Colleges are always one of the identities of the students. Nowadays, parents want their children to go to the best colleges in the vicinity. They want their children to get educated through the best faculties and in schools and colleges with all the educational facilities. After passing class 10, the hunt for the +2 colleges in Nepal begins. From this level, students choose faculties such as science, business, management, etc. which interests them the most and which aids in the development of their choice of career.

top 20 colleges in nepal

Nepal has an amazing list of schools that one can possibly go to. From different boards to different backgrounds to different fee ranges. Depending on the facilities a student gets and of course brand name and quality of education, fees can be higher and lower. The struggle of choosing on from all of the rest is so damn real. Honestly, it’s impossible!! So to narrow down, if you want to have the best facilities, quality of education and best school for a student, here are the top ten high schools in Nepal.

If you are looking for an engineering college in Nepal, medical college in Nepal, dental college in Nepal or MBBS college in Nepal, you need to read our previous article.

The ranking of +2 colleges is done by different magazines, websites, etc and the basis for the ranking depends upon many things like academic performance in the final examination of +2, number of enrolment of students, the popularity of the colleges among the students, etc. Here, we give you the top +2 college in Nepal depending upon the different rankings done by various websites and magazines.

top colleges in nepal

Plus 2 is the first option of the majority of students after SEE result. Despite the fact that there are so many A-Levels and IB colleges in the country, People still prefer plus two for further studies. Kathmandu is the center of the country for education. Students from all over the country come here for further studies.

There are many colleges in Kathmandu often described by the term mushrooms. As in colleges in Kathmandu are increasing as the mushrooms grow. Yes, there are many options available for colleges but you don’t want to end up in bad college that will eventually ruin your future. We often choose a college that does more advertisement or from what our seniors suggest. But there are many colleges who spend thousands of rupees in the advertisement but when it comes to quality education, they lack behind. Therefore don’t choose college solely because of their media publicity.

Even though there are many colleges in Kathmandu, it is not easy to get admission in the college you desire. There is tough competition for getting admission to the best colleges in the country. These colleges gain this reputation from their past results and their approach to teaching. If you have good academic performance then you can get admission to these colleges in Kathmandu. Every student desires to study in the most reputed top colleges in Nepal. I am sure many of them have started their preparation as well.

best +2 colleges in nepal

In this article, here is a list of a few colleges that are more popular in students and are more reputed. Top ten +2 colleges in Nepal for science and management are as follows:

1. Prasadi Academy Higher Secondary School

It was established in 1997 and since then it has always been able to hold up its reputation in the educational field. It not only focuses on the curriculum but also in the extracurricular activities and critical thinking of the students. Academic Programs conducted by Prasadi Academy are Science and Management Streams under National Examination Board.

Prasadi Academy was established in 1997 with a motive to provide quality education. Within a few years of establishment, it has gained popularity among the students with its quality education. It is one of the best +2 colleges in Nepal as it produces a very good result in NEB exam. It is offering courses like science and management.

top high school of nepal

Prasadi Academy was established in 1997 and is one of the best colleges in Nepal. It is located in Manbhawan, Lalitpur. Prasadi academy is quite famous for the discipline it maintains but Prasadi is more than just that. It is quite famous for its excellent academic results. Prasadi Academy has always maintained to get the best HSEB results and this is the result of dedicated team members.

Prasadi is undoubtedly the top choice for many students. The entrance examination for Prasadi academy is also quite tough. Established with the mission of exploring the hidden talents of students and enhance them to the best, Prasadi is only getting better. Thousands of students every year apply for Prasadi Academy but unfortunately only limited make it up to the list.

Prasadi academy for now just runs plus two and offers two programs for plus two students. It offers Management courses and the classes run in the morning shift. Similarly, it runs a science stream with the day shift. For both the streams, the number of applicants is only increasing every year.

Contact: Lalitpur
GPO 8975, EPC 1186
Tel. No. 5530562, 5541117
Email: info[at]

Prasadi Academy is known as one of the best high schools in Nepal which is established in 1997 located at Manbhawan, Lalitpur. With almost 98.73% approximately pass percentage of students who graduate from that high school. Prasadhi has three faculty streams that a student can study which is Management and Science. It emphasizes both academics and extra curriculum and the admission fees are Rs 14,950 and the monthly fee is Rs 3050 and Rs 4050 respectively.

