Top 10 Shopping Mall in Kathmandu

It was the time when you have to go either in Asan or New road for shopping. There were no other better shopping centres. Now, the scenario has changed and you can go for shopping in almost all the parts of Nepal since there has been recently built large numbers of shopping centres. Now, you […] Continue reading →

Top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal

Well, shopping used to be going to a market and buying the products in Nepal. In some factor, it was a fun but in another factor, there used to be so much hassle like choosing the right place, buying the good one, bargaining for prices and finally carrying them to home. But, now the scenario […] Continue reading →

Top 10 famous prizes in Nepal

Nepal government has been providing the prize for the person who has been doing something great for the sake of the country and people of Nepal to motivate them and to honor their works. Well, not all of them get the prizes but those who really deserve and are strongly dedicated to their works get honoured […] Continue reading →

Nightlife in Pokhara

After Thamel of Kathmandu, the another town which is best for nightlife in Nepal is Pokhara. In fact, Pokhara is one and only city in Nepal where you can experience a real nightlife and night out. There are so many nightclubs in Pokhara which is opened till midnight. Local boys and girls are found dancing […] Continue reading →

Night life in Kathmandu

When we talk about Nightlife in Kathmandu, then one word strikes in our mind. That is Thamel. Obviously, Thamel is one of the most favorite tourist places due to which this town is awake whole night while whole the city is in deep sleep. Thamel is only the best place in Kathmandu where you can really […] Continue reading →

Natural resources of Nepal

Any resources that exist on this earth by nature are called natural resources. They are like water, air, soil, forest, minerals, and sunlight. The existence of life is possible on earth due to the availability of these natural resources. If these resources were not available, the life would not have been possible in the earth. […] Continue reading →

National symbols of Nepal

Nepal was declared as a federal democratic republic of Nepal on December 28, 2007. After that, the government of Nepal has declared its national symbols. Here are the brief descriptions of national symbols of Nepal: Bird Lophophorus is declared as the national bird of Nepal. It is famously known as Daanfe in Nepal. It is […] Continue reading →

How to transfer money from Nepal to India?

Transferring money from Nepal to India was once a very tough task. There were not so effective methods to send money to anyone of your relative residing in India. The only way was to send along with a trusted person but that was a risk too. But the scenario has changed now. There are various […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Models of Nepal

Here are the top 10 models of Nepal: Shristi Shrestha Shristi Shrestha was crowned Miss Nepal in the year 2012 and the same year, she represented Nepal in Miss World where she is the first Miss Nepal to reach quarter final. She was also able to be in the top 10 dancers in Miss world […] Continue reading →