NIG Japan has announced a Summer Internship for those Undergraduate and graduate students who want to pursue careers in genetics and related sectors.

Notice Date: Dec 5, 2022

The NIG summer internship program 2023 in Japan provides funded internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue careers in genetics and allied fields of the biological sciences abroad. The goal of this internship program with NIG Japan is to support young scholars worldwide. It provides some optimism for overseas students at a time when the world has already seen enough tragedies.

Funded NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023

In addition to receiving instruction in scientific research and communication, students in the summer internship program visit labs to discuss the facts and their concerns with the particular host scientists. Students who complete the program will be awarded a diploma and be required to share their experiences at the NG-Intern reports symposium. The NIG internship program in Japan offers talented and dedicated students the chance to advance their professional development while honing skills they might acquire while working in Japan.

Funded NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023

The research internship in Japan, which includes a month of firsthand exposure to East Asia, is overseen by the National Institute of Genetics. This innovative program encourages young people to create a network of progressive individuals to improve the world. Then, gifted individuals could help transform the world to meet the requirements of cutting-edge modern technology.

Intelligent young scholars are encouraged to apply to this program by immersing them in various academic activities to ensure cooperation and technical excellence among the many worldwide communities. Japan aggressively trains research scholars through its technology-driven development programs as a global technological leader.


The interns will have access to a range of activities, including journal clubs, research seminars, and lectures for graduate programs, which are either hosted by internal NIG staff or by external professors. Students eager to learn the language can also enrol in Japanese language classes.

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