Many people have a question on the process of getting NEA 3 phase electricity from NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority). Many people are asking us if it has some eligibility criteria.

Nepal Electricity Authority provides electricity to homes, industries, organisations and businesses. The only body that supplies electricity throughout the country is NEA.nea 3 phase

I see many people asking questions like can we add a new NEA 3 phase line in a house already having a single phase line or just convert it.

I am writing this post to make everything easy so that you do not need to waste time for getting someone to help you on NEA 3 phase connection.

The normal time duration for the whole process is two days. You can have 3 phase line in your house within a week. The maximum duration that it can take is around a week.

Documents needed for single line to 3 phase

You have to take all documents like ghar ko Lalpurja, naksa pass documents, kar tireko documents, current meter readings and current electricity phase, other personal documents.

  • House paper
  • Blueprint
  • Tax receipt
  • Current meter reading
  • Current electricity phase
  • Your personal information

NEA 3 phase line Application procedure

You need to fill form in NEA office and clarify them why you need NEA 3 phase. I suggest you to take a photo of your meter box. It has information like current meter reading and current electricity phase.

You need to apply form for NEA 3 phase line. After filling the form, you need to explain them you need 3 phase line. You also need to tell them about the device that consumes high power so that you needed 3 phase line. NEA will send their representatives for inspection. After that u will need to apply for a meter box.

It can take time depending upon the availability of load transformer in your required area.

You will have 3 phase line in your home within 1 week.

Please note that NEA 3 phase lines consume high power. That is the reason, you will have more bill readings in your next month bill. The main reason of NEA Loadshedding is by the consumption of high power.