Nepali Unicode converter is the tool through which you can convert Romanised Nepali words into Nepali fonts. You don’t need any Nepali keyboard to type the Nepali words. So, it means you don’t have to practice Nepali typing.

Nepali Unicode is one of the fastest and most reliable tool due to which most of the people are using it. Above are the best Nepali Unicode converter sites in the internet. There are many such sites where you can convert your desired words into Nepali but the sites mentioned here are the very reliable, fast and easy to use. Just go to the web address provided and try them.

Following are the best Nepali Unicode converter

Unicode Nepali

Best Nepali Unicode converter 2

Unicode Nepali

Unicode Nepali is one of the best Nepali Unicode converters. This was started as a weekend computer science experiment in 2005. Till now, many versions have been out. The current version is V5. You can directly go to the Unicode converter by clicking on the link

Nepali Unicode

Best Nepali Unicode converter 3

Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode converter is one of the tools to convert English alphabets into Nepali. It is freely available on the internet. There is a large box where you have to type your roman characters and they get converted into Nepali instantly. There is also a keyboard with special characters which will be helpful for you if you need any special character. Just enter the address to get the Unicode converter.

Easy Nepali Typing

Best Nepali Unicode converter 4

easy nepali typing

It is another Nepali Unicode converter with lots of features and information. Like above, you have to type your roman characters and it automatically changes into Nepali font instantly. It is very easy to use. You either convert English into Nepali or directly type the Nepali font. To get this converter, go to the site

Nepali Changathi

Best Nepali Unicode converter 5


This is another powerful Nepali Unicode converter that is very easy to use. Just type or paste word by word that you want to convert and press the space bar, you will get the Nepali font instantly. Beside converter, there is also dictionary where you can know the meaning of English word in Nepali. It’s web address is

Saral Nepali

Best Nepali Unicode converter 6

saral Nepali

It is one of the easiest Nepali Unicode converters as the name suggest. Just type the word in Roman characters and press space bar. Then, at the instant, it will change into Nepali word. You can either type words or directly click on the keyboard available. is a site where you can get various important tools among which Nepali Unicode converter is one. Through this, you can easily type in Nepali font. You just have to enter Nepali romanized font in the box and click spacebar. Then, the words automatically change into Nepali font.

This is another site where you can convert Romanised Nepali font into real Nepali font. It is one of the fastest and efficient ways to convert desired words into Nepali words. Just go to the site address to open directly to the Nepali Unicode converter.