How to renew Bluebook in Nepal?

How to renew Bluebook in Nepal?
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Bluebook/Billbook (“Sawari Darta Pramanpatra”) is the logbook that contains complete information about the vehicle and its owner that is registered in the transportation management office. It is used for paying the vehicle tax. Vehicle tax is the tax that you need to pay to the government for using any vehicle. For the registration of your bluebook, you have to pay the custom of NRs. 200 to 1500 depending upon the type of your private vehicle. The payment varies for the rental vehicle. You have to renew your bluebook yearly. The vehicle tax has to be paid within Chaitra, last month of Nepali calendar. It is important to renew bluebook in Nepal on time. If it is not renewed within three months of its last date, you will be fined as per the rules.

Vehicle tax in Nepal

Renewing your bluebook also includes paying your vehicle tax for the next year. All the works related to renewing Bluebook in Nepal, applying for the new license, license renewal and anything related to transportation department is carried out by the Department of Transportation and Management (DoTM) in Nepal. DoTM was established in 2041 B.S. to manage the transportation system in Nepal which had the main objective to provide safe, reliable and convenient transportation services for carrying of goods and for people to travel from one place to another.

pay Vehicle Tax Nepal
pay Vehicle Tax Nepal

To renew bluebook, you have to spare some time to visit the transportation office. There is a transportation office in each zone. They are: Mechi (Charpane), Koshi (Itahari), Sagarmatha (Lahaan), Janakpur (Janakpur), Bagmati (Ekantakuna), Narayani (Birgunj), Gandaki (Pokhara), Lumbini (BUtwal), Dhaulagiri (Baglung), Rapti (Tulsipur), Bheri (Banke), Karnali (Jumla), Seti (Dangadi) and Mahakali (Bhimdutta). These are the where the transport offices are according to zones. Recently, three transport offices have been opened in Bagmati zone due to the huge pressure in Ekantakuna office to provide the services to a large population. New offices have been opened in Thulo Bharyang (Swayambhu), Jagati (Bhaktapur) and Sukedhara Chowk (Chabahil). Now, you can renew your bluebook from these offices as well. More transportation offices are to be opened in the future.

Steps to renew Bluebook in Nepal

While renewing your bluebook, you also have to do mandatory third party insurance for your vehicles. To pay your tax and renew bluebook, follow the steps below:

renew bluebook in Nepal
renew bluebook in Nepal
  • Visit the transportation management office respective to you.
  • For the third party insurance to renew your bluebook, there are insurers outsides the building.
  • You have to pay the yearly charge from the counter. Stand in the line. When your turn comes, give them your bluebook. They will calculate the amount for you, and you have to pay there. If you want to know the tax beforehand, then you can get the information via SMS as well. Type VTAX(space)(vehicle no) and send it to 4321. For e.g.: Type VTAX ba37pa399 and send it to 4321. You will receive the vehicle tax for the respective vehicle.
  • Take back your Bluebook, your payment receipt and insurance papers. Submit it to another window where “Bluebook dine thau” is written.
  • They do the necessary works inside. From the next window, your vehicle no. will be called out. You have to go and take all your documents back and check if everything is in the place.

Thus, your work for a year is done.  If you are too busy or do not want to stand in the queue for your bluebook renewal, there is a professional line-sitting company called Mr Help that will help you renew your bluebook completing all transport formalities. You can go to to check out for the services.

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