Nepal has diverse cultures and traditions. When it comes to beliefs, then there are many such beliefs that are very hard to believe. Whether it is of religious beliefs or traditional beliefs but the most interesting part is a dream and the meaning associated with it. Every night or day, when we are in deep sleep, almost every one of us is living in a dream. Those particular dreams are interpreted with the beliefs associated with it from very long years ago. They are taken as the symbols for the prediction of future.


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What your dream means

So, let us look at the different types of dream and their associated belief in Nepali community:

If you dream of Description
Seeing Elephant Symbol of success like promotions, achievement
Crossing river Symbol of success like students will pass exam, promotions in jobs, chances of abroad study
Burning fire without smoke Symbol of good luck
Burning fire with smoke Symbol of bad luck
Death of yourself End of your problems and start of new life
Some naked person Bad news will come, death of relatives
SUN, Moon, Stars Symbol of Good luck
Climbing hills Achieving success in life
Flying in the sky Symbol of traveling long distance
Falling down in the sky Bad luck, humiliation in the society
Watching sky Symbol of getting good honor
Watching cloud in the sky Symbol of profit in business
Raining Bad health may get sick
Raining with thunderbolt Symbol of getting problems solved
Cultivating land Success symbol
Watching storm or dust in the sky Sign of war
Mixing with land Symbol of destruction
Eating in the forest Sign of being rich
Eating soil Symbol of humiliation
Walking on soil Symbol of getting rich
Digging well Symbol of getting economic profit
Taking water out of well Increase in the income
Falling into the well Rise of problem
Coming out of well Symbol of success
Walking in water Symbol of success
Seeing flood Rise of problem
Bathing in the river Symbol of happiness
Drinking dirty water from river Symbol of getting sick
Seeing boat Problems will solve
Seeing twinkling stars Increase in the family member
Taking star in hand Daughter will get born
Seeing mountain You will get victory
Seeing Flower You will meet your love
Seeing case You might get into prison
Seeing green forest Symbol of good news
Cooking food Children may get sick
Finding gold You may lose your money
Falling teeth Bad omen
fire Fight with someone
Dying someone That particular person will live for long

What are Good dreams and Bad dreams

Similarly, Dreams are also classified as good dreams and bad dreams in Nepal. Let us look at them:

Good Dreams Bad Dreams
study, sage, drinking milk, snake, white flower, curd, rice,, statue of god, scholar Brahman, bathing in the sea, star, moon, god, temple, music, crops, riding horse, ox, cow, teacher, mountaineering, children,, corpse, speech, crying man, elephant, king, fruit, sweet well, river, bridge, being alone in the forest falling hair,, enemy, mask, ghost, landslide, monster, fire, burning pyre, empty pot, falling teeth buffalo, monkey, sweating, noise, marriage, red or black clothes, eating sweet thing, throne, hanging to death, flying in the air, flood, playing with snake, dry tree, ash, storm, drowning, waterless pond,