We often complain that Nepal is in this condition now because of our politicians. Yes, somehow Nepali politicians have not been able to develop a country as beautiful as Nepal. Politicians are the drivers of nation. It is up to their hand that which direction country heads towards. Looking at present as well ,we have some good politicians that are shaping the country. But when we talk about politicians, there are few names that I must take even though they are no more with us anymore. The article today lists name of five most loved and visionary politicians from Nepal .

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Madan Bhandari                              

When we talk about most loved politician in country, Madan Bhandari is the first name that comes in my mind. He was born in  27 June, 1951. He is a  very well-known politician primarily belonging to Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist). He has great role in taking the communist movement of country to a greater height. He became the prime minister of country for first time in 1991 by defeating the very powerful politician Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. Bhattarai also has important contribution in bringing multiparty democracy system in country.

About his early life, Madan Bhandari was born in the Dhungesangu village in Taplejung district. He completed his schooling from Taplejung and later went to Varanasi, India . His political career started with his involvement with Janabadi Sanskritik Morcha. This was student movement initiated by Pushpa Lal Shrestha,which formed alliance with survivors of Jhapa movement in 1978.  Bhattarai became central committee member in 1972. However he left the party in 1976 .

He later on became the founding member of Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist–Leninist . Since this ,  his active journey in politics started. With his dedication,  he made his party one of the most powerful party in country. In his reign as prime minister as well, he brought commendable changes in country. He was dearly loved by citizens and was really appreciated for his works.

Madan Bhandari died in a mysterious car accident in DasDhunga, Chitwan on 16th may 1993. Though the case has been closed claiming it was an accident, this is quite mysterious and many believe it was a planned murder.  After his death his wife Bidya Bhandari started active participation in politics coming to this day when she is the first lady president of country.

Bhimsen Thapa                                        

 Bhimsen Thapa is one of the name in this list. He is also the first Rana prime minister of Nepal. He ruled as prime minister from 1806 to 1837. Born to Amar Singh Thapa and mother Sayuarupa Maya, he started off with being body guard of the then king Rana Bahadur Shah. When Bahadur Shah was exiled from the country, he joined king with him and went to Varanasi, India. Bhimsen Thapa helped the king to return to country from exile and as appreciation for this bravery, he become minister of Nepal  . In 1806 he become the  Prime minister of country.

His important role in history is the Sugauli treaty.  Sugauli treaty was the one to conclude war with east India company which had captured almost one third area of country.   Sugauli treaty acted as a  peace symbol to stop the war. Bhimsen Thapa  is the prime minister who built Dharahara and Sundhara. In his reign, Nepal also expanded its territory from Sutlej River to Teesta river.

He is also termed as progressive prime minister as he did lot of advances in country.

Ganesh Man Singh 

Ganesh Man Singh is most loved leader of all time. He followed the principle of congress party and was an active leader that time. Even after his death, people remember him for the changes he brought.

He was born in Kathmandu on November 9, 1915  . His important contribution in history is the end of Ran regime. Ganesh Man Singh has important role in ending the cruel Rana Regime in 2007 BS. He is one of the leaders that contributed entire life to bring democracy in country . The freedom and the rights we enjoy these days, we owe to these leaders. Yes there were other leaders too but Ganesh Man Singh was one of his kind.  He had active political career of around 40 years.

He is also first and only south Asian to win United Nations Human rights Award in 1991. United Nations presented him with this award for the contribution he made in restoring peace in Nepal. He is by far the most admired and loved leaders of Nepal.  However he died at the age of 82  but we remember him forever.

Girija Prasad Koirala 

 Another leader from Nepali Congress ,Girija Prasad Koirala  is another name in the list. He is one of the most influential prime minister of country.  During his active political career he  became prime minister of country or 4 times and made amazing in the country. He was born in July 4, 1924 .

He is one of the person who brought down Monarchy system and brought democracy in country.  During his reign as Prime minster he improved diplomatic relations and also brought many changes in country from development in education field to infrastructure development. Hi has active involvement in the 1990s  civil movement.  That movement put an end to Panchayat system and brought multiparty democracy in country.

 Girija Prasad Koirala died at the age of 84 on 23rd July, 2008.

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai 

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai abbreviated as Kishun ji,  is  by far the most loved prime minister of Nepal. He served as prime minister in country for two times in his political career. People often call him as people’s prime minster. He is well known for his voice for citizens and that’s why people love him so much even after his death. He has important contribution in bringing end to the monarchy system and establishing democracy.

Talking about his early life, he was born in India on 1934. He is also one of the educated politicians in country and holds degree in economics. He also has important contribution to end the Rana regime. Bhattarai is also the founding member of Nepali Congress party. He died on  fourth March 2011 but is still remembered by many followers.