Many people wonder which Nepali typing font is the best and where to find free ones. We get it, and we’re here to help. Luckily, there are several great Nepali fonts that work well. If you’re looking for popular Nepali fonts, this post is for you. We’ll show you how to easily download and install Nepali fonts on Windows or Mac for your everyday writing or design needs.

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Nepali font

There are various Nepali fonts that are chosen according to their intended purpose and the suitability of the choice maker. Whenever we explain a particular font, we are referring to its size, weight, and style. It varies according to the fonts. Nepali fonts are different from the English language. There are no uppercase or lowercase letters. Thus, while explaining the font metrics, cap heights (height of the capital letters) and x-height (height of the lowercase letters) do not come into context.

Choosing the right Nepali font depends on what you need it for. Fonts have different sizes, weights, and styles. Nepali fonts are unlike English fonts; they don’t have uppercase or lowercase letters. So, when we talk about font metrics, we don’t consider cap heights (height of capital letters) or x-height (height of lowercase letters). Explore the world of Nepali fonts and find the perfect one for your purpose!

Preeti font

The Nepali Preeti font stands out as one of the most popular choices among Nepali fonts. Similar to Times New Roman, it’s a default font family widely used across the country. Many people prefer Preeti for various purposes such as CVs, scripts, blogs, and Blogspot. Its simplicity and clarity make it easy to write and understand. Explore the versatility of Preeti Nepali font for your writing needs!

Sagarmatha font

popular nepali fonts

The Sagarmatha font is another top choice for Nepali writing. It’s not only simple but also beautiful, capturing the user’s attention. Using this font in bold for Nepali text enhances its attractiveness, making the words stand out and appealing to the eyes. Consider incorporating Sagarmatha font to make your Nepali text visually striking and engaging.

Mangal font

Mangal is a solid choice, especially for official use, and is often referred to as a Devanagari font. While it may be a bit more challenging to write with compared to fonts like Preeti, it serves well for expressing thoughts and feelings on social media. Consider using Mangal when you want to convey your ideas in a formal or official setting or share your thoughts on various social media platforms.

Kantipur font

The Kantipur font is another noteworthy option in Nepali typography. When dealing with extensive documents or paragraphs, it proves to be a good choice. While it bears some resemblance to the Nepali Preeti font, it’s not exactly the same.

Widely employed in Nepal, Kantipur is a standard keyboard typography prominently featured in newspaper publications for news. It maintains uniform letter-spacing with a medium size, width, and boldness. Known for its simplicity, Kantipur is often utilized for offline Nepali writing, providing a reliable and straightforward option for various writing needs.

Kanchan font

Kanchan, a font similar to Preeti, is remarkably simple and has the power to bring joy to your face after writing a page or paragraph in Nepali. It’s one of the slimmer fonts on the list, making it perfect for situations where you need to write a lot in minimal pages.

This regular Nepali font has a normal weight, offering adequate letter spacing, medium size, and a standard style. It’s ideal for offline Nepali typing when you want a clean and straightforward appearance.

Additionally, there are other Nepali fonts like Kalimati, Sanskrit, Akshar, Kutakshar, Kanjirowa, Gauri, Chandas, Nagari, Typeface, Neptouch, Ranjana, Prachalit, Patriotic, Maharjan, Lohit, and Anandakm, each with its own unique style and application. Explore these fonts to find the perfect fit for your Nepali writing needs.

Best Nepali Fonts For Multimedia Design

Explore a vibrant spectrum of Nepali fonts tailored for multimedia design, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality to elevate your visual creations.

best nepali fonts for design

Ananda 1 Hv font

For your design endeavors, we recommend the Ananda 1 Hv font – an awesome choice that promises to enhance your Nepali writing with captivating calligraphy. Choose this font for an eye-catching and attractive touch to your creative projects.

Ganess font

Ganess font stands out as a popular choice among aspiring designers. Loved by both designers and non-designers, its bold and excellent characteristics make it visually striking and contribute to creating eye-catching Nepali designs.

Amrit Kuruti font

Amrit Kuruti emerges as a visually appealing Nepali font, renowned for its excellence in design applications. With a bold and attractive demeanor, it surpasses others in glamour, making Nepali words look fabulous and captivating. Embrace Amrit Kuruti for an assured touch of elegance and attractiveness in your design projects.

Shrinagar font

Shrinagar font is a top choice among Nepali fonts, known for its slender size compared to other design fonts. Enhance your design projects with a distinctive touch by downloading this font for a unique and diverse visual appeal.