2. St. Xaviers College

St. Xavier’s College always is the dream college of many SEE appeared students. It is situated in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Saint Xavier is one of its kind colleges and every year thousands of students apply for this scholarship.

The college was founded in 1988 and is operated by the Society of Jesus. Saint Xavier created buzz since the year of its establishment. The best thing about Saint Xavier is that it focuses not only on academic excellence but also focuses on extra-curricular activities. This helps in building the overall personality of students.

It has the mission of developing creativity, innovative spirit in its students through academic and non-academic activities. The college runs with missions to create individuals with creativity, passion, and effort for excellence, innovative approach and leadership quality who can take on any modern-day challenges.

This educational institute of Nepal provides intermediate courses through Plus 2 (+2) and GCE A- level. It was established in 1988. It has the academic program of Science Stream under which there are only two sub-streams that are Biology and Physics.

Contact: Maitighar, Kathmandu
Email: ktm[at]
Tel. No: +977-01-4221365,4244636
GPO: 7437

3. St. Marys School

It is an international educational institute established in 1955 AD. t is under the management of the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus founded by an English Lady, Mary Ward, in 1609. It imparts education to the girls without discrimination and makes them competent. St. Mary has more than 50 years of prestigious history in the Nepali educational field. It is one of the best institutions for educating girls in Nepal. It has been offering science, management, and humanities.

Contact: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
G.P.O. Box: 578, Kathmandu
Phone: 015521574/5524848
E-mail: info[at]

best +2 college in nepal

4. Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya

It is a military boarding high school in Nepal. It was established in 1986 and the majority of the students are from military families. It was established with the joint investment of the Nepali Army and Tribhuwan University at Bhimpbedi of Makawanpur district on the 14th Poush 2035.

They provide three faculties Science, Management and Humanities. For 20 years it has provided excellent quality education with enlisting students who are board toppers. With excellent teachers teaching there and amazing facilities available in the school.

Contact: Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
Tel No: 01-6610051

5. Global College of Management

Global College of Management is the best college for plus two management. If you wish to do your plus two in management then Global College of Management is the best name for you. It is situated in Bhimsengola, Kathmandu. Started with the mission of preparing individuals to meet the demand of management professionals in-country, GCM runs plus two management courses.

It is promoted by a team of well-established academicians, entrepreneurs, and professionals who always strive for better. For now, it only runs plus two in management and related fields hotel management and Travel and Tourism. Uniglobe college under the management of GCM runs plus two in science.

It is an excellent center for management studies and it runs +2 management studies. There is a choice of both the morning shift and day shift.

Contact: Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Tel No: Tel: +977-1-4490021, 4490022, 4490023, 4488312, 4475254


6. Xavier Academy

Established in 1997, it is a pioneer educational institute under NEF (Nepal Education Foundation). Under its academic programs in +2, it provides Higher Secondary Science and Commerce. 

Xavier Academy is one of the best colleges in Nepal. It has been growing stronger year by year by giving an excellent result with outstanding student performance. One can study science and management in +2.

It is located in Lazimpat under NEF management. In terms of academics, facilities, faculty, programs offered and infrastructure it has always constantly been in the top 10 high schools in Nepal.

They provide two faculties Science and Humanities with admission fees of around Rs 14,000 for both and monthly fee of around Rs 5000 and Rs 4000 respectively.

Contact: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4430025, 977-1-4424289
Fax: 977-1-4424287


7. Kathmandu Model College

Kathmandu Model High school is one of the most popular colleges in Nepal. It is situated in Bagbazar, Kathmandu. It was established in 2015 and since then it has managed to stay at the top. It has time and again proved itself as the best plus two colleges in Nepal. Kathmandu Model college has always given the best students to the market. They always stand out with outstanding results. KMHSS runs classes on three major streams 10+2 in Science,10+2 in Management and 10+2 in Humanities.

Kathmandu Model College has been able to bring outstanding results in all three streams making it a top college not just in Kathmandu but throughout the nation. KMHSS started in 2015 operates with the mission of providing quality education at an affordable cost that will not only help them build their careers but carve them as a good human being as well. KMHSS aims to build students that can face and meet all the challenges of modern world. It aims for all-round development of students with a focus on both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

It was established in 2000 AD and since its inception, it has been able to produce qualitative and competent students who go further with their studies.+2 Academic Programs include both Science and Management.

