The leading telecommunication company in Nepal is Ncell. This telecom is doing a lot to make calls, SMS, and internet data packs cheaper for its customers. NCELL Voice Pack is a new scheme for its potential customer. Ncell is continuously pushing the call rate to be more reasonable and affordable to its inherent user. Due to this reason, Ncell is always bringing new voice packs and other offers to its customers.

In the same way, they also have provided various offers during festivals and other celebrations. Different voice packs are available in the Ncell to make a call from Ncell to Ncell at a very cheap rate. Ncell has various range of voice packs to choose from. By subscribing one of them, users can talk to their nearest and dearest ones at a very low rate, which is as cheap as 7 Paisa per minute.

How to activate Daily, weekly, monthly, 3-day voice pack

ncell voice pack

You can check the suitable voice pack from the provided pack. We can check the available voice pack by dialing *17118# or 17118 from your Ncell SIM. The different voice pack that is available in Ncell are listed below.Dial *17118# from your Ncell phone or call 17118 from your Ncell number to get a voice pack in ncell.

Ncell is the first private mobile operator in the country, which started its service in 2004. It is now one of the leading service providers after Nepal Telecom. Starting with the aim of becoming the best private mobile network in Nepal for Nepalis living in the country, it is a well-known brand in Nepal.

During its inception in 2004, Ncell gained millions of customers in a few years because of its service. It was really famous in its first years of operation as well. The attractive schemes and offers were the reason behind this. It was well known for its coverage and attractive schemes.

Recently, Ncell couldn’t perform well in the market, which definitely brought down the business a bit. But now, Ncell has been taken over by the international group Axiata and is coming up with different schemes to fight its way back in the market.

Axiata is a multinational group that operates in ten countries with 25,000 employees and around two hundred and ninety million subscribers. Ncell is now a part of the Axiata Group Berhad, one of Asia’s leading mobile operators. With its new partnership, Ncell has come up even more, stronger with different offers like Ncell data pack, Ncell voice pack, and Ncell offers.

Coming to today, Ncell does have a good mark on its customers. In the article, I have listed the daily, monthly, and weekly Ncell voice packs introduced by Ncell and the procedure for activating them. The Ncell voice pack included in the article is extracted from the official website of Ncell. For more information, please visit the official website of Ncell:

Ncell has introduced a new Ncell voice pack with more minutes and affordable rates. There are daily, monthly, weekly, and 3-day voice packs. You can choose a voice pack that best suits your needs and can enjoy them at a rate as lower rate per minute. The data packs can be used at any time of the day. There is no constraint on its use. I have listed the complete subscription method in the table.





Daily Rs.11.49 12 1 day
Daily Rs.15.32 22 1 day
Day pack Rs.8.94 35 5 am – 5 pm
Unlimited Day Rs.15.32 720 5 am – 5 pm
Night pack Rs. 8.94 120 10 pm – 6 am
Unlimited Night Rs.12.77 All night 10 pm – 6 am
Unlimited Hour Rs.17 60 1 hour
3 days Rs.31.92 55 (per day) 3 days
3 days Rs.48 75 (per day) 3 days
Weekly Rs.62.57 75 (per day) 7 days
Weekly Rs.95.77 100 (per day) 7 days
Weekly Rs.71.51 125 (per day) 7 days
15 days Rs.191.54 125 (per day) 15 days
Monthly Rs.204.3 425 (per day) 30 days
Monthly Rs. 306.46 720 (per day) 30 days
Monthly Rs.381.79 150 (per day) 30 days
Ncell Voice Pack

How to activate the Ncell voice pack?

To get this data pack all you have to do is dial *17118# and follow the instruction.

Ncell International voice pack

Ncell has not yet introduced Ncell voice pack India and Ncell voice pack international. Voice pack works only for Ncell to Ncell voice pack. This voice pack is also called the Ncell voice pack unlimited. The Ncell night voice pack has also been introduced to ease customers.

