Miss Nepal is a prestigious beauty pageant in Nepal that has been held annually since 1994. It is a platform for Nepalese women to showcase their beauty, talent, and intellect. The pageant selects a winner who will go on to represent Nepal in international pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International.

Miss Nepal winners from 1994 to till date
Miss Nepal Title Winner NameWinning Year
Ruby Rana1994
Sumi Khadka1995
Poonam Ghimire1996
Neelima Gurung1997
Jharna Bajracharya1997
Niru Shrestha1998
Shewta Singh1999
Usha Khadki2000
Malvika Subba2002
Priti Sitaula2003
Payal Shakya2004
Sugarika KC2005
Sitashma Chand2007
Zenisha Moktan2009
Sadiksha Shrestha2010
Malina Joshi2011
Shristi Shrestha2012
Ishani Shrestha2013
Subin Limbu2014
Evana Manandhar2015
Ashmi Shrestha2016
Nikita Chandak2017
Shrinkhala Khatiwada2018
Anushka Shrestha2019
Namrata Shrestha2020
No winners because of COVID192021
Priyanka Rani Joshi2022
Srichchha Pradhan2023
Miss Nepal winners from 1994 to 2023

What is Miss Nepal?

Miss Nepal is a beauty pageant that aims to find the perfect ambassador for Nepal. The title of Miss Nepal is highly coveted and is awarded to a young woman who possesses not only physical beauty but also intelligence, charisma, and a strong commitment to social causes.

Miss Nepal winners have the honor of representing Nepal in various international pageants where they compete against candidates worldwide. This allows them to showcase Nepal’s rich culture and diversity to a global audience.