The couple “Dhurmus Suntali” is a popular name in Nepali media. They are popular comedians who gained fame with their characters in the Nepali comedy drama “Meri Bassai”.

However, this name “Dhurmus Suntali” is tethered not only in the acting arena. Now, this name has gained much popularity in the social works too and this couple has been able to create a strong impact on Nepalese people’s heart. Dhurmus Suntali is revered and loved by the countrymen for their good deeds.

Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire

dhurmus suntali

Now, getting to know them outside the reel life, the real name of “Dhurmus” and “Suntali” are Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire respectively. They are a pair not only in the Nepali TV series “Meri Bassai” but in real life as well.

Both of them are a huge talent and have presented themselves in the same manner. Sitaram Kattel is a Nepali comedian, actor, scriptwriter and director whereas Kunjana Ghimire is also a Nepali actor, comedian and social worker.

Both of them have played multiple roles in their own sitcom in the series “Meri Bassai” and are considered very talented. Sitaram Kattel has played in the Nepali TV series like Geetanjali, Jire Khursani, Meri Bassai and Tito Satya.

He has also played in the movies like Chha ekan Chha, Nai nabhannu La 2, Woda number 6 and Chakka panja. Kunjana is mainly known for her role as Suntali and this role has helped to highlight her acting career making her highly popular among the Nepalese.

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

dhurmus suntali foundation

These figures known for their actions have now gained a name in the field of social work as well. Their social work commenced mainly after Nepal was hit with the massive earthquake in April 2015.

The destructive earthquake razed numerous buildings and houses depriving people of shelter. The aftermath of earthquake brought dejection, sadness and grief among many people. The effect was even graver in the rural areas.

The houses in the remote areas were completely destructed and all their hopes were shattered as even after a long time after the earthquake, they did not receive any solid help to rebuild their lives. The whole country was heartbroken due to the consequences of the earthquake in 2015 and thus, Dhurmus and Suntali started making houses for the affected individuals.

Dhurmus Suntali began helping the affected by building houses and in this generous work, they involved themselves actively. They performed the physical work by engaging themselves arduously.

Their work was praised by all and soon, other people joined them in their work. They were also supported with fundraisers. Making their work more organized, they started working through their own foundation named “Dhurmus Suntali foundation”.

Dhurmus Suntali on Earthquake

Dhurmus and Suntali have played a huge role in the post earthquake relief and their work is highly appreciated. They have completed the Sindupalchowk Giranchour Integrated Model Colony Construction Project that built 67 houses colony with areas for children parks, public toilets and taps, parking areas, health posts, etc.

They had also built earthquake resilient houses for the Pahari community in Kavre. In Panchkhal, Kavre, they constructed houses for 18 families of the marginalized Pahari community.

This unified settlement also included 2 guest houses, biogas plants, public toilets, drinking water taps and other facilities. They also completed their third model earthquake resistant integrated settlement in Bardibas, Mahottari for the Musahar community.

These settlements have been handed to the respective communities and they have expressed immense gratefulness to Dhurmus Suntali.

Dhurmus Suntali – An example for Nepal

Dhurmus and Suntali have set an example that if you have will in your heart and hard work, then anything is possible.

The foundation received funds galore from individuals and organization from both inside and outside the country. You will gain supports for your good deeds, if you start with hard work, determination and hope.

Nepal can rise again if more people like Dhurmus and Suntali are present. Their work is truly laudable.