Nepal’s best selling bikes Bajaj, Yamaha, Vespa, KTM Duke, Honda, Aprilia, Ducati, Hartford, Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, Suzuki latest prices in Nepal. We have listed out the latest bikes in Nepal with prices. These days, People want to have a easy life and choose for bikes. Some people want to have stylish bike as well. It depends upon the individual interest.

Important information: If you are looking for second hand bike, you must be careful. You must Carefully Buy Second Hand Motorbike in Nepal.

bike price in nepal

Yamaha bike price in Nepal

Yamaha bikes in NepalPrice
R15 M BS6NRs. 633,900
R15 V3 BS6NRs. 524,900
R15 V4 BS6NRs. 609,900
FAZER-25 FINRs. 429,900
FZ-25 FINRs. 474,900
FZ FI V3 BS6 StandardNRs. 379,900
FZ-X BS6NRs. 445,900
FZS FI V3 BS6NRs. 399,900
FZS FI V3 BS6 DeluxeNRs. 404,900
FZS FI V2NRs. 368,900
MT-15 BS6NRs. 524,900
FZ FI V2NRs. 349,900
SZ-RRNRs. 271,900
SALUTONRs. 254,900
XTZ 150 FINRs. 569,900
Yamaha bike price in Nepal
yamaha r15  bike in nepal

Yamaha scooter price in Nepal

FASCINO 125 FI BS6NRs. 279,900
RayZR 125 FI BS6NRs. 274,900
RayZR 125 FI Hybrid BS6NRs. 279,900
RayZR 125 FI Street Rally Hybrid BS6NRs. 314,900
RayZR Street Rally 125 FI BS6NRs. 299,900
Aerox 155 BS6NRs. 474,900
RAY Z 113NRs. 219,900
Yamaha scooter price in Nepal

Bajaj bike price in Nepal

Bajaj bikes in NepalPrice
Platina 100 ES NRs. 202,900
Discover 125 Disc NRs. 238,900
Discover 125 ST NRs. 246,900
Pulsar 125 Disc NRs. 259,900
Pulsar NS 125 BS6 NRs. 287,900
Pulsar 125 NS FI BS6NRs. 287,900
Pulsar 150 SD NRs. 298,900
Pulsar 150 TD NRs. 316,900
Pulsar 160 NS TD ABS NRs. 330,900
Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS) NRs. 349,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS NRs. 391,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS FI NRs. 401,900
Pulsar 220 F ABS NRs. 399,900
 Pulsar N 160 Dual ABS BS6 NRs. 393,900
 Pulsar N 250 Dual Channel ABS BS6 NRs. 449,900
 Pulsar NS200 FI Dual ABS BS6 NRs. 4,24,900
 Pulsar NS 160 FI Dual ABS BS6 NRs. 3,86,900
 Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS BS6  NRs. 413,900
Avenger 160 Street ABS NRs. 368,900
Avenger 220 Cruise NRs. 412,900
Dominar 250 Dual ABS NRs. 567,900
Dominar 400 Dual ABS BS6 NRs. 599,900
Dominar 250 ABS BS6 NRs. 549,900
Bajaj bike price in Nepal
bajaj pulsar bike in nepal

Vespa Sooty price in Nepal

Vespa Sooty in NepalPrice
Vespa NotteNRs. 301946
Vespa LXNRs. 301946
Vespa VXL (125cc)NRs. 351946
Vespa VXL (150cc)NRs. 406946
Vespa SXL (125cc)NRs. 365946
Vespa SXL (150cc)NRs. 422446
Vespa SXL Matte (125cc)NRs. 367946
Vespa SXL Matte (150cc)NRs. 424446
Vespa EleganteNRs. 444446
Vespa Sooty Price in Nepal

KTM Duke price in Nepal

KTM 390 Duke New: NPR 999,900

Honda bike price in Nepal

Honda bikes in NepalPrice
Honda SP 125NRs. 278,900
CB Hornet 2.0NRs. 459,900
CB Unicorn 150NRs. 308,900
XBladeNRs. 352,900
CB Shine SPNRs. 286,900
CB Hornet 160RNRs. 352,900
CD 110 DreamNRs. 208,900
CB ShineNRs. 265,900
Honda Shine DSS: NRs. 265,900
Honda Shine DRS BSIVNRs. 255,900
Honda bike price in Nepal
honda unicorn bike in nepal

Honda scooter price in Nepal

Honda Scooters in NepalPrice
Honda Dio BS6NRs. 269,900
Honda Dio 125NRs. 309,900
Grazia BS6NRs. 302,900
GraziaNRs. 268,900
AviatorNRs. 235,900
Activa 125NRs. 257,900
Honda DioNRs. 231,900
Honda Scooters in Nepal

These days scooter craze among people is also increasing. Scooter has a light weight and design is better. So, boys as well as girls started the craze of scooter with Honda Dio. Tax on bike is high, so bike price in Nepal is comparatively higher. Price may change any time. So, if price is changed, we appreciate your help on updating changes of price through comment section below.

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When does bike price increase in Nepal?

Bike price of Nepal remains same all around the year but it changes after the annual country budget is announced.

Does Nepal spend a lot importing Bikes?

Buyers of two wheeler have increased exponentially in recent years in Nepal. Even though Nepal doesn’t manufacture them, Nepal spends most of its money in importing two wheeler. This definitely has negative impact in country’s economy but on the brighter side, the two wheeler helps to manage time effectively.

Can you earn money buying Bike in Nepal?

You can also earn money buying bike in Nepal using mobile based motorbike ridesharing platform like Pathao or Indrive App. It provides earning opportunity if you have bike in Nepal.

Which is the most popular Bike in Nepal?

Bajaj Pulsar remains the most popular brand in Nepal since many years. HH Bajaj under the Golchha group of companies, one of the biggest group of companies is the authorised dealer of bajaj in Nepal.

Why is bike so popular in Nepal?

Most biker knows how fun is it to ride that two-wheeler on the road. The bike has the ability to get through traffic faster. A rider should not sit in traffic for hours on end, in highly congested areas. Moreover, the bike consumes a less parking space and it is the cost-effective vehicle, cheaper in comparison to other vehicles.

What are the things to consider before buying bike in Nepal?

You must consider the mileage of bike before buying. Petrol crisis in Nepal is a common problem in Nepal. So, make a good decision and choose a bike for life time.