Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market is the first and pioneer wholesale market in Kathmandu where and customers procure their services. Kalimati Tarkari Bazaar is pioneer in fruit and vegetable retailing market. The market solely covers over 60 percent demand of Kathmandu valley. It is a choice for all kind of customers when it comes to buying vegetables and fruits. Kalimati Tarkari Bazaar was started by the then Department of Food and Agriculture under ministry of Agriculture in 1986. Since then it has been providing all kind of facilities under an umbrella. It is located in heart of the city Kalimati so is convenient to a large Population.kalimati tarkari bazaar

Kalimati tarkari Bazaar is only growing every year. There are many regular customer On one hand it has provide market to farmers to sell their products and on the other hand it has fulfilled the demand of vegetables and fruits in Kathmandu Valley. Despite establishment of many other vegetables and fruit market, kalimati tarkari bazaar holds a special place. It has provided market to various farmers.

Good thing about Kalimati Tarkari Bazaar

One of the greatest advantage of this market is that consumers get all kind of fruits and vegetables under same roof. Since its start it has always managed a good buzz. It is most oldest and preferred vegetable and fruit market in Kathmandu. Vegetables from all over the country arrive here in the market. Also vegetables and fruits from India and China is also available in the market. Consumers don’t have to move here and there to buy vegetables. They can everything in same place. Also, Kalimati Tarkari bazaar has given good income to many farmers. Farmers get a platform to sell their products. Farmers from all over the country can sell their vegetables and fruits through Kalimati tarkari Bazaar. It has provided a good market to farmers.

Weaknesses of Kalimati Tarkari Bazaar

One of the greatest weakness of these vegetables market is that neither the consumers nor farmers get good benefit. It is only the retailers and whole-sellers that are in benefit. They buy vegetables in cheap price from the farmers and sell it in high price to us customers. In this way the farmer and the consumer both have to bear loss. Recently there had been protest that this kind of market should be banned. There is a separate farmers market within the tarkari bazaar premises from which consumers can directly buy from farmers. There is no retailer and whole-seller involved. We should buy from that market instead of allowing these middle agents make profit keeping us in dark.

The market is very unmanaged. Above all the biggest drawback is non uniformity in price. Price differs as per stall and the retailers try their best to fool customers. People with good bargaining power get their vegetables in low price while others are priced high. There should be fixed rate in every stall for all kinds of customers. This is one of the biggest weakness of Kalimati bazaar that it needs to overcome. Once all these weakness are overcomed there is no way that Kalimati Bazaar fades away. It will always be Peoples first choice.