SEE examination has just now ended. Now, what next? The answer is a bridge course after SEE. After completing the SEE examination, students get almost two months’ holiday to relax from the intense pressure they had gone through throughout the year. Many students use this valuable time to learn something helpful asset for the near future.

Bridge course after SEE exam

While more than 70% of students attend bridge courses for entrance preparation and know what they will go through in the upcoming two years. Bridge course provides good help to prepare a student who wills to study in top colleges and helps them achieve scholarships in a different aspect to make them easier financially. Bridge course after SEE continues up to when students get their SEE result.

SEE Bridge course (plus two bridge courses) is an educational system for a short period where students can fill the academic gap between the low-level education and higher-level education system; here, the low-level education system means schooling.

There is a vast educational gap at the school level, and the higher-level education system and bridge courses can act as an essential path for guiding the students to achieve their goals.

After finishing the SEE examination, most of the students spend their time involved in unnecessary activities, which leads them to the wrong path in their lives. We have listed the best things SEE students can do to improve their holiday. If students are involved in bridge course after SEE, they will not get enough time to worry about things, and they can focus on their studies. Bridge courses can even act as a pathfinder for the students to choose the right study option as their interests and ability.

What is a bridge course?

It is the program or institution which acts as a bridge between Grade 10 and 11 and builds a common understanding of the courses of grade 11. There are multiple institution and agency which provides such education through a different experienced teacher. Bridge course after SEE is one of the most useful ways to spend your three-month vacation.

Popular courses are offered on the Bridge course.

All the compulsory subjects listed in the Grade 10 course of different faculty are taught in the bridge course. The students who are willing to take the science stream or look after taking that in Grade 11 will be taught some significant subjects.
Most educational institutions provide bridge courses for all the faculty, but some provide limited courses.

Advanced Science

Science is the most challenging course in +2 of NEB Nepal Board. One must have a primary and fundamental concept related to the topics. Deep understanding is required, and intense focus to grasp the knowledge.

Therefore, this Bridge course after SEE offers the students the best and limited knowledge to do better in +2. It also helps in entrance preparation to get into top colleges in Nepal with scholarships as it is said that top colleges ask a few questions in the entrance examination from the Grade 11 course.

Subjects taught on Science Stream are
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Biology
– Mathematics
– English

Advanced Management

After the Science stream, a high majority of students join Management Stream to pursue the path of Business and Management. These courses also offer them to grasp fundamental concepts related to the topics.

Subjects taught on Science Stream are:
– Mathematics
– Accounting
– Economics
– Business Studies

For A – Levels

A-Levels is one of the advanced courses which recently was introduced In Nepal. It focuses on academic subjects rather than vocational ones. A-levels let the students choose their favorite subjects and courses as per their wish. It also has high international recognition and provides a step-up value over other courses.

Bridge course helps the students with basic knowledge and admission to renowned colleges and universities like St. Xavier.

Subjects taught on Science Stream are:
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Biology
– Mathematics

Bridge course For PCL Nursing

PCL nursing stands for Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing. After completing SEE, students can directly pursue PCL nursing, which is a three-year course. A certificate of “Registered Nurse” can be obtained after completing PCL nursing from the Nepal Nursing Council.

PCL nursing provides a strong foundation for the upcoming nursing studies. It helps in entrance preparation, and if done well, students can achieve scholarships in PCL nursing colleges as medical fees are at their peak.

Bridge course for Overseer Engineering

Overseer is the part of engineering which provides a sound knowledge of the civil engineering course. It is a 3-year course. It consists of 6 semesters of 6 months each.

Taking the overseer course will open the door for different engineering paths such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Overseer is an excellent course to take, and a step ahead has high scope in Nepal.

Bridge course for Overseer helps the students to prepare for the entrance examination. The duration of the bridge course is approximately 5-7 weeks. Preparation for the entrance examination is early time means a higher chance of getting admission to a well-esteemed and reputed college. One can get a scholarship to a top university.

Bridge course institution in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the education hub of Nepal. Many renowned and prestigious colleges in Kathmandu have multiple bridge course institutions. If you want to study in Kathmandu, you can do a bridge course as it is more competitive than any other city.

  • Cambridge Institute
  • SEI Institute
  • NIMS Institute
  • Orbital Education Foundation
  • Pathshala Education Foundation
  • Smart Educational Academy
  • National Institute For Competitive Exam
  • Alfa Beta Institute

Many educational institutions in Kathmandu offer bridge course programs for students.

Bridge course institution in Pokhara

  • Intel Institute Pokhara
  • Leads Educational Academy
  • Best Bridge Institution
  • Fame International Education

Online Bridge course

After the recent COVID–19 pandemic, many things have shifted online. Now, there is numerous institution providing online bridge course facility.

MiDas Class – Simplifying Learning

MiDas Class is a learning and teaching platform. It has numerous videos and interactive courses that provide students with effective learning.
Now it is providing online bridge course services through its app or zoom platform. One can subscribe to the package and can learn sitting at their respective home.

Is a Bridge course necessary?

In my opinion, the Bridge course is not compulsory. As discussed earlier, the bridge course builds a strong grasp in the courses of Grade 11 on any stream.

Bridge course is best for those who are willing to get admission to reputed and prestigious colleges. Bridge course helps in the entrance preparation of the students. They take a mock test every week or month to make the students familiar with how the entrance examination is taken and so on.

Bridge course also helps you find out whether you can study the stream you have chosen. Many students go after the trend of selecting popular subjects of high value in society. E.g., Advanced Science. If you take the science stream without any understanding of the courses, you might encounter a massive problem soon. Therefore, Bridgecourse helps to know your capability. If you cant digest the basic knowledge, then Science is not for you. The same goes with Management or any other faculty.

Here are some reasons for taking the bridge course after SEE exam.

  • Bridge course became one of the unavoidable parts for the SEE appeared students, for those who wish to bring a kind of positive change in their academic career, from the different parts of Nepal.
  • Utilize the post SEE gap for the foundation; prepare them to compete in the tough entrance tests of their dream colleges.
  • Motivate them to compete with other best students from well-known schools.
  • To be successful in the tough and competitive entrance examination and increase the chance of getting a scholarship at college.
  • Sharp their knowledge from the basic level of study and prepare them for entrance.
  • Smooth transition from school to college.
  • Meet a new genius friend circle who can be our future colleagues.
  • Habituate students in a college environment before the real classes in college.
  • Bridge course is beneficial for all the students, but it’s up to students how much they benefit from the class.

Should I join the bridge course If I am willing to join Science Faculty?

If you are willing to take Science, joining the bridge course will be great for you. It will help to grasp the basic concept and make you familiar with the words and definitions. Being familiar with the system means it will be much easier to understand the topic after joining college.

SEE Bridge course after SEE exam

A Bridge course is a gateway that helps to connect the students with previous courses and new courses. As Science is one of the most popular streams in our society, many students take Science without any research. It is also hard to pursue as there are many scientific terms, and it needs major hard work.

Therefore, Bridgecourse helps you to know your capability and if you can pursue a science stream or not. Before taking any step further, a deep understanding of the situation is essential. Many follow the actions of their friends or family.