Buying second hand motorbike in Nepal is not a great deal if you have some concept of mechanical things inside you. But if you don’t have then it’s always necessary to take one mechanic or someone aside so you won’t be black marketed. Buying second hand motorbike also has some great benefits. The first and foremost thing is that it can really save your money. The second benefit of buying second hand motorbike is that you can really have a lot of choices of motorbikes with in a limited range of money. And the third benefit of buying second hand motorbike is that the resell value you will get could be closer to the purchased price.

second hand motorbike in nepal


The engine is very complex and majorly worthy part of motorcycle. Feel the sound of the engine close enough. Any unusual sound like tik-tik and tak-tak should not be heard. You should check the smoke of the motorbike which engine produces it. If the motorbike is smoking black then the carburetor really needs to be clean along with tuning up of carburetor must be done. If silencer pipe gives white smoke then the engine is eating you engine oil up. The bore or piston or the ring must have been damaged of the engine so don’t buy this motorbike. The third type of smoke engine gives is blue smoke. Blue smoke comes when black smoke mixes with the white that means the carburetor and the engine both are not good, so while buying second hand motorbike this type of smoky motorbike really hampers you.


If the motorbike has been in some accident then the handlebars must have been angled. Check the handle bars are straight or not.


Put the motorbike in a straight place with double stand on. Then look from behind and check the position of tires. Both the tires must be in same line.


For every motorbike you purchase the identification of motorbike in papers are done by chassis number. You must look the chassis number in blue book and check with the number that is in chassis. The numbers must be match. See if the tax has been paid regularly and see that the insurance is there or not.


The lever of the clutch must be only 10-30 mm free. After that the clutch should take action such that it releases the load of engine. If the free space is more tell the seller to change the clutch first.


Start the motorbike go around 1 kilometer; try to cover all the gears while riding. Check how soft and hard is gear. Check if some gear is jammed. After you ride the motorbikes put it in double stand and watch carefully the gearbox. If the gearbox is leaking or have other unusual aspects then don’t buy the motorbike.

second hand motorbike in nepal


In others you must check brakes, tires, rims, wheel freeness, shock absorbness, headlights and sidelights, display, speedometer, rpm meter, looking glass, chassis thorough observation, seats, air filter, chain and sprockets while buying second hand motorbike.

If you are thinking about buying second hand motorbike and you need any help please feel free to ask us. We will be providing technical support.