With the growing use of the internet, millions of websites are being registered at regular intervals. The Internet offers almost everything these days. Domain Registration in Nepal is easy. Like fast foods and other delicious cuisines, domains are instantly available instantly in Nepal with just some clicks over the internet. You can get products shipped to your door.

All you need to do is, browse some websites and make orders. You can know what is happening worldwide, all in some clicks. To cope with the growing technology and internet usage, Nepal is also moving along.

Huge numbers of websites are registered and developed in Nepal too. Many entrepreneurs have started using websites as reliable sources of information portals to connect to their customers for relaying information and gaining customer feedback. So, you may be wondering about domain registration in Nepal.

Domain Registration in Nepal

What is a domain?

It is the name of the website we choose before developing the website. For example, google.com, facebook.com, and ekantipur.com. There are various types of domain names based on the nature of the website and geographical locations too.

There are lots of companies and domain resellers in Nepal that are offering domain registration services. One can also choose to register online; however, should one be looking forward to companies based in Nepal, you can find those services too.

Mercantile Communications is a company that is offering Nepali citizens and companies .np domains too. For free .com.np domains, you can read our previous article on How to register .com.np domain for free in Nepal.

Following some procedures, you can get the domain names you want but ensure they have not been registered previously, or you might need to choose something else.

.com domain registration in Nepal

You can browse through many Nepalese portals, e-commerce sites, and other websites helping us in our daily lives. So, you might want to personalize a domain name and start with a website for yourself or your business.

Websites have also been promising as one can easily retrieve all the information just sitting on the couch. However, you must go through some processes in owning a website.

Domain registration is the first one, but as mentioned earlier too: domain registration in Nepal has been a lot easier, and you can find various service providers. Some websites like Ohodomain provide distinct services for domain registration in Nepal. Nepalese can also order for Payoneer card and buy domain names from Godaddy, Namecheap, and Namesilo.

How to get a Free .com Domain in Nepal?

Free .com Domain in Nepal. Yes, sometimes you can get .com domain free in Nepal. Various sites like 1and1, netfirms give limited-time offers so that we can register domains for free. Behind these offers, you can register a .com domain at a cheap rate too. Go through the article, and we will let you know about getting a cheap domain name from 100 rupees to 300 rupees for a year.

Cheap .com Domain in Nepal

You might have heard about the leading domain registrar called Godaddy. Godaddy provides various coupons which decrease your cost of the domain to $0.99, $1.00, $1.49, $2.49, $3, and more. You need to make various hits and trials on choosing a coupon. Using coupons like cjc149s1 GoDaddy coupon, Free6 GoDaddy coupon, and cjcrmn3cp Godaddy coupon are some codes that decrease the price of .com domain in Godaddy.

Namesilo.com also provides a domain for $10.95. Using a coupon, you will get $1 less, and it costs $9.95 to you.

You can also buy domains during the sale period. The sale period is usually on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and USA Independence Day. The 4th of July is marked as independence day in America. Many US-affiliated companies give heavy discounts on the occasion of July 4. It is the best time to buy goods like web hosting, domain names, and many other related products. So if you are planning to buy web hosting, domain names, or other services, then its a good time to get heavy discounts as most of the dependent services are from the USA.

July 4 Independence Day offers

  • a domain for Just $4 at www.mediatemple.net
  •  COM, NET, ORG, INFO, CO, US, CA, IN, CO.UK, BIZ less than $1 ( GoDaddy ), Hi everybody, here is a $0.99 coupon for GoDaddy. The coupon is GETFIT99.

How to Register .com domain in cheap from Nepal?

Godaddy is regarded as a good domain registrar in the whole world. Godaddy comes with various offers each month. We will share a Godaddy coupon below in comment.

If you have any problem related to domain registration issues, comment below, and we will help you solve your problem.

How to Register .com.np domain for free in Nepal?

Registering a .com.np domain for free in Nepal is easy. Our previous article provides complete information on .com.np domain registration. We have also provided the application letter format for .com.np domain registration. The process is simple and easy. Instead of buying .com domain, you can start with free .com.np domain.

Domain Registration Price in Nepal

We have listed these prices from some of the popular domain resellers in Nepal.

Domain Registration Price in Nepal

*Above mentioned prices updated on the 23rd of August 2023 from their official website.

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