dashain SMS 2080 format

Dashain SMS 2080 format may consist of Sayari, poems, and best wishes. You can write “Happy Dashain 2080” to your friends, too. It does not have any specific format. You can express your feelings too. Dashain is a festival in which you wish your relatives and friends a prosperous year, a long life, a happy life, and a wealthy life as well.

Dashain’s valuable occasion has been fixed at 11:02 a.m. on Kartik 7, 2080. You can wish your friends till then starting from Gatasthapana. You can choose SMS from hundreds of Dashain SMS 2080 placed on websites like wapnepal.com.np.

At last, we, the wapnepal.com.np team, would like to wish you a happy, prosperous Dashain 2080. May this Dashain of 2080 BS uplift you with lots of happiness on you and your family members.

Happy Dashain, a great festival, is near with lots of wishes, happiness, and prosperity. Dashain’s wishes for family, relatives, and friends are common in Dashain. People want to wish their known colleagues with Dashain’s wishes. People frequently search for Happy Dashain SMS quotes to send to someone. Dashain SMS increases the bond and intimacy between people. People can also send greeting cards during the Dashain festival.

Dashain is the biggest festival celebrated in Nepal and as Dussera in India. Happy Dashain greeting cards are used to share on Facebook and tag all friends to wish their future. Many people want to write Dashain greetings in Nepali format on Facebook and Short message service.

Dashain wishes

We have listed famous and beautiful happy Dashain wishes on this page. You can use any of these wishes to share with your friends. You can send these Dashain wishes on Facebook or Twitter or the free SMS service provided by NCELL and NTC.

Happy Dashain good wishes
Happy Dashain status for Facebook
Happy Dashain status in English

Well, Dashain is the best festival for Hindus. People share their joy and happiness with friends. All schools and governmental organizations are provided with leave during the period of Dashain, which has increased the importance of Dashain much more. We have listed the best Dashain wishes and Dashain messages over here.

Happy Dashain best wishes in Nepali

Dashain wishes are also delivered through Dashain songs too. Some people make funny cartoons to make everyone smile in Dashain. I have added one Dashain wish with a fun video over here.

These days, as Nepal Telecom and NCELL have provided huge Dashain offers on daily SMS packages, people have started sending more Dashain wishes through SMS and MMS. You can wish a long-distance friend a happy Dashain SMS in a single click.

Dashain SMS and MMS in Nepali 2080

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Dashain SMS in Nepali

These Dashain SMS are valuable to send to friends and relatives wishing them prosperous Dashain.

Tika hos nidarma jamara hos kanma sukha hos pariwarma shanti hos dashainma pura hos manokamana yehi cha bijaya dashamiko hardik mangalmaya subhakamana

Ghyampo-bhari raksi hos
nidharma tika hos
sathibhai haru sanga ramailo hos
hathma ekka ko trail hos. 2080 HAPPY DASHAIN.

Dashain SMS 2080

This Dashain, I am sending you CASH CASH: C-care A-affection S-smiles H-hugs. Please do accept with love. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

Tika hos nidarma jamara hos kanma sukha hos pariwarma shanti hos dashainma pura hos manokamana yehi cha bijaya dashamiko hardik mangalmaya subhakamana

Three people are asking for your mobile no. with me.
I didn’t give ur no. But I gave a home address to them.
They are coming to ur home in this Dashain.
They are Sukha, Shanti, and Samriddhi.
Please welcome them. HAPPY DASHAIN. Enjoy!!

Happy 2080 Bada Dashain

Best Dashain Wish in Nepali language

It is a time to feel good, a time for reunion, a time to share happiness, a time to feel loved, a time to show your love, a time to live for others, and a time to wish for peace. HAPPY DASHAIN.

I Pray to God to give U
and SNEH.

May your happiness be as big as Ganesh’s ear,
Your sorrow be as tiny as his mouse,
Your life be as long as his trunk
and moments be as sweet as his laddoo.

No sweet thoughts to forward
No cute graphics to send,
Just a CARING HEART saying ……

This SMS is filled with blessings from Maa Durga. In this, I have prayed for your good health, prosperity, happiness, and joy ..Happy Dashain.

Do not forget to wish your friends online!! You can write down comments wishing your friends ” HAPPY BABBAAL DASAIN.”

Hello frenz, parents, relatives, and all, Me wapnepal.com.np wanna wish you all a “HAPPY DASAIN.”

Dasain SMS

Thuloko Aashis,
Dashainko ramjham
sadhai rahi rahos.
Happy DASHAIN !!!

Bhagyya chamkos sabaiko,
Sabaiko hos sukha samriddhi,
Sukha saanti ko baas hos charai tira
Maata durga ko aasirwad rahirahos sarbada
Bijaya Dashami 2080 ko yehi chha subhakaamana

A RELAXED mind, A PEACEFUL soul, A JOYFUL spirit, A HEAL THY body, Be Heartful of Love, May U have all these every day. Happy Dashain!

Best Dashain Wishes in Good English

Look Outside…
It’s so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For you…
Trees Dancing for you…
Birds singing for you…
Because I requested them All to wish You. HAPPY DASHAIN

Best Dashain Wishes in English

Maulawos jindagi makhamali sari,
Muskurawos khusi sayapatri sari,
Chamkiwos naam nidhar ko tika sari,
Akhanda rahos udeshya puja ko diyo sari.
Wishing you and your family a HAPPY DASHAIN 2023.

Best Dashain Wishes

Thuloko aashis,
Saanoko maya,
Chamkiyos, Nidharma
Rato tika ani pahelo jamarako,
Sital chhaya,
Rahirahos Dashainko ramjham,
Sadhai Bhari,
Manaula Dashain Pheri pani
Yesai gari
Happy DASHAIN !!!

Happy Dashain Wishes in Nepali

aayo dashain dhol bayai
gayo dashain rin bokai
ukhan ko punara bitti nahos,
jhadapakhalaa pidit ko pet ma anna paros
khokro aadambar tyagera dashain manau
bijaya dashami ko yehi kaamaan

You can add up in the comments if you have more SMS and wishes. We, the wapnepal.com.np team, wish you all a HAPPY DASAIN !!! Celebrate Dasain with care, enjoyment, and pleasure!