Kathmandu is the capital of city. The city is home to many aspiring students, middle class families, elites and all kind of people from all parts of country. The capital is not just hub for opportunities but also a dream city from many Nepalese. Situated in central development region, Kathmandu has the perfect climate. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The climate here is so suitable and Kathmandu is at very low risk of landslide, flood but it is one of the most earthquake prone city.

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Man of us aspire to live in Kathmandu as it is the most developed city in Nepal. But we all know how polluted and populated Kathmandu is.  Since Kathmandu is the capital of city it is well developed in terms of infrastructure ie education, health, transportation, Communication and so on . That is why Kathmandu is highly populated.  The reason behind this is lack of development in other places. Since there is less facility and opportunities in other places of country, People shift to Kathmandu. With that shift Kathmandu has become one of the most populated city not just in Neola but the world. With so much population, it is sure that city is very populated as well.  In the article we are listing four problems that we have to face in Kathmandu .


Pollution is because of population here in Kathmandu. Despite being the city most ahead in education and with the most educated people it is a shame that Kathmandu is most polluted city in country. developed countries have proper management system so they have less pollution even in very high population. But we are yet to discover that in Kathmandu. The pollution is so high that Kathmandu ranks second most polluted city in Nepal.

We can see piles of garbage wherever we travel in the city. Everywhere there are piles of garbage on side of road. Not just that there is so much dust and smoke in the road. If you forget your mask fro day you will get throat infection later that day. That is the level of pollution in Kathmandu. This pollution has earned Kathmandu a new name Dhulomandu. The situation is worse in the busy roads. It is very un easy for riders and daily travellers to walk in the polluted road. Because of that pollution people are getting serious lung and throat infection.

Not just that how can we ignore the state of rivers in Kathmandu . The rivers that flow through the city have become dumping site for local household. The rivers are in such state that they no more flow with all the waste it carries.

Price hike                                

Price hike is another serious issue in Kathmandu. Everything is so expensive in Kathmandu that it is really difficult to raise a family here in Kathmandu. From basic requirements as education, health, transportation to  daily commodities, everything is so expensive in Kathmandu. When you go to hospital you become more ill looking at the bills. Your salary is not enough to pay bills for your child’s education. And the prices of daily commodities rise every day. You can’t buy enough vegetable for a day with no less that 500 rupees.

Recently, the price of tomato has increased so much that people have stopped consuming it. Not just vegetable getting any service is very expensive in Kathmandu. And for those who live here in rent, I wonder how do they manage everything. The rents are so high, the living cost is so high and above all they have own bills to pay . In such case it is really very tough for families and individuals to live here in Kathmandu.

Traffic Jam

With so many population it is sure that roads are busy. With busy roads it invites many accidents every day and other problem of busy roads are traffic jam. When we talk about traffic we instantly think if traffic jam in Kalanki but fortunately the traffic jam issue in Kalanki has been solved with construction of new road. But still the traffic jam issue in a serious issue in Kathmandu.

You can’t reach places on time with this level of traffic jam. Just imagine riding a bike in this heat, pollution and being stuck in  jam. That is the worst feeling ever. Traffic jam is such  serious issue in Kathmandu that we have to find immediate solution to it. Compared to past days, traffic jam in Kathmandu has reduced to some extent with introduction of new road management technique nut still that is not enough.

And what worse when you are stuck in traffic jam while you have to do a very important task. I have this experience once. I had my board exams and I was stuck in traffic jam so bad that I reached the exam hall ten minutes late. Like me there are so many that go through the same problem every day.

Shortage of drinking water

Other major problem in Kathmandu is shortage of drinking water. With so much population people, here have to fight for basic requirement including clean drinking water. Melamchi drinking water project was set to complete this year. But unfortunately the project has also been postponed. The project will solve the drinking water issue people are facing every day.

Especially during dry season these people have very limited water supply. They get water once in ten days. That day they have to store water for use of next ten days.

That’s the biggest problem in Kathmandu. People can’t depend on just KUKL for their drinking water needs, so people look for other ways. The buy water from  other suppliers. They are compelled to buy water in high price because KUKL can’t supply water enough for their need. The problem specially exists in the most urban cities in Kathmandu . We can see people fighting for drops of water in roads. All the dhugedhara and public taps have also no water supply these days. They are just dry and in pathetic condition. Drinking water shortage is definitely a very big issue for Nepalese living in Kathmandu.

That’s all for this article. What problem do you face in Kathmandu everyday ? Make sure to write in the comment section .