Telstra is the largest Australian Telecommunication and Media Company. It was founded in 1975 and the headquarter, Telstra Corporate Centre is situated in Melbourne, Australia. It provides its services via its products like fixed line and mobile telephony, Internet and data services, network services and digital television. There are more than 36000 employees in Telstra Company, Australia. Since it is the largest and one of the most leading telecommunications in Australia, it would be a very good idea to acquire a Prepaid Telstra SIM if you are travelling to Australia to keep in contact with your friends, family and relatives. Telstra is available with great flexibility as there are many Telstra recharge options.

If you possess a Prepaid Telstra SIM, you must know that you should be recharging it regularly to make optimum use of it. There are various options to recharge Telstra, and there is no hard and fast rule to make a specific choice of the recharge options. You can recharge using any option which is convenient to you. The various Telstra recharge options subsume vouchers, debit and credit cards, direct debits, Paypal or use of the applications on your phone. You can use laptop, computers or mobiles to recharge.

How to recharge Telstra prepaid sim card?

To recharge the account online, you can go to the website of Telstra i.e. at first. In the recharge section, you can see the “Recharge Now” option. You have to enter the number of your Telstra SIM there. Be careful in entering the correct prepaid SIM number. Then you have to click the recharge now option. You have to mention your payment methods there, and it can include debit cards, credit cards and PayPal payment method. Once you provide your payment method, you have to wait till the website prompts you for the confirmation.

The next option you can use is by dialling #100#. This is the service number that you can use to reload your prepaid Telstra balance directly through your mobile. After you dial, you have to wait for the prompt on our screen. Then you will be led to entering your payment method and amount that you want to top up. After you have made your choices, just wait a bit. You will have the confirmation prompt telling you that the recharge has been successful.

Telstra recharge options

Telstra recharge options

Some more Telstra recharge options

You can also use the SMS service in your mobile to recharge your Telstra account. However, to recharge via SMS, you should have a Telstra account. If you do not have this, you can register for one at the website of Telstra. While registering for your account, you have to choose the payment option, and after giving your payment method information, you will be given the pin code for payment method. To recharge, you just have to enter the recharge amount space pin code number and send it to 1258885. For example, 50 1234 and send to 1258885. After you have sent the SMS, you will receive a notification after some minutes about the successful recharge.

With the smartphones coming in handy for all the people in the world, applications are being widely used too. You can install the Telstra application on your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry phones. With the help of the Telstra app, you can not only recharge the account but also check your balance, view data usage or purchase a plus pack. The process of recharging via the application is just as easy as in the website online. The same information that you have to provide and the same steps that you have to follow. You can recharge your account through the vouchers also. You can buy the vouchers in the Telstra stores in denomination 5$ to 180$.

Now, you can also make use of the automatic recharge option. The automatic recharge is scheduled monthly which provides you 20-80 day plans allowing full 31 day month recharge. There are different options for you to choose. Considering your convenience, you can choose any of the Telstra recharge options.