Lok Sewa Aayog in Bagmati Pradesh has announced a revised vacancy for Technical & Non-Technical Officers. The announcement states that the demand for the group/post/addition/decrease of the service/sub-group as per the timetable from the province and local levels within the Pradesh has been changed so that the appropriate number of positions should be maintained.

Notice Date:- Last updated Dec 23, 2022

Since its foundation, the Public Service Commission has maintained a respectable and pristine reputation by choosing personnel by the values of fairness, merit, and cleanliness. Accordingly, at the provincial and local levels, the Provincial Public Service Commission will establish the curriculum and administer the exam for the selection of the necessary workforce, choose qualified candidates, and recommend them for permanent appointment in the Technical & Non-Technical Officers, local civil service and other services, among the three levels of government in operation for the first time as stipulated by the Constitution of Nepal. It is luring competent individuals, offering advice on civil servants’ working conditions, monitoring and policing the observance of Nepal’s constitution and relevant legislation in managing human resources, etc.

Revised Vacancy for Technical & Non-Technical Officers

More about Revised Vacancy for Technical & Non-Technical Officers

The notice says, “The Commission sent out a notification stating that the advertised posts may be further decreased if the demand form for additional postings is received within 15 days of the advertisement date and if a request is made to reduce the advertised posts. This notice states that the demand for the services, groups, subgroups and camps as outlined in the schedule from the province and local levels within the province has been modified, resulting in the maintenance of the following number of posts by requests for an increase or decrease. This notice has been made public. You may get more information about this on the Commission’s website at spsc.bagamati.gov.np. ”

On 12 Mangsir 2079, an advertisement (Revised Vacancy for Technical & Non-Technical Officers) was published in the Hetauda Administration and Information Publication Branch of the Bagmati Province Public Service Commission. It was stated that if a demand request for new postings was made within 15 days of the published date, the position might be reduced even more.



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