Along with the change in time, Nepali movie industry has seen the advent of many new actresses as well. Some of the new faces have had the privilege to shine in the limelight through their debut movie itself. Though there are numerous actresses in the Nepali movie industry, a few have been able to reign the Nepali movie kingdom.

  1. Priyanka Karki – Highest paid Nepali actress known for films like “Mala” and “Chakka Panja”. She is a versatile talent as an actress, VJ, choreographer, singer, and dancer.
  2. Namrata Shrestha – One of the most popular actresses in Nepal, she has received numerous awards. Known for her work in films like “Sano Sansar”.
  3. Swastima Khadka – she has delivered many hit movies. Her notable works include “Nai Nabhannu La 5” and “Chhakka Panja 2”.
  4. Barsha Raut – A rising star who has made her mark with acclaimed performances in movies like “Jatrai Jatra” and “Chhakka Panja”.
  5. Surakshya Panta – Known as the “Dancing Queen” of Nepal, she is admired for her acting talent and dancing skills. Her film “Aama”, Ke Ghar Ke” was a major hit.
  6. Jassita Gurung – A multi-talented actress who acts, dances, models, and sings. She charmed audiences with her role in the popular movie “Lily Bily”.
  7. Pooja Sharma – She has delivered powerful performances in critically acclaimed films like “Prem Geet 2”.
  8. Suhana Thapa – She began acting at a young age and evolved into a leading lady starring in movies like “Kabaddi” and “A Mero Hajur 3, A Mero Hajur 4”.
  9. Samragyee RL Shah – A promising young talent, she impressed fans and critics alike with her very first film “Dreams”.
  10. Rekha Thapa – Often called the “reigning queen” of Nepali cinema, she is one of the most acclaimed actresses known for movies like “Mitini”, “Jaljala”, “Dewar Babu”, “Hero Returns”, “Kismat”, “Mero Euta Saathi Chha”.

Please note that this is not a ranking. It is the list of top 10 Nepali actresses in Nepal.

top nepali actress

The Nepali film industry has experienced significant growth in Nepal. It continues to expand, attracting individuals who envision a promising future in the field. Many well-educated individuals aspire to pursue careers in this growing industry. The presence of versatile actors has elevated Nepali cinema to new heights. There is a noticeable shift in people’s attitudes, with a more positive outlook towards the industry, reflected in the increasing love and appreciation for our actors.

Not just Nepali male actors but female actors are also doing wonders these days. There are many actresses that have proved themselves time and again with their successful films. In this article, we have a list of hit actresses in Nepal.

Few Nepali actress works in foreign movie industy like Amrita Acharia.

Top 10 Nepali Actresses

top nepali actress in Nepali movie

Some of the actresses who are most liked by the Nepali audiences are as follows:

Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki, a prominent figure in the Nepali film industry, has garnered widespread recognition for her dynamic roles and unmatched versatility. Her journey commenced with the prestigious title of Miss Teen Nepal in 2005, propelling her into the limelight. From her involvement in music videos to VJ stints, Priyanka’s early career showcased her multifaceted talents. A brief hiatus for academic pursuits in the USA preceded her triumphant return, marked by a stellar debut in “Mero Best Friend.”

Despite initial commercial challenges, Priyanka’s unwavering dedication, talent, and confidence paved the way for success, notably with the box office hit “Jholay” in 2014. Subsequent hits, including “Nai Nabhannu La,” “Sadanga,” “How Funny,” and “Chakka Panja,” solidified her status as the busiest actress in Nepali cinema. Beyond acting, she ventured into singing, further enriching her contribution to Nepali media.

Priyanka Karki serves as a role model for Nepali girls, celebrated not only for her outstanding performances but also for her bold personality. As one of the most educated actresses, her diverse and accomplished roles consistently make headlines. The Miss Teen 2005 winner embarked on a film career after pursuing higher studies in the USA, returning to Nepal in 2012. Her association with actor and model Ayushman Desraj Shrestha has garnered immense popularity, solidifying them as one of the town’s cutest couples.

Beyond her cinematic pursuits, Priyanka showcases her musical prowess through noteworthy covers. Her influence transcends the predominantly male-dominated industry, resonating with fans who admire her journey, talent, and multifaceted persona. In the realm of Nepali cinema, Priyanka Karki stands as an accomplished actress and model, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

The emerging talent in the Nepali movie scene, who has swiftly captured the hearts of Nepalese audiences, has thus far starred in only one film. Adored for her bold and natural performance in the debut movie “Dreams,” she earned the title of “Best New Actress” in 2016 for her outstanding lead role.

Known as the royal actress, 23-year-old Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah stands among the most beloved figures in the Nepali film industry. Her journey commenced with her participation in the Classic Diamond Jewelers Face of Diamond competition, where she secured the position of the first runner-up. The debut film “Dreams,” starring alongside Anmol KC, proved to be a massive success, showcasing her exceptional acting skills from the outset. Since then, she has continued to excel, collaborating with top actors and earning numerous awards.

Samragyee RL shah
Samragyee RL shah

Following the success of her debut film “Dreams,” Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah gained instant fame, establishing herself as one of the rising stars in the Nepali film industry.