Daily Voice Pack

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the voice pack that you need. One of the voice packs that is provided by Ncell to its customer is the daily voice pack. Daily voice packs can be used to call any time of the day. In the daily voice pack, we get 22 minutes of talk time for Rs. 15 which (including tax). It means 0.7 Paisa per minute, including tax, and the pack validity is for 24 hours. To get this daily voice pack, you need to dial *17118# and tap 1, and again tap 1. You can use it straight once the package is activated, and it can be used to call from Ncell to Ncell.

Weekly Voice Pack

The other voice pack that is available for the Ncell customer is a weekly pack. A weekly voice pack can be obtained for Rs.62.57, which includes tax. This pack can be used to call from Ncell to Ncell number at any time of the day, which can be used for 7 days from the time of activation of the pack. In this pack, the cost per minute will be 58 Paisa, including tax. In a weekly pack, we get 75 minutes of talk time for Rs. 62.57. Well, to get this voice pack, you can dial *17118# and tap 2, and select 1.

ncell Nepal

Night Voice Pack

Ncell has made the cost of the call so cheaper that we can talk to our beloved one for an unlimited time. For your nearest and dearest one to come closer and speak for a long time. Ncell has bought a new daily night pack. Night daily packs can be acquired for Rs. 8, including tax, and you can get 120 minutes of talk time. According to this voice pack, the cost per minute in a daily night voice pack is 7 paisa per minute, valid for 24 hours. To get this daily night voice pack, you can dial *17118# and select 3, and then choose 1. The daily night voice pack can be used from 10 pm to 6 am.

Day Voice Pack

Like a daily night voice pack, there is also a daily day voice pack. This can be bought for Rs.11, including tax, and you can get an 11-minute talk time, including all taxes. This daily pack can be used at any time of the day to make a call. In this pack, the cost per minute is Rs. 1 per 1 minute. This minute can only be used to call from Ncell to Ncell number. *17118# and select 1, and then choose 2.

In the same way, there is another daily voice pack available in Ncell for its customers who really love to talk on the phone. They can get this voice pack for 22 minutes for Rs. 15.32. The available minute can be used to speak from Ncell to Ncell number from 5 am to 5 pm, and this is valid for 24 hours a day. To select this voice pack, one can dial *17118#, tap 4, and then select 1.

Monthly Voice Pack

There are various voice pack that is available in the Ncell network. The monthly voice pack is also one. In the monthly voice pack, the validity of the pack is 30 days from the time of its activation. The monthly voice pack can be bought for Rs. 204.3, and you can get 425 minutes per day which can be used to call any time of the day. It is easy to get a monthly voice pack; we can dial *17118#, select 5, and choose 1.

Three-Day Voice Pack

The other type of voice pack available in the Ncell for its customer is 3 days pack. Three days voice pack can be activated for Rs. 31.92, and you can get 55 minutes to make a call from one Ncell number to another Ncell number. This voice pack is valid for 3 days from the time of activation. To get this voice pack, we can dial *17118# and select 6 and then 1.

A Ncell customer can choose either voice pack according to their convenience and whichever suits them. If you are spending more time talking on the mobile phone during the daytime during office hours, then you can choose a daily or monthly voice pack.

But if you are spending more time on the phone talking to your loved one at night, you can choose the night pack and make a call after 10 pm and continue talking to your loved one or anyone with whom you want to speak the whole night.

You can buy this voice pack by using Ncell prepaid SIM from authorized Ncell pos from VFT from the nearest Ncell center and can enjoy the different voice packs of the Ncell network.

Ncell election-Data and Voice packs

Customers can choose daily, weekly or monthly packs according to their needs. Under this, they can get 24 hours of unlimited data and 40 SMS packs on all networks in Nepal for 48 rupees, including tax. For this, the customer needs to dial * 17123 *25 #.

Similarly, it is said that one GB all time data and a 100 MB (bonus) data pack will be available for Rs 29.

Likewise, customers can make calls to any network at affordable rates under the voice service using the All Nepal Voice Packs. Customers can renew this pack’s 500 minutes of All Net calls at Rs 265. This pack can also be purchased through the Ncell app and website.

The company also says that customers have the option of an Endless Chat Pack for on-net calls. It is said that a total of 875 minutes of on-net talk time (125 minutes of on-net talk time every day, up to seven days) will be available for 95 rupees.

Ncell Axiata has introduced election-targeted data and voice packs