Best Nepali Unicode converter

Following are the best Nepali Unicode converter: Unicode Nepali Unicode Nepali is one of the best Nepali Unicode converters. This was started as a weekend computer science experiment in 2005. Till now, many versions have been out. The current version is V5. You can directly go to the Unicode converter by clicking on the link […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Entrepreneurs of Nepal

Binod Chaudhary When it comes to an entrepreneur in Nepal, Binod Chaudhary name stands in rank one. He is the first Nepalese to be listed in Forbes magazine as Nepal’s first billionaire. Born on 14 April 1955, he is the chairman of Chaudhary Group that has nearly 80 companies. Chaudhary Group product Wai Wai noodles […] Continue reading →

Five Bad Habits of Nepalese people

Nepalese are the most hospitable people in the world. They are very innocent. But as no one is perfect in this world, they do have some bad habits. They need to replace these bad habits by a good one. Here are the top five bad habits of Nepal. Superstition belief One of the main bad […] Continue reading →

Cyber Law of Nepal

Cyber law is the law that governs the legal issues related to the use of the internet. Similarly, it also includes other communication technology like intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression and jurisdiction. Since there has been a rapid development in the field of technology, a cyber law has become an essential part to control […] Continue reading →

Top 20 Nepali books (A must read)

Palpasa Café It is one of the most famous and successful novel in the Nepali literature. It is written by Narayan Wagle. It’s a story about an artist, Drishya during the civil war in Nepal.     Karnali Blues Karnali Blues is written by Buddhi Sagar which tells a story about a young boy who […] Continue reading →

NSTB (National Skill Testing Board)

NSTB stands for National Skill testing board which was established in 1983 as Skill Testing Authority (STA) in Nepal. STA was the first to establish a system of occupational classification, development of skill standards, testing skills and certifying based upon the guidelines of Asia Pacific Skill Development project/ International Labor organization. Later on, in 1989, […] Continue reading →

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest?

When it comes to climbing Mount Everest, it is really is an ultimate challenge for the climbers and adventurers. Ever since Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first conquered this highest peak of the world in 1953, more than 4000 have successfully climbed this summit while hundreds have given their life. Each year in […] Continue reading →

Is Nepal a secular country?

Nepal has been declared as a secular state under the new Interim constitution promulgated on January 2007. The interim constitution has given freedom to practice one’s religion without any barrier. Now anyone can practice any religions without any restrictions and pressure. Before the interim constitution, Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom. However, the country never tried […] Continue reading →

Is Nepal a developing country?

According to UN classification, Nepal is categorized in the least developed countries (LDCs). As the country could not reach the threshold, it could not get ranked up from least developed to developing country. As there seems to have no progress overall, Nepal has failed in development. Though the government of Nepal has targeted and claimed […] Continue reading →

Is Nepal a third world country?

During the cold war, a group of countries like USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, western European nation & their allies was along NATO and they were called First World. Similarly, there were other countries like Soviet union, China, Cuba and their allies along Communist bloc and they were called Second World. And there were the […] Continue reading →