National Examinations Board of Nepal NEB

National Examinations Board of Nepal (NEB) has officially started its operation. Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) was transformed into National Examinations Board under the eighth amendment of Education Act, 2073. All the operations previously handled by then HSEB will now be under the operational responsibilities of NEB. HSEB previously managed higher secondary schools operations and permission along with the scholarships. They shall now be managed by Department of Education. Meanwhile, curriculum development and related operations will be controlled by Education Development Center. National Examinations Board will now control the examinations of Grade 11 and Grade 12 along with the examinations of Grade 10. NEB will also be responsible for conducting Grade 8’s examination in district level and managing Grade 10 examinations in regional or provincial level.

By the provisions of the Education Act, National Examinations Board of Nepal will be responsible for regulating and controlling the school level examinations in Nepal. Moreover, it will also be the controlling body to standardise examination system in the school level in Nepal. Unlike HSEB, NEB has now been introduced as an important body responsible for the education development in the nation as per the Education Act. NEB has started functioning under their new seal as well as documents. Moreover, all the fixed and current assets of HSEB have also been transferred to National Examinations Board.

The Board in NEB will include members in the following designations:

  • Chairperson (1)
  • Vice Chairperson (2)
  • Members (7)
  • Member Secretary (1)

NEB Rights, Responsibilities and Duties

Following are the rights, responsibilities and duties of the National Examinations Board of Nepal

  • Responsible for working for the policies drafted by the Ministry of Education
  • Monitoring and evaluation of School Education Examination standards and controlling to enhance the quality
  • Planning and implementation of long-term plans for the board
  • Evaluate and permit the Board’s annual budget and programs
  • Manage necessary funding sources for the smooth functioning of the board
  • Preparation of term and annual report to the ministry
  • Controlling of other duties as defined

NEB Offices and Operations

The office that HSEB previously worked from has now been NEB’s central office. NEB has been conducting all of their operations from the office based at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. NEB is regulating the examinations of Grade 11 and Grade 12 via Examination Controllers Office. Similarly, NEB is also controlling the examinations of Grade 10 with Examination Controllers Office.

The board is issuing certificates to the students from its central office as well as its district offices. The certificates include board’s stamp along with the statement of attesting that states “The certificate has been issued by the National Examinations Board under clause 41 (2) of the Education Act (8th Amendment), 2073 B.S. (2016 A.D.)”.

national examinations board nepal
national examinations board nepal

National Examinations Board Working Area

National Examinations Board’s working area has been extended. NEB will control the examinations of Grade 10 as well as the examination that will be taken at the end of secondary education. As per the new amendment in the education act, Grade 11 and Grade 12 also come under secondary education level.

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