Pokhara University School of Business has announced a vacancy for Lecturer. The Pokhara University School of Business encourages lecturers with a strong interest in the field of education to fill out applications for the open position.

Notice Date: Dec 5, 2022

Pokhara University School of Business

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) created the School of Business in 1999 as a constituent college. Known initially as Pokhara University Campus, the name was changed to Management Campus and most recently to School of Business. Its long-term goal is to establish a top business college so that today’s youth can be creatively and productively prepared for the expanding difficulties of the business world, both locally and globally.

Vacancy for Lecturer at Pokhara University School of Business

By excelling in teaching, learning, and research activities, the School of Business is committed to becoming a centre of excellence for higher education. It also strives to produce dedicated human resources that are market- and service-oriented, focusing on connecting the university system with local services. It is conveniently located in Lekhnath Municipality at Dhungepatan.

Vacancy for a Lecturer

The Pokhara University School of Business invites a Lecturer for Business Mathematics.

Eligibility for Lecturer

a master’s degree from a reputable university in a comparable discipline, preferably with at least a second-class division.

Documentation Required

Applicants must submit a handwritten application, a copy of their resume, and a current passport-size photo by the 29th Mangsir 2079. Candidates will be chosen based on in-person interviews and classroom observations.
Certified copies of all academic records, including grades and transcripts, citizenship, employment, and training documentation.

Salary required

Pay will be given by Pokhara University norms, as will other benefits.


Important Note:

Only the candidates who made the shortlist will be invited for interviews and class observations.

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