Typeshala is an easy Nepali typing software. Download Nepali Typeshala helps to increase Nepali typing skill as well as English typing skill. Both features are included in the software. Many people prefer to download Nepali Typeshala for enhancing their typing skill. The best thing is that Nepali Typeshala is free software. You can download Typeshala for free and run it for a lifetime. Typeshala download is available here.

If you are searching for typeshala software for windows 10, windows 8 or windows 7. Then, you need to read this.

You can not download Typeshala for windows 10 pro 64 bit. So, you need to use our online tool to access Typeshala online.

You can now use Typeshala online using Wap Nepal tools at Nepali Typeshala Online.

Nepali Typeshala Online

To access Online Nepali Typeshala, you need to follow these instructions.

This two step process helps you a lot. You should not download Typeshala software any more on your Windows 10. You can access it 100% online anytime anywhere.

Nepali Typeshala

Nepali Typeshala is brilliant software that was out many years before. School-level students to higher professional people use it to enhance their typing speed. Reviews from many people also rate Nepali Typeshala as one of the best methods of increasing typing speed. Many schools use it in their computer lab for students.

Nepali Typeshala

How to install Typeshala?

Download a package file from this website. It is in the .zip compressed format. You need to extract it. After extracting, you need to double click on typeshala.exe. It will install Nepali Typeshala on your computer. This process lets you have a brilliant product on your computer.

Nepali typeshala

Typeshala consists of Home, Top, Bottom, All, Games, Free, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 on the menu bar. The menu bar also includes your typing speed. Different lessons have been added which enhances typing skills.

Download Nepali Typeshala for increasing typing skill. Typing skill has been an important factor for this computer era. Nepali Typeshala was founded many years before. Till date, Typeshala has been an awesome product for enhancing typing skill. All can increase Nepali typing skill with Nepali Typeshala. Nepali Typeshala is also known as Nepali type sala.

Download Nepali Typeshala

Nepali Typeshala is a free tool. Everyone can download it for free and use it for free. Typeshala has been an important tool for school as well as different people. The individual can increase their typing skill playing games in Typeshala.

download Nepali typesala for free

Nepali Typeshala is inbuilt with games called Ramayana. In the game, balloons take its height with time. Users must enter the letter mentioned on the balloons. Of course, the game consists of different levels. This game has been a useful way of increasing typing skill for school level students.

Users of Nepali Typeshala can type in Nepali as well as in English. Nepali Typeshala is a tool to boost your typing skill. Typeshala can be downloaded from here.

It’s easy to install Typeshala as well. You can extract the zip file that you have downloaded. After extracting, click on typeshala.exe and Typeshala application will open.

Download link

Which language can I type using Typeshala?

Basically, Typeshala is for increasing your Nepali typing speed and English typing speed.

The online tool made by Wap Nepal works with a similar purpose. You no longer have to download tool and install. You can use our online tool to increase your Nepali typing speed.

To continue using Nepali Typeshala on this page. Please click on the keyboard once and start typing.

Please click on the keyboard once and start typing.

Nepali Typeshala is a renowned software that helps you in improving your Nepali typing skill and English typing skill.

The downloadable software named Nepali Typeshala does not work in latest Windows 10 version. That is the reason we came up with the Online version of Nepali Typeshala. This tool is simple, easily and user friendly. You need to use this tool using your desktop.

Can I use Typeshala Offline?

Yes, once the page is loaded, you can disconnect your internet and use it. It does not need internet access. You can save the page and use whenever you want.

You can directly go to the link to access it offline for your convenience.


Is Nepali Typeshala free?

Yes, it is free online tool and it will be free forever.

How to use tool?

You need to use your desktop or laptop to access this online tool. As the main motive is to improve your keyboard typing skill, it needs keyboard to type. You can’t use it with your smartphone.