Nepal is reaching new heights every day and there are many influential personalities that inspire millions of people. In this male dominated Nepali society women need to fight a lot to make way. After struggle with family, society and oneself a women reaches heights. Yes men, also have their own struggle but in a male dominated society women go through a lot more. Despite different hardships and struggles, there are many women who stand equal to men and even do better than many men around.  In a country where president is female we have many other influencing personalities as well. In the article today I am listing the names of most influential women in Nepal in 2020 :

Bidhya Devi Bhandari

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There is no way I will list the names of most powerful women in Nepal and will miss the name of our president. The first lady president of Nepal, Bidhya Bhandari is wife of the then Prime minister Madan Bhandari who died in Car accident in 1993. After the death of her husband she successfully joined politics coming to present time when she is the president of country. Many powers are vested within the president making her one of the most influential women in country.

Recently she has been receiving criticism for making improper use of the status. Citizens showed protest when they had to stop for around an hour during travel of the president. It caused lot of inconvenience and public really criticized this activity. But there I no denying that she is inspiration for many Nepali women in fact women all over the world that you can achieve anything you want in this male dominated society. She has shown way to many girls to follow their dreams.

Anuradha Koirala

She is the first CNN Hero award holder from Nepal. Anuradha Koirala is a name behind Maiti Nepal. She is the founder and director of Maiti Nepal, a social institution that helps victims of sex trafficking live a normal life. The organization provides counseling, habitat, skills to become independent to all the victims. It also rescues many girls from becoming one through various programs and activities it does. For the victims she trains them until they can face the society and can live on their own.

The victims stay in Maiti Nepal as long as they need and with help of the organization they return back to society. She is one of the inspirational women who is not just herself successful but doing amazing things for many women out there. She received CNN Hero award in 2010 for her work. Her work and dedication has gained many appraisals and appreciation. She is definitely one woman all Nepali women look up to.      

 Pushpa Basnet

  Pushpa Basnet is the CNN Hero 2012. She is a social worker and founder of  Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) and Butterfly Home. It is a non-profit organization based in Kathmandu. Pushpa Basnet did her graduation from Saint Xaviers academy and comes from a well to do family. Instead of  choosing some other attractive field she started working for the welfare of kids whose parents are in prison. She realized these kids need a guardian in their life and thus started butterfly home. At very young age she is mother of many children in the butterfly home. Her organization works for rights ,education and care of those children. Her beautiful job has received many appraisal, awards and recognition including the award of CNN Hero 2012. She is definitely one of the most influential women in Nepal right now.

 Bhawani Rana

Bhawani Rana is the present president of FNCCI . She joined FNCCI in 2007 as a member and later became the president. She was born in Kathmandu in a non-business family but she grew to become a business leader. Bhawani Rana is one of the few women in Nepal who held high government position.  She worked with US Embassy before joining FNCCI . She even runs a hotel in Nepalgunj. In a country like Nepal, it is really tough for girls to make their way up to the top. Bhawani Rana is truly an inspiration to all women out there.

Sushila Karki 

Sushila Karki born in June 7, 1952 in Biratnagar is first female chief justice of Nepal.She became the head of judicial system with recommendation of prime minister K.P Oli. She became chief justice in July 11, 2016 . She is one of the most fair chief justice we ever had .She is well known for her zero tolerance against corruption, She did remarkable jobs throughout her tenure.

Her only aim is to make the judicial system as fair as possible. But an impeachment motion was submitted in the Parliament against Sushila Karki that lowered her reputation but later on it was withdrawn due to public pressure and an interim order by the Supreme Court ordering the Parliament not to proceed with the motion. She always stood strong and public were always there to support her. She truly is an inspiration to many Nepali women.

Bidhya Chapagain

Bidhya Chapagain is a Nepali Journalist.More than that she is a perfect example that women are capable of doing anything they wish to. She remained the host of The very popular show “ Sajha Sawal “where she connected locals with the representatives of government. Public could speak of their dissatisfaction and problems directly with representatives via Sajha Sawal. She received very good feedbacks for running the show successfully. But she quit the program in 2020 and co founded a show called Herne Katha where she would portray unheard stories from rural life in Nepal. Their problems, everyday struggles and everything is portrayed in the program. This program is also doing very well thesedays.

With over a decade long experience in the television, media and newspaper experience she now stands as inspiration for many. She was born and brought up in a middle class family in Gothatar, Kathmandu. She always dreamed of becoming a journalist and is now living her dreams to the fullest.