EDV 2025 Diversity Visa Program opens at 9:45 p.m. NPT on October 4 and closes at 9:45 p.m NPT on November 7. Electronic Diversity Visa often called EDV is American diversity visa lottery program announced every year. It is the most popular lottery program that is widely accepted by Nepali community. Thousands of Nepalese apply every year for the EDV program.

EDV 2025 Nepal Dates

In this fiscal year 2025, USA selects 55,000 people from different countries for the EDV program. A maximum of 7% of the total visa of 50000 (i.e. 3500) is given to each country eligible for the program. In 2020, the total number of EDV winners from Nepal was 4097 which includes the principal applicants and their derivatives.

Edv Electronic Diversity Visa 2025 Details For Nepal

Program NameDiversity Visa Lottery 2025
EDV 2025 Opening Date in Nepal9:45 p.m. NPT on October 4
EDV 2025 Last Date in Nepal9:45 p.m. NPT on November 7
EDV Websitedvprogram.state.gov
Information neededName, DOB, Photo and more
EDV Result 2025 DateMay 4, 2024

Why EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) in the USA?

The American government started this lottery to increase diversity in the United States of America. EDV provides an opportunity for people to work and live in America legally for a desired period of time.

Looking for submitting an application for EDV program for the year 2025? Wait, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

EDV Eligibility Criteria

The first requirement is to be the citizen of the eligible country. And, good news is that Nepal is in the list of eligible countries.

The eligibility criteria for Nepali to apply for the program are listed as:

  • The minimum age limit to apply is 19 years.
  • Intermediate level degree, which is obtained after completing two years of high school and ten years of school


  • Vocational degree, including CTEVT equivalent to the High school degree.
  • The applicants must provide a medical certificate regarding mental and physical fitness on selection.

How to apply EDV 2025 online from home?

EDV, which is known as the electronic Diversity Visa for the USA is open to certain countries every year. It is a type of lottery as the selection is made randomly from the total applicant from all over the world. To apply for EDV 2025 is completely free and there is no charge at all while applying for the EDV lottery form.

EDV 2025 form submission starts on October 4.

If you meet the criteria that are provided by the USA then anyone can apply for the EDV, and it can be done from home.

Filling out the EDV form is a very easy process, and it can be completed within 15 minutes. In the process of applying for the EDV, it seems challenging to meet the standard criteria for the photo as we all may not be the professionals in taking and making the photograph that is suggested by the EDV lottery department.

Submit your Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form (E-DV Entry Form or DS-5501), online at dvprogram.state.gov.

How to Apply DV Program 2025 ENGLISH Infographic
How to Apply DV Program 2025 ENGLISH Infographic from Official Website

Key Points to Remember while submitting EDV 2025 Form

Electronic Diversity Visa
  • READ THE DV-2025 INSTRUCTIONS: DV-2025 Instructions can be found at travel.state.gov
  • Only use U.S. government websites for real DV-2025 information. Real websites always end with “.gov.”
  • FILL OUT & SUBMIT ENTRY: Enter between 12PM (EDT) on October 4, 2023 and 12 PM (EST) on November 7, 2023. Applications can be submitted online at dvprogram.state.gov. If your name is entered more than once per season, you will be disqualified.
  • KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER: Make sure you keep the confirmation number at the end of your entry and don’t share it with anyone.
  • ENTRANT STATUS CHECK: Starting May 4, 2024, use your confirmation number to determine whether you have been selected via Entrant Status Check, available at dvprogram.state. gov/ESC.
  • You don’t have to pay anything to enter. Be careful of people who say they can help you if you pay them, or if they want to do your application for free.
  • Use a new photo, not an old one. Using an old photo will make you disqualify.
  • Each person can only join one time in a DV season. If you try more than once, you can’t join.
  • List your husband or wife and all kids under 21 years old, even if they’re not coming with you. If you make a mistake or leave them out, you might not be able to join, even if you’re chosen.
  • Remember, getting chosen doesn’t mean you’ll get an interview or a visa. It’s just the first step.

Information Needed to Submit EDV 2025 Form

When you start filling up the form, you need to provide these details on the form. Remember to provide correct information while submitting the form.

NameCountry of BirthPhone Number (Optional)
GenderRecent PhotographEmail Address
Birth DateMailing AddressHighest Level of Education
City of BirthCountry where you resideCurrent Marital Status

How much EDV cost?

EDV form fill-up and application submission process is free of cost if done by yourself, but there are many consultancies in Nepal that provide the service with a certain charge. Actually, those consultancies earn a good profit in just one month of the registration process. E spot Nepal is the leading consultancy in Nepal that provides the service. For those who want to fill up the EDV for 2025, here are a few tips that may be useful:

  • EDV form can be filled online free of cost, and upon the opening of registration, the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs publishes a detailed procedure. You can follow the procedure and fill up the form by yourself.
  • The official EDV website provides a convenient and easy registration facility so it is rational if you don’t pay extra money to various consultancies.
  • If you fill up the form through consultancies make sure that the consultancy will fill up all the right information and check it in your presence.
  • You can fill up and submit your application only once; multiple entries will be disqualified. However, if you aren’t selected for the current year’s EDV, you can apply for next year.
  • You should apply for EDV from your birth country, not according to where you live or your PR status.

How is EDV result 2025 Published

EDV always publishes the result in May each year. It is the USA DV Green Card Lottery Program in which almost 55,000 people are eligible for a green card scheme in the United States.

The edv selection process is random and is a kind of random draw by a computer system. EDV is an annual program by the US government.

Applicants can check the EDV result on May, 2024.

When does EDV 2025 open and close

The 2025 EDV Diversity Visa Program opens on October 4, 2023 at 9:45 PM Nepali Standard Time.

The EDV 2025 program closes on November 7, 2023 at 9:45 PM Nepali Standard Time.

DV lottery 2025 eligible countries

Most of the countries except Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, The People’s Republic of China (including mainland and Hong Kong born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Venezuela, and Vietnam are in the list of eligible countries.

DV lottery 2024 ineligible countries

Nations that are ineligible for EDV 2025 are Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, The People’s Republic of China (including mainland and Hong Kong born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is edv 2025 opening date in Nepal?

EDV 2025 program opens at 9:45 p.m. NPT on October 4 (Nepali Standard Time).

Is edv result 2025 published?

No, EDV result 2025 publishes on May 4, 2024.

Do we get edv result 2025 Nepal name list after result?

No, the only way to check EDV result 2025 is by using Entrant Status Check, available at dvprogram.state. gov/ESC. Official website never publishes name list of EDV winners.

When is Edv 2025 result date in Nepal?

EDV result 2025 result date is on May 4, 2024.