Note: Sarathi Cab seems to be no longer in operation. Their official website was not working on date 26.09.2023.

Sarathi cab service is a special service in Nepal. It provides cab service in Nepal. It is easy to call sarathi cab.

We all are busy and always on our toe. It is hard to get around to places. Taxi or cab is a great way to get you around. But the pricing, negotiation, and bargaining is such a pain. In fact, there are numerous times when the price is too high and the driver refuses to provide you with the service unless its the price they demand.

Also, it is not possible to find a taxi when and where ever possible. Sarathi is the company that claims to be able to solve all these problems. It has more than ten thousand cabs solely in Kathmandu.

how to contact sarathi cab

For now, Sarathi cab is available only in Kathmandu and will soon launch its services in other cities as well. Since its inception, Sarathi has been able to gain customers’ trust. There were similar services previously but they could not sustain the market for long but no Sarathi cab has been doing good.

Sarathi allows not just ride booking, but leasing, car renting and car-sharing as well. You will no more have to search for hours to get a cab, no more bargaining or no more dealing with arrogant drivers. Just call for Sarathi and your riding partner will be there for you.

We often hear of cab services in abroad countries. Let’s not go far, there are many cab services in India as well. The cab services are reasonable, easy and fast. We also wish for similar cab services in Nepal as well but there are not much. Even though there are some services they have not been able to make a mark.

What is Sarathi Cab?

Well now, we have Sarathi. It is one of the most effective cab services in Nepal. It is a platform that aims to fulfill a need for a dependable and reasonable transportation service for daily purposes.

The best thing about Sarathi is that they go on a meter. That way you will always pay reasonably. Thanks to entrepreneurs Ravi Singhal and Prakash Neupane who stated Sarathi back in May 2020.

sarathi cab service in nepal

Seeing the present scenario of Nepal and the growth in population, the team thought that the present taxi owners have not been able to serve the needs properly. You have to wait for hours for a taxi and above all have to bargain with the cab driver to charge as per meter.

Even though Nepal Government has strictly given an instruction that all taxis should go on meter we can barely find such taxis. They realized that there is a need for reliable cab service in Nepal and this business can provide them with good results.

Sarathi provides meter taxi service

There is an authentic by the meter system via the government which is no longer or hardly ever used. Every time taking a taxi is all about being able to negotiate and prices can sometimes be unfair to both the driver and the customer with having more than 20 cars being owned.

Sarathi commences and expenses by using the meter, which is of course with no doubt appreciated by the driver and acknowledges the driver and their hardship. By making it convenient and taking the trouble away from the taxi proprietors.

Sarathi focuses and aims to provide their service mainly on the clients living in Kathmandu and also the rapid growth of the middle class. The founders of Sarathi are an excellent team of successful Nepali entrepreneurs.

How to call a taxi using Sarathi Cab

The way to actually be able to use this service is easy. Sarathi is now developing a mobile application that can be downloaded in both IOS and Android and is used by both the client and the drivers. It’s a simple app that can be used as a medium to contact the drivers, ask for the service and also maybe online payment through the app. After downloading you have to first register or create an account.

After that, you can request your service through an app. You will require an internet connection to do the process. After that, you can pay digitally using Esewa or through cash after service. You can also give feedback on the service you received. The way you can ask for the service in the app is that the app will display a map, where it will ask you for the location you want to go.

You need to turn on your GPS, where you can send them your current location and also the location you want to reach.

sarathi cab service in nepal

Calling the Sarathi cab with your phone

You can directly call for Sarathi. Here is the number: +977-1-4217171. Just call for your Cab and your cab will be there in a few minutes. You can pay through online payment or can directly pay it to the Cab Driver. Also, you can also email Sarathi at their email address. The email address of Sarathi cab is info[a]

Calling through Sarathi App

Recently the team Sarathi have started their app service. With this, you can call for a taxi using the app. They have finally launched the app and hope that this will definitely help customers. You can download the app and can use it easily to call cabs. Follow the steps below to follow the App.

  • Sarathi App is available for both IOS and Android. It is available in the android and app store.
  • Here is a link to the app: The app is still in its preliminary phase so it may be unstable.
  • Once you install Sarathi on your phone, you can call for taxis in a go, whenever and wherever you are.

How to use the Sarathi App

Using the Sarathi app is quite easy but you need to have the Sarathi app on your smartphone. Also, you need to register for Sarathi. You can register with your phone number.

First, you will have to send SMS to Sarathi to get a unique code. You can make your account there use the service further. With a simple internet connection only, you can make an account and request for your cab.

The cab driver will locate you through GPS and be there in no time. You can pay direct cash to the cab driver or you can pay digitally. The choice is yours. The app is still in its initial phase so we don’t have detailed information.

We will definitely update you with more information in the coming days. Enjoy your ride on Sarathi! This is totally safe and convenient. Stay in touch for more articles like this.

Sarathi mobile application for Android and IOS

But currently, the app of Sarathi Cab is still on the development process and for now to use this service you have to call the call center. So basically, call the call center (01-4217171) and request for your cab/ taxi. Although the app is down, there will still be GPS installed in the taxi, which will be tracked to ensure that the best service is given and also have the proper information and for safety purposes.

Sarathi is a spin-off and new revolutionary service that is now introduced to Nepal. In the USA, they use similar services such as Uber which resulted in being very successful and widely used.

Application Download- Android: Sarathi Android Application
IOS: Not available
Phone Number: 01-4217171

We often hear about the cab services they have in developed countries. We heard about uber, ola, taxify. We wish if there was something similar in the Nepali market as well. Sarathi cab service is here in Nepal. There are more than a hundred and thousands of taxis in Kathmandu valley only but we often find it difficult to get a taxi.

And also, how can we forgot the deal we need to make with the arrogant taxi drivers. How you search for taxis and bargain with the taxi driver to go as per meter. When the government has already specified that all taxis should run on meter. We rarely find taxis that agree to go on the meter.

Well, the solution to this problem has been given by the Sarathi taxi service. Similar to uber and any other taxi service in the world, Sarathi cab services provide you with a taxi a call away. And moreover, all the taxis run on meter. You don’t have to deal with taxi drivers. Sarathi cab services look after your safety and comfort. Just give them a call and they will be there within some minutes.

How to contact Sarathi cab

Sarathi is a platform that aims to fulfill the need for a dependable and reasonable transportation service for daily purposes. It was started by entrepreneurs Ravi Singhal and Prakash Neupane in May 2020 realizing the need for transparent cab service in Kathmandu.

Numbers : +977-1-4217171

Email : info[at]

For now, they just work as per your call but very soon they are about to launch Sarathi app. After then, you can download the app and book your taxi from phone. For now, just give a call and Sarathi will be there.

Sarathi is basically a platform where all taxi drivers are brought together and the traditional service is blended with a modern market model to create the most value to all the parties involved. Previously, all the parties including the drivers, taxi owners, and customers had to face their own problems but now Sarathi tries to eliminate these issues.

What makes Sarathi cab so unique

For customers

  • Easy and timely  service
  • No bargaining and no overcharge since all the taxis go on meter
  • You can pay via cash, card or wallet
  • 24/7 service
  • Friendly and polite drivers
  • Safe and secured

For taxi drivers

  • Quality of life since Sarathi pays cab drivers a fixed salary
  • Respect for their profession
  • Secured life
  • They get familiar with technology and can make themselves better every day

You can pay Sarathi cab online using eSewa account.