If you stay in a foreign country and wish to send money to Nepal using cheap remittance company, here are the best ways for you. We inspire people to go for legal and reliable money transfer to Nepal.

There are lots of legal remittance companies that are currently working in Nepal as well as abroad for money transfer to Nepal. IME, Prabhu money transfer, Western Union are few remittance services to send money to Nepal. They are actively opening branches in many countries and providing legal money transfer to Nepal.

send money to Nepal

If you are planning to send money from Nepal, you must read our another article on sending money from Nepal.

World Remit

Worldremit is the legal way to send money to Nepal. You can send money from all countries. I personally have used Word Remit and found it to be the best. The money transfer process was instant.

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Send money to Nepal

Different legal money transfer remittance company to Nepal

  • Himal remit
  • Western Union
  • IME
  • Prabhu money transfer
  • Moneygram
  • Nepal Remit
  • City Express

International Money Express, IME

IME has branches in over 20 countries. It has a widespread network in more than 70 thousand locations. It is the fastest, secure money transfer service in domestic as well as international.

Western Union Money Transfer

The fastest and easiest way of sending money worldwide. They have a large number of outlets around the world, hence it is easy to send money and receive money from any corner of the world.

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) a USA based organization and is a pioneer in worldwide instalment administrations with a past filled with more than 160 years of administrations. Together with its Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Pago Facil and Western Union Business Solutions marked instalment administrations, Western Union furnishes customers and organizations with quick, dependable and helpful approaches to send and get cash far and wide, to send instalments and to buy cash orders.

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As of December 31, 2011, the Western Union, Vigo and Orlandi Valuta marked administrations were offered through a joined system of around 485,000 operators areas in 200 nations and regions. In 2011, The Western Union Company finished 226 million shopper to-purchaser exchanges around the world, moving $81 billion of a key in the middle of buyers, and 425 million business instalments. For more data, visit www.westernunion.com.

Prabhu Money Transfer

Money transfer to Nepal from Malaysia, Money transfer to Nepal from Qatar, money transfer to Nepal from Saudi Arabia, money transfer to Nepal from Kuwait, Money transfer to Nepal from UAE, money transfer to Nepal from the USA, money transfer to Nepal from South Korea, Money transfer to Nepal from Japan.

Muncha Money Transfer

They give the first transaction for free. They do not charge any money during the first transaction.

Send money from Australia to Nepal From Muncha: Click here

Send money from different parts of the world with Muncha: Click here

  • FREE First Transaction.
  • FREE Pickups from more than 90 different locations in Nepal.
  • FREE Direct Bank Deposits in all major banks in Nepal currently numbering over 1300 banks.
  • FREE Transactions from $2500 and above.
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rate.
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What is Hundi money transfer to Nepal?

Hundi service is provided in a different nation to transfer money to Nepal. People in Uk, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar and even Australia use hundi service to transfer money to Nepal. Due to Hundi, Nepal government is in huge loss. Only a few people are involved in Hundi. No banking authority is involved in Hundi. This has created insecurity during a money transaction. Many cases were filed on the complaint of Hundi service in Nepal, so it is illegal in Nepal.

Hundi has already been blacklisted by Nepal Rastra Bank and due to lots of complaints about the cheat, it has been strictly prohibited in Nepal. So, better stay away from services like HUNDI. You need to find the cheap legal remittance company to Nepal.

Other remittance services like Wise, Instarem, Remitly are the popular ones.