Building on the triumph of “Dreams,” her upcoming film, “Kassam Hajurko,” is highly anticipated, accompanied by rumors of a substantial offer for her participation. Having secured the second runner-up position in the 2014 Face of Classic Diamond Jeweler’s competition, she made history as the first member of the royal family to enter the Nepali film industry. Born on November 18 in Birgunj, she completed her schooling at the Royal Academy of India, describing herself as an honest and emotional individual.

Barsa Siwakoti

The natural beauty, Barsa Siwakoti, began her career in Nepali movies with the super hit Nepali movie “Nai Navannu la- 2”. Although her role was short in the movie, her acting skills have been praised highly. She has worked in numerous Nepali music videos.

A known name in the Nepali movie industry, Menuka Pradhan made her debut in the Nepali movie industry with the movie “Ek din Ek Raat” in 2011. She has worked in numerous movies and music videos. Her acting skills are loved and praised by the audiences and critics. Some of her movies include Visa Girl, Resham Filili, Bhairav, Gajalu, Purano Dunga etc. Her music video “Saili” has gained massive popularity which depicts the life of Nepali youths in a foreign country.

Richa Sharma

The actress embarked on her journey in the Nepali movie industry with the film “First Love” in 2010. Renowned for her acting prowess and versatility in portraying diverse roles, she gained significant popularity. A pivotal moment in her cinematic career came with the success of the most prominent box office hit in 2012. Throughout her career, she has showcased her talent in various movies, and her role in “Talakjung vs Tulke” (2014) garnered critical acclaim.

Personally, Reecha Sharma is my favorite actress in the industry. Time and again, she has demonstrated her prowess in unconventional movies, carving a niche for herself. Debuting with “First Love” in 2010, she has consistently delivered outstanding performances in numerous films, embracing different roles.

Reecha Sharma has ventured into various genres, from romantic and socially conscious films to realistic and even horror movies. In every endeavor, she has validated her worth, creating a distinct identity in the industry.

Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari, a renowned Nepali actress, made her debut in the industry with the film “Swor” in 2010. Widely recognized for her exceptional performances, she has left an indelible mark with movies like “I Am Sorry,” “Masan,” “Mayako Barima,” “Mahasus,” “Biteka Pal,” and “Mero Best Friend.”

This 28-year-old actress, known for her charming and bubbly personality, initially ventured into the industry as a model before transitioning into acting. Before her film debut, Keki showcased her talent in various music videos and advertisements. She stands out as a non-traditional actress who has captivated audiences with her acting prowess and lively demeanor. Starting with “Swor,” her debut movie, Keki Adhikari has continued to deliver outstanding performances, establishing herself as an unstoppable force in the industry.

Throughout her career, Keki Adhikari has collaborated with some of the top actors in the country, earning accolades for her remarkable acting skills. Her contributions to Nepali cinema have been recognized with numerous awards.

Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa is not only a popular actor but also a filmmaker. She debuted in the Nepali movie industry with the movie “Hero” in 2000. Since then, she has played in numerous movies. She is popular in the industry for her glamorous and bold role in the movies.

Deepashree Niroula

Though she is known mostly for her comedian performance in the Nepali serial “Tito Satya”, she played as a lead actress in the movie “Woda Number 6”. She is also the director of one of the highest-grossing Nepali comedy movie “Chakka Panja”.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma is one of the most accomplished actors in Nepal. She has featured in many movies and music videos. Her most loved and successful film is Prem Geet and its sequel. She is a 26-year-old actress also famous for her talkative nature. She is one of the rarest actresses in Nepal who speaks her heart out. This is the reason she has gained some true fans and also some haters. She started her journey with debut movie three lovers but Prem Geet was the movie that made her star. 

Rishma Gurung

Rishma Gurung embarked on her film career, initially featuring in a few Gurung films. However, it was her notable portrayal of Maiya in the 2013 film “Kabaddi” that brought her into the spotlight and marked a significant turning point for the Nepali film industry. Directed by Nischal Basnet, “Kabaddi” played a transformative role in Kollywood. At 27 years old as of 2020, Rishma Gurung has endeared herself to numerous Nepali fans with her authentic acting. Notably, she also played a role in the debut of “Kabaddi.”

In her recent film, “Jhumkee,” released in 2016, she starred alongside Dayahyang Rai in a suspenseful narrative addressing women-related violence. Although the film didn’t achieve the same level of success as “Kabaddi,” Rishma Gurung received praise for her compelling performance. The movie garnered positive reviews from critics, exploring the theme of women’s issues. With her genuine talent and promising acting, Rishma Gurung is poised for a bright future in the industry.

Anna Sharma

At just 23 years old, actress Anna Sharma stands out as one of the few in the country who garnered acclaim right from her debut film. Widely recognized for her role in the hit movie “Jerry,” alongside Anmol KC, Anna not only contributed to its success but also earned the Best Actress award for her stellar performance. The daughter of the renowned Nepalese media personality Rachana Gurung Sharma, the official choreographer of the Miss Nepal pageant, Anna Sharma is celebrated for her chubby and cute appearance among her fans. Post her debut, she continued to showcase her acting prowess in several successful films, with her recent venture, “The Man from Kathmandu,” receiving positive reviews from critics.