Suryodaya font

Suryodaya font, with a bit of weight, stands out as another top choice in Nepali design fonts. Its simplicity and resemblance to Amrit Kuruti make it quite popular, especially for optimizing page space with minimal words.

To make it convenient for users, a diverse collection of Nepali fonts, including popular ones like Preeti and Everest, has been compiled for download. With around 100 Nepali fonts in this package, users have the flexibility to choose as per their requirements. Installation is a breeze – simply go to the control panel on your Windows, navigate to fonts, and paste the downloaded fonts, allowing you to have a comprehensive collection of Nepali fonts readily available on your computer.

What’s the difference between so many Nepali Fonts?

Nepali fonts differ in various aspects such as style, weight, size, and specific design features. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences among different Nepali fonts.

Preeti: Preeti is a regular Nepalifonts too. Preeti is comparable to Times New Roman in the English fonts as Preeti is a default typography to be used in Nepali writing. The only difference is that Preeti has a medium weight.

Nepali: One of the standard fonts in Nepali, it is semi-bold in comparison to Preeti.

Aama: In comparison to the aforementioned regular fonts, Aama is bolder. With a bold weight and a regular style, the mean length of the letters is shorter than other Nepali regular fonts.

Sagarmatha: Sagarmatha and Aama Nepalifonts are similar in terms of boldness. However, Sagarmatha is bigger in terms of the length of the letter. Thus it is suitable for the display of the Nepali headlines.

Himalaya: It is also one of the standard Nepalifonts. The thickness and length of the characters here are comparable to Sagarmatha. However, the characters are wider and consume more space. This is suitable for simple readability.

Fontasy Himali: It is similar to Himalaya but in a condensed form. The spaces between letters are minimal and the size is smaller.

Ritu: The length of the letters is reduced in these fonts and it gives letters a wide appearance.

Devnagari Bold: It is one of the standard fonts widely used in publishing books.

Devanagari New: Devanagari traditional font is comparable to Nepali Unicode and the writing is based on pronunciation. These fonts have a bold and stylish appearance.

Shusha: It is the other typography whose typing is comparable to that of Nepali Unicode. The letters in this word seem to be an emulation of handwritten writing. With a normal weight, it has a calligraphy appearance.

Bharatvani wide font: It is comparable to Arial Unicode MS fonts of English. The letters have a uniform but wide appearance.

Arjun: It is one of the Nepali standard fonts. The flat edges of the letters are similar to Bharatvani fonts but the words are compressed in comparison to it.

Agra: With a medium size and weight, it looks slightly sloped. The slanted appearance to the right makes it seem stylish. The edges of the letters are upturned.

Everest: Everest fonts are also slightly slanted. With a starker contrast, rounded edges of the letters and medium size, this is most appropriate for the advertisement of any entertainment-related events.

Amrit Kuruti: It has a dark contrast and a condensed appearance.

Shrinagar: With a hairline weight of the letters this fonts seem to be perfect for the use in invitation cards. A little modification in the swirl of the letters gives it a stylish appearance.

HindiSanskrit: The height of the letters is not uniform here. Some letters end at the descender’s height. Letters have a sharp edge.

Rukmini: Rukmini fonts stand out from other Nepali fonts with the presence of the serif. Serifs are small lines attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or a symbol. It has a narrow width and is medium bold.

How to install Nepali Fonts?

Here are the instructions you may need while installing the Nepali font standardization.

install nepali fonts

Extract the zip file that you download for free. While Extracting, it asks for a password.

Enter password as

Extracting will extract all the Nepali fonts.

Copy all the fonts

Open Control panel

Go to fonts and paste all fonts there.

Download these fonts for free on your PC in zip files for a quick and easy installation. Preview the designs in the download file, available in ttf format, making them ideal for use in art, online websites, blogs, and Blogspot.

Installing Nepali fonts on your computer is straightforward with helpful YouTube tutorials covering various aspects of adding utilities and fonts to your Windows PC. Stay tuned for our second article, providing a step-by-step guide to installing Nepali fonts on your CentOS and VPS servers for seamless integration.

How to download Nepali Fonts?

download Nepali fonts

There are general and important things to note down before you start to download working Nepali fonts from the www website. You can preview the Devanagari fantasy before you download it on windows or Mac. The downloads are available on the site provided.

The downloaded zip file of fonts offers a convenient list of fonts. Simply use the quick search bar in the menu to find the Nepali font you need, click the link, and download the font file hassle-free. Explore the diverse options available for your writing needs.