Kathmandu Model College is producing an excellent result year by year. Many students are willing to join the college due to its quality education but the college adopts a very tough and selective process to admit the students.

Contact: Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Website: no: +977-1-4242121, 4242015
Email: kmcbagbazar[at]

8. National College of Computer Studies

This educational institute truly focuses on the field of information technology and management. It gives importance to the extracurricular activities of the students too. Academic Programs in plus two are provided in computer science and management stream.

Contact: Paknajol, Kathmandu
Tel: 4251711, 4228807, 4267866, 4268221
Fax: 4269807
Email: info[at]


9. Modern Boarding Secondary School

Affiliated to the National Educations Board, it offers+2 plus two programs of Management.

Contact: Shankhadhar Chowk, Bhaktapur
Phone No: 01-6634927


10. Little Angels Secondary School

Little Angel’s School is a private English medium school established in 1981 located in Hattiban, Lalitpur. It is one of the biggest and prestigious schools in the country. The school runs from grade one to +2, also A-levels are also available.

This school is divided into wings that are located in different locations. The primary wing is located at Jhamsikhel, whereas, the main campus in Hattiban includes up to high school and post-secondary levels. There are more than 4600students, including A-level students, Little Angel’s College and Little Angels College of Management, total students have estimated over 6400 students and above 700 teachers.

The school has really amazing facilities such as 120 transportation school bus, basketball courts, food ground, two lawn tennis courts, two volleyball courts and playgrounds in each block. They promise the good quality of education with a school motto that states “One goal, one mission. Our children, our nation.”

It offers +2 programs of Science and Management affiliated to National Education Board since 1997 AD. It takes pride in providing high-quality education to its students. It is one of the top +2 colleges in Nepal. The college has been focusing on the academic part as well as in the overall growth and development of students. It has been offering science and management.

Contact: Hattiban, Lalitpur
P.O.Box 8322, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977.1.5250123, 5250777
Fax: +977.1. 5250888
Email: info[at]


top +2 college in nepal

11. National school of science

National School of Science is one of the reputed +2 colleges in Nepal. It has been providing quality of science education in Nepal with a theory and practical basis. It was established in 1993 by a group of committed and professional in the educational sector.

Lainchour, Kathmandu
01-4422050 / 01-4423706
Email: info[at]

12. United Academy

United Academy is an outstanding +2 college that offers scientific teaching methodology. The college has been producing excellent academic results. It offers science, management, and humanities in +2.

United Academy stands for its quality education and disciplined students. The college has set its own mark in maintaining discipline. It is undoubtedly one of the best colleges in Nepal. It is situated in Lagankel, Kathmandu.

For now, the United academy offers three streams namely Science, Management and Humanities stream. Science stream runs classes in the morning (6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ) and day shift (10.55 am to 5.20 pm ). Similarly, management stream also has morning (6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ) and day shift (11:40 a. m. to 4:50 p.m. ). 

The humanities stream has morning shift classes for students. This college started in 1997 and since then only focuses on quality education and academic excellence. They aim to build individuals with good moral and behavior that stays even after leaving college.

Kumaripati, Lalitpur
G.P.O Box: 8895 EPC 1195, Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-5537530, 5538938
Fax: +9771 1 5537587
Email: info[at]


13. Golden Gate International College

Golden Gate College is established with a group of the highly qualified and dedicated team due to which the college is providing an excellent education to the students. Within just 10 years of establishment, it has been very popular among the students.

Wisdom Tower, Trikuti Colony
Old Baneshwor, Battisputali
Kathmandu, G.P.O Box: 4059
E-mail: info[at]


14. VS Niketan College

V.S Niketan was established in 2038 BS by the group of experts in the field of education. It has been providing quality education to students of Nepal. It has been producing excellent education for students.

Two times awarded “The best School of Nepal” located in Kathmandu with 4000 over students and amazing results every year. Established in 1981, by founder Principal B.R. Pokharel.

This institution runs from grade nursery to grade 12 that accommodates lower-secondary level SEE and NEB qualifications to the students and guides its alumni to the college education.

It has a good architecture with amazing facilities such as cafeteria, transportation, hostel, a good size classroom, both indoor and outdoor games for students and an excellent study environment with top-notch teachers to guide the students.

