Nepali Unicode converter is the tool to convert Romanised Nepali words into Nepali fonts. You don’t need a Nepali keyboard or download Typesala to type the Nepali words. So, it means you don’t have to practice Nepali typing.

Nepali Unicode is one of the fastest and most reliable tools, and most people use it. Above are the best Nepali Unicode converter sites on the internet. There are many such sites where you can convert your desired words into Nepali, but the sites mentioned here are reliable, fast, and easy to use. Just go to the web address provided and try them.

The following are the best Nepali Unicode converter

Unicode Nepali

Unicode Nepali
Unicode Nepali

Unicode Nepali is one of the best Nepali Unicode converters. This was started as a weekend computer science experiment in 2005. Till now, many Unicode Nepali versions have been out. The current version is V5. You can directly go to the Unicode converter by clicking the link

Unicode Nepali Devnagari is the official Nepali writing language. This is the same language used in Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, and other forms. There are 128 points in Unicode Nepali starting from A and ending in Z. With the growing use of the English language in all the formal communication processes, the use of Unicode Nepali is decreasing. But for a few special occasions, Unicode Nepali is the most.

Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode
Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode converter is one of the tools to convert the English alphabet into Nepali. It is freely available on the Internet. There is a large box where you have to type your Roman characters, and they instantly convert into Nepali. There is also a keyboard with special characters, which will be helpful for you if you need any special characters. Just enter the address to get the Unicode converter.

Easy Nepali Typing

easy Nepali typing
easy Nepali typing

It is another Nepali Unicode converter with lots of features and information. Like above, you must type your Roman characters, which instantly change into Nepali font. It is very easy to use. You either convert English into Nepali or directly type the Nepali font. To get this converter, go to the site

Nepali Changathi

Nepal changathi
Nepal changathi

This is another powerful Nepali Unicode converter that is very easy to use. Type or paste word by word that you want to convert and press the space bar, and you will instantly get the Nepali font. Besides the converter, there is also a dictionary where you can know the meaning of the English word in Nepali. Its web address is

Saral Nepali

saral Nepali
saral Nepali

It is one of the easiest Nepali Unicode converters, as the name suggests. Just type the word in Roman characters and press the space bar. Then, in an instant, it will change into a Nepali word. You can either type words or directly click on the Nepali keyboard available. is a site where you can get various important tools, including the Nepali Unicode converter. Through this, you can easily type in Nepali font. You must enter the Nepali Romanized font in the box and click the spacebar. Then, the words automatically change into the Nepali font.

Preeti to Unicode

Just as people all around the world have a reverence for their language, so do we Nepali. But if we are talking on a technical level, we might still be lagging.

Like others, we would also like to use our national language Nepali on the web and media. And for this, we need Unicode. We do remember the times before the advent of Unicode in the Nepali language, the arduous work of Nepali typing.

It was hard work learning to type in Nepali, and it was even more complicated when we wanted to change the Nepali documents that we had typed into some other fonts.

With the realization of the problem, the importance of standardization in the Nepali font was felt, and the solutions were tried. As such, there was the advent of Nepali Unicode. Nepali Unicode represents Preeti to Unicode.

Preeti to Unicode converter

preeti to unicode
preeti to unicode

With this development, the Nepali language can be used in different social networking sites, and computing uses for everyday lives.

However, the adoption of Nepali Unicode still has a long way to go, and many applications and websites may not natively support it. So, for this reason, we need to learn to type in Unicode Nepali, or we can also use a third-party Nepali to Unicode converter.

These converters can be found easily on different websites and downloaded. Preeti to Unicode Converter is one of the most popular tools found on the web.

Preeti is the regular Nepali language font and the default font used for Nepali typing. It is comparable to Times New Roman in English. With the converter, one can avail of different advantages of text processing with Unicode in Nepali typing.

Preeti to Unicode converter is the best tool to convert in this market. Wap Nepal provides the best tool to convert Preeti to Unicode. Please use the comment section if you encounter problems using Preeti to Unicode converter.

Preeti to Unicode Converter is a perfect tool that converts letters and sentences written in Nepali font Preeti to Unicode Nepali. Preeti to Unicode Nepali Converter is straightforward when you want to jot down an electronic mail. It also plays an important role when you write statuses online on Facebook and Twitter.

preeti to unicode

As standard Nepali font, Preeti can’t be used to write down an email, except this particular font is mounted on the recipient’s laptop device. Nepali Unicode converter importance is increasing as it is very convenient for people. It will convert that Preeti font into Unicode. That is why it is called Preeti to Unicode Converter.

This Preeti to Unicode converter converts the traditional Nepali font Preeti to Unicode. It plays a significant role in electronic mail and the Internet. Any Nepali font in Nepali Unicode shows off in the entire computing machine.

