When you are in Nepal it is quite tough for students to earn while you study at the same time. The courses are designed in such a way that students don’t find time for that and also there are very less part time jobs students can do in free hours. In Foreign developed countries, students get flexible working hour and they earn while they learn. They look for their expenses on their own. They pay their fees on their own and here we are in Nepal asking our parents for our daily expenses. Wouldn’t it be great if we could work at the same time and also continue our studies.


There are many students who go their college in the morning and work in the day. But many of the courses in Nepal have day classes so in that case it is impossible for students for students to work and earn for themselves. But having said that, I myself have day classes but I am working at the same time. There are many jobs in Nepal which you can take up while studying full time as well. In the article I am listing few jobs that you can do even if you don’t have graduate degree or even when you can’t give full time for your jobs. Some of these jobs are online as well so you can work from home as well.

Online article writing

 There are so many online magazines that require writer for themselves. If you have god writing skills and can make proper use of internet then for sure you can do this job.  This is a ideal job if you have full time classes and can’t go to office . This is home based online job. You have the right skills then make sure to apply for the job. The trend of online portal is increasing a lot in past few years so there are many companies willing to hire people. But before you join let me tell you this is not an easy job. Writing can be tough and at times very annoying.  And you will get paid on pay per article basis.

So it is up to you how much you can and want to make. You need to have good English and good grammar to excel at this job. Minimum qualification of plus two is enough for similar jobs. But many companies may also hire experienced professional at higher rate.


 If you have not completed your graduation but are looking for an easy and well-paying job, Then you c be receptionist. All you need is politeness and you should learn how to deal with people. You are ready to stay in the front desk and welcome guests. Many big companies and even small companies hire receptionist for basic chores as picking up the phone, greeting the guest and other similar stuff. You don’t need much experience or qualification for thus job.

Receptionist is an ideal job for undergraduate students who have to also focus on studies. This is a stress free job, you don’t bring troubles in your office home in this job. Previously only girls used to be receptionist but now even boys are hired as receptionist. So all the best, make money while you study and look for your expenses on your own.


 If you have a good physique, right attitude and confidence you can try and become a model. Not just for your passion but for money as well. In modeling you need investment at first but once you get noticed you will earn instead. This is field of glamour and style. There are many people who do part time modeling and earn a good amount of money. Initially you will have to work on yourself do portfolio shoots, meet people and then finally can get noticed . You will start getting offers then. You can do music videos, work for ads and run the ramp walk. If you are really passionate about modeling ten you will be making good money for doing something you actually enjoy. You can contact modeling agencies to start your modeling career . This field is ever growing and you can have great future in the same field.

You will earn not only money but fame and recognition as well. Above all you will meet people from diverse field. So if you are looking for making some extra money then go for it.

Call Centre

 Call center is one of the most exciting field of work at this moment. You don’t need higher qualification for this job. You need to have basic communication skills to do this job. Right now the trend of call center has decreased but previously there were many call center jobs available. Best thing about call center jib is that you get different shifts. You can work in your own time. I know it is really hard for students to manage time in between studies so you need flexible shifts. The pay is also quite good. Just apply for job and try your luck. Even night shift is also available, so if you can then night shift is also good for you.

Hosting Job

Hosting or anchoring jib is another very good job for students. There are many people who are doing a great job hosting. The demand of host, anchors, video jockey has been increasing every year. So there is tremendous potential in this field. In Nepal also, hosts are paid very well.  If you have good communication skills then you are ideal for this job. You require mass facing skills then many people will hire you. For this as well you can join agents who can connect you with clients. Students can also become a freelance host, clients will contact you themselves and you can host their program. As a host, Students can host business conferences, formal parties or different events. You can set your own rate when you become more mature .That way students can work on their demand and with their conditions. You don’t need a degree to do this job, you just need pleasant personality and good speaking skills.