Phone: 44622715, 4622073
Fax: 977-1-4622073


Established on 11th June 1966 located at Lamachaur in Pokhara valley. It is a non-profit institution that is owned by the Nepal Government and used to be run by an agreement and in collaboration with the United Mission to Nepal.

It is a co-educational English Medium school that runs from class 4 to class 12 with a scholarship system provided to the student. The school promises “Knowledge Character and Service”.

Location: Lamachaur,Pokhara-16
Phone Number:+977 061-440414


Established on 24 February 1975 on a tribute to late Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah which is now also known as Education Day in Nepal. This school runs from grades 1 to 12, with an exceptional quality of education and facility. It is divided into three divisions.

The residential facility is also available in Gyanodaya for students inside or outside the Kathmandu valley. Students over 350 studies in this residential school that is located in Bungamati, Khokana with amazing facilities available to the student playgrounds, auditorium, IT access, audio-visual aids, science laboratory and a library. It has a team to attend to the health needs of the hostel inmates.

The higher secondary school is located in Sanepa where they teach three mainstream Science, Humanities and Management. Lastly, there is Gyanodaya College that teaches BBS (bachelor level) that is affiliated with Tribhuwan University.

Phone Number: 01-5592091


Established in 1966, a tribute to one of the greatest renowned figures of Nepali literature, Bhanubhakta Acharya. This is a co-educational English medium school that runs from nursery to class 12.

This school follows the modern method of teaching that including smart class and CCTV cameras. They also have excellent facilities such as boy’s hostel, science laboratory for practical classes, three computer labs, judo hall, multipurpose Astrid Hall, Music hall and Smart Class hall.

It is known as one of the biggest private schools in Nepal with over 2200 students and nearly 150 teachers who provide both educational and physical education and facilities.

Location: Bhanubhakta memorial sadak, Kathmandu.
Phone Number: 01-4435144


This school is located in the most beautiful breathtaking location in Dhulikhel. A non-profit school owned and operated by Kathmandu University which was founded and established in 1998 under Kathmandu University Preparatory School.

The school runs from grade 1 to grade 12 and also has an A-level program that is under the University of Cambridge International Examination. They claim to have a different variant of efficiently teaching methodologies which is stimulating and interactive.

Location: Chaukot, Kavre, Nepal
Contact Number: 011-490561, 011-685694


Budhanilkantha is one of the oldest schools established in Nepal which is located in the capital of the country. It was established in 1972 as a joint venture between the government of Nepal and the government of the United Kingdom.

It is a fully residential English medium co-educational public school that runs from grade 5 to grade 12 that promises quality education with no discrimination in equality and unity. Even it is one of the oldest schools in Nepal it still got its perfect harmony between vintage and modern buildings and architecture that covers about 29 hectors of land with has excellent physical facilities of an A+ grade residential school.

Students all over the country that represents different races, ethnicities, cultures and socio-economic levels. Scholarships system is available for about one-third of the total student population to the meritorious and needy student under the government’s scholarship.

Not just that it also excellence students in leadership and co-curriculum activities and gives equal importance to both physical and academic education.

Location: Narayanthan – Baaghdwar Rd, Budhanilkantha 44600
Contact number: 977-1-4371637, 4370248
Email Address:

20. Sagarmatha Secondary School

Sagarmatha Secondary School is one of the best colleges in Nepal, located at Nayabazar, Pokhara-9. It was established in 2000 AD. Its is co-educational English medium school which runs from Nursery to Grade 12 with excellent quality of education and other facilities.

They have the availability of each and every resources required for the students to learn efficiently. They provide education in Science and Management for Grade 11 and 12.

Location: Nayabazar, Pokhara-9

Contact number: 061-533507



info for students

Top College in Nepal by Saptahik

According to saptahik, the weekly newspaper of Nepal, top 10 Colleges have been ranked from top one to top ten on the basis of the results of 2011 and 2012. This is an easy guide of college in Nepal with name of top college of Nepal. It makes every student easier for the selection of a college. Really, it’s a tough job searching for a college for students. This list must help everyone who is searching for a good college in Nepal.

Here is the list of good colleges in Nepal with the top 10 colleges of Nepal.

