Nepal Idol Season 2 2020 auditions happened all around the country in many cities. The first season of Nepal idol remained the favourite Nepali show. And season 2 also has managed to get that fame. This year we have more intense competition with more talented singers. Nepal Idol is getting good response in TV as well as in you tube. This year two big singing contests, NepaI idol and The Voice are streaming. Both of the shows are in itself a big achievement and today we are talking about Nepal Idol.

nepali idol 2020 best performers

Buddha Lama won the previous Nepal Idol. Judges for season second is same as in season first: Nhou Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota. Nepal idol has reached its twenty episode (Gala round 6) and audiences have witnessed amazing talent throughout the show. The show has now reached to top ten and many good singers have been eliminated as well. The best of best are now competing for the title.

Nepal Idol season 2 Top 5 Performers

Among all the amazing people we saw I am listing my best performers in the Nepal Idol season 2. Here are my top five performers of Nepal Idol. There is no doubt that all the singers are talented and deserving but when I have to pick some, these five are the ones that come in my mind.

  • Amit Baral

Amit Baral is everyone’s favorite contestant right now. Judges also can’t stop praising for his soulful performance. The best thing about Amit Baral is that he feels the song and sings from within. Amit Baral these days is creating sensation in you tube as well. His recent performance on Nepal Idol Gala round 6 with Bikram Baral was also breathtaking.

  • Sumit Pathak

Sumit Pathak is another most talented performer in Nepal Idol season 2. Nepal Idol has given so many singers to the industry. And Sumit Pathak is one of them who has great future in singing. He has proved himself time and again with great performances.

  • Ravi Oad

Ravi Oad is another star of Nepal Idol and has great love for Nepali music. He always gives beautiful performance and has managed to impress the judges. Recently on the gala round 6 Ravi Oad with his partner Nilima performed the song Dashain ayo and it was awesome as well.

  • Bikram Baral

From the very first performance he is only becoming better. He has done variety of songs in the stage of Nepal Idol and no doubt has done justice to all kind of songs. Bikram Baral has also managed to get good fan following. He also definitely has great future.

  • Krishal Kadel

Krishal is another performer in this list. When it comes to energy and soulful performance he leaves no stones unturned. Krishal is every one’ s favorite including the judges. His cuteness adds another charm to his personality. Recently, he remained in bottom 3 but managed to be safe.

This is just my perception and we would love to know your favorite contestants. Don’t forget to share us your top five in the comment section.