Preeti to Unicode Converter tool

Nepali Unicode is the most used software by Nepali language users. Unicode converts the English alphabet to the Nepali alphabet. Unicode has given enough space for Nepali language users who use the Nepali keyboard.

Here in Nepali Unicode, you can directly write the desired word in Roman English Style, and then Unicode, a converter tool, converts these words into Nepali words. It is similar to Preeti to Unicode Converter that we mentioned above.

Preeti to Unicode Converter tool

Preeti to Unicode Converter converts typed or input characters into different output word characters. Unicode has simplified writing work and has given easy excess to all users.

Unicode Nepali changes English-typed characters into Nepali characters. According to Wikipedia, the current version of Unicode is 7.0. The Unicode consortium maintains the Unicode standard. Today’s Unicode software has over 110,000 characters with 100 scripts, including the Devanagari script.

There are different Nepali Unicode download methods available. We mention here the official download method of the Unicode Nepali version.

How to type in Nepali using Preeti to Unicode

It is easy to type in Nepali now. You will no longer have to install Nepali fonts in your system and spend time on key combinations. You won’t have to memorize all the key combinations to produce symbols and special letters, either.

Internet gigs and masters have now brought revolutionary change, as with Nepali Unicode, you can get all your Nepali articles typed with ease. You won’t have to worry about how to type in Nepali any longer.

This system of Nepali Unicode lets you produce your writing in the Nepali script with the help of Romanized English.

You type the words in English just as they sound in Nepali, and you will get your text converted. Isn’t that easy and fun? So, where to get those tools?

You can find lots of websites over the internet and other applications and tools offering this service that will allow you to get your writing typed in Nepali. You can build your presence now in the Nepali language too. Things have become much simpler and more convenient. So, how does Romanized English work? Here are some examples that will make you clear about Nepali Unicode.

How to Type in Nepali

There is the best tool to type in Nepali. You can get Nepali words after typing them in English, as shown in the example below.

 Nepalma chito shanti hos = नेपालमा छिटो शान्ति होस्!

 Aramai hunuhuncha? = आरामै हुनुहुन्छ?

 sagarmatha bishoko thulo tapu ho! = सगरमाथा बिश्वको ठुलो टापू हो!

 Mero ghar pokhara ho = मेरो घर पोखरा हो!

So, whatever you want to write, be it a poem, article, story, news, or anything, you can get things written in Nepali within minutes.

Typing in Nepali has become way easier. All you need is basic typing skills in English. You will no longer need a Nepali imprinted keyboard. How does that sound?

Your problem is solved now. So, get going with your writing. Moreover, there is a translation service too that has been introduced by Google Translator, but Unicode is more effective as Google Translator mightn’t give you the words you want, and correction along with proofreading could take some time longer.

Typing in Nepali is easy. You can quickly type in Nepali with these best ideas ever known. Want your presence over the internet in Nepali? You might be wondering how to type in Nepali. It is difficult to scribe Nepali letters, but Internet gigs have brought some easy solutions.

You can use an awesome tool named Nepali Unicode converter, and with this tool, you can get the letters in Nepali and compose a massive article in Nepali script. You will no longer have to memorize the lengthy code combinations to get the Nepali letters and symbols.

What does Unicode mean?

According to Wikipedia, “Unicode is a computer industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems.

It was developed with the Universal Coded Character Set (UCS). Its latest version comprises over 128,000 characters covering 135 modern and historical scripts and multiple symbol sets.

As Unicode has helped unify and standardise the character sets, its use has become widespread and predominant in the internationalization and localization of computer software.” Preeti to Unicode converts Preeti font to a Universal coded character set.

What does Nepali Unicode mean?

Nepali Unicode
Nepali Unicode Converter

To understand how Unicode works for the Nepali language, let’s get a little into the basics and the history of computer writing in Nepali.

We input texts into the computer through input devices like a keyboard. The minimal unit of the text is the character. Internally, in the machine, the character is represented by character code in the storage devices like main memory, disks, etc.

The character code represents a different numerical characteristic of an encoding scheme, e.g., ASCII, UNICODE, etc.

For instance, the small Latin letter A- “a” character code as per ASCII (decimal) is 97. And the text is displayed in the output devices like computer screens, disks, printers, etc.

How to download Unicode Nepali

Many applications, websites, and plugins are available over the internet, allowing you to convert Romanized English words to Nepali. And you will find your query: How to type in Nepali being solved within the blink of an eye.

So, you might want to know where to find those tools that will let you type in Nepali. Just go to any search engine; you might prefer Google.

how to type in nepali

Type Nepali Unicode Converters, and you will get a list of all those websites and tools offering this service, and you will land on the location you would be looking for.

 namaskar = नमस्कार

 dhanyawaad = धन्यवाद

 sagarmatha = सगरमाथा

 sambidhan = संविधान

Among so many Nepali Unicode converters available in Google, we provide the easiest tool to convert Nepali Unicode. It helps as a Preeti to Unicode Converter.