  1. Prasadi Academy, Lalitpur
  2. St. Mary’s HSS, Lalitpur
  3. Kathmandu Model College, Bagbazaar, Kathmandu
  4. Sagarmatha HSS,Pokhara
  5. MerryLand HSS, Biratnagar
  6. College of Business and Social Studies, Biratnagar
  7. United Academy, Lalitpur
  8. NCCS, Paknajol, Kathmandu
  9. National School of Science, Lainchour, Kathmandu
  10. Shree HSS, Garuda, Rautahat

These above-mentioned colleges are well-ranked colleges in Nepal. With many different criteria, these plus 2 colleges have been listed here. The source we took these names of colleges is from saptahik national daily.

Good colleges are of-course difficult to get and do have tough competition to get into it. Good colleges have a good education which is based on theoretical as well as practical. These top plus two colleges list has been taken by saptahik with the result performance by students of these colleges.

Colleges are the places to learn. Good guidelines of teachers, co-operation, the sincerity of students are another factor for good results. The selection of good colleges is important for a good education. Students must be taught practically instead of only theoretical knowledge. Practical knowledge of students help them to broaden their mind and gives output from students. Above mentioned ten colleges are only the list of top 10 colleges of Nepal. There are lots more good colleges which are spread all over Nepal. Get them near you and join them for a good career.

A list of top 10 plus two colleges in Nepal 2076 (2018/2018) has been published by Saptahik weekly newspaper. The ranking is based on the average percentage of passed students in examination over the five-year time period. According to the data, Prasadi Academy has been ranked as the top HSEB plus 2 colleges of Nepal.

The pass percentage of college has been mentioned below. Prasadi Academy had a pass percentage of 99.28 in 2067/68, 98.55 in 2068/2069, 99.34 in 2069/2070, 98.78 in 2070/2071, 97.5 in 2071/2072 and 98.69 in average.

All data of top ten NEB colleges are provided below along with pass percentage.

Some more information about Top Colleges

Plus 2 colleges are for the higher secondary education system in Nepal. Top plus 2 colleges are realized to provide a good education. We have come up with the list of top Plus two colleges in Nepal 2076. If you do a study in these colleges, you are in a ranking plus two colleges in Nepal. This top plus two colleges are published by Nepal Magazine.

We are sharing the rank of Top ten plus two colleges(10+2) which is out by Nepal Magazine.

Ten plus two colleges provide higher secondary education in Nepal. It generalizes the education for a higher education board. NEB board runs a program for science, management, commerce, education, etc. These colleges are ranked in top NEB colleges in Nepal.

Now lets, see these colleges which stand out in the topmost position of the country. These are the top plus two colleges in Nepal. We have listed here with the top colleges’ names along with an address in a listed way. You can get this information from the tabular form below. Top 1 indicates the highest ranked.

best colleges in nepal
  • Prasadi Academy Higher Secondary School, Manbhawan, Lalitpur
  • St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
  • Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School, Bagbazar, Kathmandu
  • National College of Computer Studies (NCCS), Paknajol, Kathmandu
  • United Academy Higher Secondary School, Kumaripati, Lalitpur
  • Global College of Management HSC, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Little Angels Higher Secondary School, Hattiban, Lalitpur
  • Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School, Pokhara, Kaski
  • Merryland Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar, Morang
  • Xavier Academy HSC, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
  • Gorkha International Public HSC, Gorahi, Dang
  • Ace Higher Secondary School, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • National School of Science(NIST), Lainchor, Kathmandu
  • College of Business Studies and Social Studies HSC, Biratnagar, Morang
  • Kathmandu Bernhardt HSC, Balkhu, Kathmandu
  • Moonlight Boarding HSC, Kumaripati, Lalitpur
  • Reliance International Academy, Chahabil, Kathmandu
  • Ambition Academy HSC, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Pinnacle Higher Secondary School, Thasikhel, Lalitpur
  • Khwopa Higher Secondary School, Dechochaa, Bhaktapur
  • Araniko Aawasiya HSC, Biratnagar, Morang
  • VS Niketan HSC, Minbhawan, Kathmandu
  • Golden Gate Intel HSC, Battisputali, Kathmandu
  • Siddhartha English HSS, Banepa, Kavrepalanchowk
  • Sagarmatha Multiple College, Dillibazar, Kathmandu