Nepal is country with more than fifty percent of land covered by villages. It is in phase of development and thus there are only few  cities in Nepal. However, it has been undergoing rapid urbanization . Cities are becoming more populated and developed every year. Therefore, this article lists the name of five most developed city of Nepal.

Butwal at a Glance


Kathmandu is undoubtedly the most developed city in country. The capital of the country is most developed in terms of infrastructure, education, communication, electricity and so on. As of latest census, the population of country is around one million. Kathmandu is known as city of dreams, people from all over the country come to Kathmandu in search of opportunities, better education and job facility and so on.

 This has made Kathmandu very populated and polluted as well. The climate of Kathmandu is also very good, this is also one of the reason why many people  prefer to live in Kathmandu. It has very mild climate not very hot nor very cold.

 The availability of many colleges and school in Kathmandu is one reason that makes it so populated. It is education hub for students all over the country. The capital of country is the most developed city in the country. It is part of province number three .Kathmandu is also known as city of temples. It is home to Newar community but now being capital of country, people of all ethnic group reside in Kathmandu.


Pokhara is another most developed city in Nepal. It lies in the Gandaki Pradesh of Nepal and is a metropolitan city. Pokhara is second most largest city of Nepal it is home to number of Gurungs and elite Gurkha soldiers. These Elites are one of the reason behind development of Pokhara. Pokhara is also the tourism hub of country. It is the city that welcomes the most number of tourist every year.

Not just in Nepal, Pokhara is one of the best city for tourism in South Asia itself. Tourism is the major source of income for people there . With two five stars hotels and more than four hundred hotels including three stars, two stars and some non star hotels, the city is best place for not just international but domestic tourists as well. Pokhara is base for trekkers wishing to walk the Annapurna Circuit.

Pokhara is a clean beautiful city with a flourishing tourism business. The beautiful climate and typical cute stone houses are the symbol of Pokhara. Pokhara is also the headquarters of Kaski District. Situated around 120 miles west of Kathmandu, Pokhara is well developed  in terms of infrastructure .The city is surrounded by The Annapurna Range Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu .


Dharan  is another name in this list. It was declared Sub metropolitan along with Butwal since 2017. It lies in Sunsari District and on the foothills of the Mahabharat range.

The city serves as a trading post between the hilly region and the plains of Terai region of Nepal so the climate here is mild and subtle. With good hospitals and institutes including B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan is very forward in terms of education and health. It is inhibited by Limbus, Gurungs and elites Gurkha Soldiers . Their residence has contributed a lot in development of the city.

As I  mentioned earlier as well ,Dharan is very well developed in terms of education. With five public colleges and university, several private colleges and more than 40 public and private secondary schools it has the best to offer .Along with BPKIHS,  Central Campus of Technology (also known as Hattisar Campus) that offers Food Technology and Nutrition & Dietetics programs is situated in Dharan.

As of census 2011, the population of Dharan is 119915. It is central hub for people living in Sunsari district. Dharan is also well known as football player producing city of country as many sucesful football players of Nepal come from this city. Kirat, Rai, Limbu, Khaas, Gurung inhibit this region primarily and other minority groups as in Magar, Gurung. Tamang, Dalit live in the city. It has total area of 193 square kilometers area with population density of 734 per kilometer square. Dharan ranks as third most developed city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara.


Butwal  is one of the rapidly urbanizing and developing cities of Nepal. It was recently declared the head quarter of province number five. Butwal lies in Rupandehi disrict and Lumbini zone.

Butwal also serves as administrative headquarter for Lumbini zone. It got its name from Batauli Bazaar, one of the oldest residential area of the city. It was declared sub metropolitan in 2020 . As of 2011, the population of Butwal district is 120982. It has total area of 118462 square kilometers and population density of eighty people per square kilometers. It lies at the intersection of two different National Highways, Mahendra Highway and Siddhartha Highway and has very well developed  infrastructure.

Butwal is fast growing in terms of education, infrastructure, health and so on. Butwal is also very well known as it is the most clean city. It has received the title of “ best city in Nepal “ for five times in a row. The infrastructural development of the city is quite remarkable and in past few years it has been developing at the fastest rate.


Biratnagar lies in the Terai region of country. Being close to India, many of its economic activities are influenced by India. Infrastructures in this city are quite developed as well. Agriculture and industries are the major contributors to economy. Many industries are located in Biratnagar since it has well developed infrastructure. Biratnagar lies in province number 1 of Nepal and is the second most populous city of country. As of latest census, it has population of 240,000.

 Being located in Terai region, Biratnagar is quite hot and the climate is not very favourable. Despite this, Biratnagar is one of the most developed city in Nepal. It has good schools, colleges and hospitals as well. Biratnagar has always been very ahead.

It is the city of Biratnagar Jute Mills, the first large scale industry of Nepal. Many prime ministers of Nepal also come from Biratnagar. Biratnagar has always remained very active in Politics. Biratnagar was recently declared a metropolitan on May 22, 2020.