Hello Sarkar is Nepal’s Government idea, the idea which makes a relationship between people and government more closer and deeper for positive changes in the nation. It is a fully functional portal of government monitored under the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and it has solved a lot of issues and problems of the people.

What is Hello Sarkar?

There are lots of examples which has been possible due to Hello Sarkar. We have collected proof from various resources to jot down the advantages of Hello Sarkar. It is helping ahead on good governance.

hello sarkar advantages

Every Nepalese citizen must know that Hello Sarkar is developed for yourself and good governance. If we can co-operate with it in a good way, there is a huge possibility of improvement in different sectors.

In contrast, we have found many people have not yet understood the importance of this service and still are misusing it. Those people are sending useless messages. They do not realize that they are misusing their time as well as they are also misusing time of responsible authority like Hello Sarkar.

hello sarkar misuse
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WapNepal requests everyone not to misuse a service provided to you. Being a good citizen of the country, you must co-operate with it in order to make yourself happy and your nation happy. It is we, who must be responsible for making a country. The Government can only show the way and make a system and it is we to follow the system.

Hello Sarkar is all about the Nepalese people speaking up about their problems. People can speak about their problems such as unsatisfied service provided by the governmental bodies, or criticism or some advice and suggestions on that. The problems are directed to the concerned authorities and department of government. Citizens can clearly talk about crimes and criminalities, corruption and flaws, relief and rescue, and other circumstances of public concern to the Hello Sarkar.

By now, we came to know that this service is made available for the public welfare. It is really a nice platform where the public can complain about government services. So, it must reach the people easily, all should get access to it.

Hello Government of Nepal is working hard for 24 hours of all 365 days. It listens to public suggestions and forwards it to the respective authority.

Hello Sarkar is helping everyone by taking their suggestions and forwarding to the appropriate authority like sectorial ministries, commission, office or central level offices. Nepalese can lodge their complaints against criminals, corruption, irregularities, disasters, negative work of people that hampering society through Hello Sarkar. It is playing a good role in appropriate governance.

Why is Hello Sarkar important in Nepal?

Hello Sarkar is a boon and a great opportunity for Nepali people. So people should not be misusing and abusing it. It can be compared to a tool that connects the people and a government, a bridge that joins citizens and concerns the bodies of the nation. The other benefits people and a country have are that it increases productivity and progresses the development pace of the new as well as old resources and infrastructures.

So, it is better to share this idea with the family, friends, neighborhood,  and the Nepalese circle to grow the positivism and awareness about the Hello Sarkar among all.

Hello sarkar is the official portal of Government of Nepal that was started with the objective of hearing and handling grievances of the public. It gained fame when it turned into a call center so that the public can directly complain about the concerned authority regarding respective issues.

Hello sarkar was turned into a call center when the functioning could not be as effective as it could be. Now, since people can directly contact government officials even the prime minister to complain, Hello sarkar is actually being effective.

These grievances can be about corruption and irregularities, criminality, relief and rescue, disaster or any other problem public have to face on a day to basis. Hello sarkar was launched in 2012 as a web portal by the then prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai to connect the general public with the government. But, this was not really effective before 2020 when it turned into call center.

You can even send your appreciation and best wishes to the government using hello sarkar. Basically, all the incidents of public concern can be sent to hello sarkar. Initially, the employees of this call center were fed up with prank and hoax calls but now with the introduction of this call center system employees will no more have to deal with this kind of disturbances and obstacles.

After the launch of this call center, these employees will no longer have to deal with the prank call. The service has been started since 14 December 2020 and the response from the general public has been quite good.

So here is how to contact.

How can we contact hello sarkar

Public can get access to the service by dialing a toll-free number 1111 or using fax 1100 or you can even send a text message to 1111 stating your complaint.

Similarly, you can even connect with hello sarkar via Facebook, Twitter or email. The call center also has a recording facility.

how to contact hello sarkar

The trend of twitting hello sarkar has been increasing a lot. These facilities will encourage the general public to speak up about the problem they’ve been facing on a daily basis. The government has believed this system will prove to be a milestone to establish good governance and productive service delivery in Nepal.

In fact, this is a good example of democracy where the general public can directly talk with the government. Hello Sarkar was started with the aim to increase accountability and decrease the distance between Citizens and Government.

These complaints have been categorized into high priority, priority, and general. By categorizing these complaints into priority orders, the government has been able to address the problems in an effective way.

The problems related to health, development works, employment, education, and administration can be directly sent in hello sarkar. Sarkar definitely helps to solve the daily problems the public has to face.

The call center will be open from 7:00 AM to 9: 00 PM every day. The officials at hello sarkar have requested the public to use the service as much as possible. We have this service so we must make the most of it.

By phone call

You can ring the Hello Sarkar with a toll-free number 1111 to register the complaints. The call center service is available from the morning at 7 am till night at 9 pm every day. Text messages can be sent to 1111. Most of the Nepalese people use cell phones and mobile nowadays. So it is not that hard to dial or text concerned words to the Hello Sarkar.

You may also give a call to the Office number: +97714211087 of Hello Sarkar.

hello sarkar

By fax

Use Fax number 1100 to fax about your concerns with the government and its facilities.

The employee appointed in the Hello Sarkar will report your issue and complain to required heads and management through a computer system and other communication systems available.

This service was launched on November 3, 2011, while the service setup since December 14.

By Email

Anyone having an email account (or create an email account. Creating email is easy.) can email their problems to sarkar through this Email address 1111[at]nepal.gov.np.

For people who are using Facebook and Twitter, official Facebook page and a Twitter page of Hello Sarkar are also available.

By Facebook and Twitter

Simply, go to facebook and search for. Search same on the twitter.

Hello Sarkar Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/hellosarkar.np/

Hello Sarkar Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/Hello_Sarkar

And Have your say over there.

Contact Details

hello sarkar

The toll-free number is 1111. Email address is 1111@nepal.gov.np, the Office phone number is +977-1-4211087. You can also contact them through Facebook and Twitter.