How to read Gorkhapatra Daily Newspaper online?

Since the traditional times, when the technology had not flourished, newspapers have been the major source of information to the general people. Newspapers are the serial publications which contain news about the multiple facets in the national and international times. It provides information regarding contemporary issues, informative articles, politics, sports, arts and advertisements. The news about the contemporary issues includes political events and personalities, business and finance, crimes, weather forecasting, natural disasters, health and medicines, entertainment, sport, and many others.  Newspapers are usually printed on inexpensive newsprints. With the advancement of technology, the publishing of newspapers is not only limited to the papers. Presently, newspapers are printed both in the print format and the online format.  The online versions are called online newspapers or newspaper websites. Gorkhapatra daily is one of the most reputed newspaper of Nepal.

Gorkhapatra Daily Newspaper

Gorkhapatra is the pioneer of the national daily newspapers in Nepal. Gorkhapatra is the oldest daily newspaper in the Nepali language. It is headquartered in Dharma Path, Kathmandu. It was launched as a weekly paper in May 1901 and became daily newspaper as of 1961. It is run by Gorkhapatra Sanstha which is Nepal’s national media house owned and operated by the government of Nepal. The publications of Gorkhapatra Sanstha include Gorkhapatra (daily newspaper in Nepali), Madhupark (monthly magazine), Muna (Monthly magazine), The Rising Nepal (daily newspaper in English) and Yubamanch (monthly magazine).

gorkhapatra daily newspaper

Technology has not left Nepal untouched as well. Presently, people want information which can be accessed through the tip of their fingers. The speed of information sharing among people has increased to a great extent. With the adoption of new technologies, Nepali newspapers are published online.

How to read Gorkhapatra Daily Newspaper online?

If you are one of those persons seeking to retrieve the information in an online format and want to read the Gorkhapatra daily online via epaper then follow the steps below:

  • Go to via your browser. As the homepage opens, you can see the latest news, national news, news related to different fields.
  • To go to the epaper, you can find the link to it in the main menu. Go to epapers.
  • The page for epaper opens which gives you access to not only Gorkhapatra but all other publications managed by Gorkhapatra Sansthan. The epaper daily publications include Gorkhapatra and Rising Nepal, Weekly epaper include Friday Supplement and Shanibar, and the monthly epaper include Madhuparkha, Yuwamanch and Muna.
  • Click on the link that you are interested in. All mentioned publications are accessible via epaper. If you clicked on Gorkhapatra, the page for Gorkha Patra epaper opens. In the opened link, you can see issued date at the top.
  • When you open Gorkhapatra epaper, you will be directed to the latest newspaper i.e. of today. However, you can also get access to the epapers of the past. To open the epaper of any past date, go to the calendar besides the issued date and select the date. The epaper for the respective date opens. The page numbers are listed at the top, and you can go through it one by one. In the epaper, you can select a certain news segment which will be opened in a new window in a readable format. That’s it. Read the newspaper with your fingertips at the control.

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