The above are some examples of how you get your words typed in English being scribed in Nepali. I hope you got it. All you will have to do is type in Romanized form. Type in the way the words, and letters sound, and you will see the Unicode effect.

And there you go, post your articles, news, and any other piece of writing. Isn’t it really very easy to get done? You don’t need extra fonts, knowledge of code combinations, or extra effort. With basic writing skills in English, you will get your work done.

You will be able to provide your significant presence over the internet or any other medium in proper, efficient, and time-saving Nepali inscribing.

Nepali Unicode to convert English letters to Nepali

Every language with a written tradition has a script or a writing system that it follows for writing. For example, Devanagari script for Nepali, Hindi, Marathi, and other languages.

Each script consists of a character set, and we need a font for the computer system to interpret the character codes and display them on the screen. Before Nepali Unicode, text encoding of the Nepali language was based on ASCII encoding, which had a lot of disadvantages.

nepali unicode

There was no uniform character set mappings with character codes. The source and target computers needed the same font installed on their machines.

For typing, rigorous training was required. Also, the typed texts lacked processing benefits.

With the advent of Nepali Unicode, font standardisation was allocated as a separate block for the Devanagari Script in the Unicode Chart.

Along with it was the development of Unicode-compliant fonts and keyboard layouts. It has benefitted people by avoiding many technical hassles, providing various font choices, and making text processing possible.

How to type in Unicode Nepali?

Typing in Unicode Nepali can be quite a tedious task. But there are converters and many apps that help you do so. You can either enable settings on your PC to type in Nepali Unicode. Or there is another easy way. Just type any text in Roman English and later translate it using an online converter.

Type in Nepali using the phone

You can even type Unicode Nepali on your phone. Since you often require to type in Nepali font for your work, it is now easy to type from your phone. Here, I illustrate how you can type Unicode on your phone. The process may be a bit different in android Phones. Here, I am illustrating the process on the iPhone.

  1. You need an application to use Nepali Unicode. You can get numerous applications online. Find a suitable keyboard application and download it.
  2. You will have to get the app and install it later. Now only you can use it on your phone.
  3. You need to enter your Apple ID password to get access. You can even use the touch ID if it’s available.
  4. Now add the newly downloaded keyboard to your regular setting for those select settings. Then general and then select Keyboards via keyboard option.
  5. Click on the option to add a new Keyboard. Now select the downloaded app and add it to your phone.
  6. You can now type Nepali Unicode through your phone as well.

Typing in NEPALI and HINDI with old fonts like Preeti and Himali is a burden for many of us. Google has made the GOOGLE NEPALI INPUT application for computers based on Unicode to type Nepali writing in Roman.

Similarly, GOOGLE has recently rolled out a new app that allows users to input text in Hindi on their Android phones. The app Google Hindi Input also supports transliteration, allowing users to type in English and convert them into Hindi.

Nepali users can also use it for typing. (Google may soon launch NEPALI INPUT too).

The Google Hindi Input app is available on the Google Play store for Android version 2.0+. The app features a Hindi keyboard, which allows users to type and input text in the Devanagari script.

Consonants are alphabetically ordered into two pages. To navigate between the pages, users must press the paging buttons “1/2” and “2/2”. Users can select various forms in the popup by long-pressing the character key.

In the transliteration mode, users can type Hindi words in English characters, and the app will convert them to Hindi. By turning off the transliteration mode on the English keyboard, you can type in English. You can download the app from the Play Store here.

  • You have the option to install any one of two different Devanagari fonts.
  • Click on the ‘Install 1’ or ‘Install 2’ button.
  • The phone will be rebooted automatically to apply changes.
  • Check if Devanagari’s messages can be seen properly.
  • If you want to use another Devanagari font, click the alternate button.
  • The phone will be rebooted again automatically to apply changes.
  • Hopefully, the Devanagari font will be installed on your device.

Type in Nepali using Personal Computer

  1. Once you have downloaded the app from the play store, you must change a few settings on your PC. Click on the control panel and select regional and language options. This option allows you to change the language settings.
  2. After that, click on the Keyboard and Languages tab.
  3. Click on the general tab and now select the add button. This will add the new font to your setting.
  4. You will get a list of languages to select your desired language. Now save changes.
  5. You are good to go; with this, you have activated the new font you need. And now you can easily type in the font.

What is Nepali Unicode Converter?

Nepali Unicode Converter is a tool that directly converts your English font into Nepali Unicode. It is one of the easiest ways of typing Nepali Unicode. It is an online tool that gives good results. The tool will convert any Roman English typing into Nepali Unicode. Also, these tools provide suggestions and additional hints whenever you are typing any word. Out of many online converters, here is a link to some converters. These are the easiest and most accurate ones: