Education is the most crucial part of life, and more is SEE result. If you are waiting for the SEE result, you must know the SEE Result importance. Nowadays, getting an educational degree has become one of those additional basic needs of people. An educated person is more informed and can make better decisions and choices in his/her life. If you are educated, then you are viewed differently in your society. With your conceived education, you can serve a better purpose for your society and your people. An educated individual is the core of an educated country.

Nowadays, it has become a popular proverb among Nepalese youths that a single sheet of paper can’t determine your whole future. If you have great plans and ideas, you can come up with a different startup, become an entrepreneur, and succeed.

You may have listened to the speech of great people ( like Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Bill Gates, etc. ) that good result is not important; you can become successful even without good results. But after all, if you look closely, you will find that no person is successful alone. They are successful because engineers, software developers, managers, doctors, and lawyers work in their firms. If you stop passing exams with good results, the world will lose its one successful engineer, a successful manager, and a successful personality.

You are entirely wrong if you think the SEE examination is useless and does not determine your future. SEE is also called Irongate, as it determines your destiny. It determines whether you will be walking on the bright or sad path. It determines whether you can achieve your childhood dream of becoming a renowned doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, etc.

After completing SEE with good marks, thousands of doors in your career will be open, as today’s world is all about competition. Millions of students dream of studying in renowned colleges in Nepal or abroad. The fun part is if you score a high GPA in SEE, many top colleges will knock at your door to study in their colleges.

SEE Result Importance

From the typical Nepal household, we all know the happiness around the family members after completing an examination. Your SEE result is not only your happiness but also your family. Every family wants success from their son/daughter. With your perfect GPA, the reputation of your family will climb ladders. They will be proud of what every son/daughter wants.

Completion of SEE also means you are mature. Now, you must decide by yourself, and all those decisions will determine your future. You can’t achieve happiness and satisfaction if you walk in your parent’s path. You will always be clueless and might walk in the wrong direction. This result determines your position with other competitors. You will learn how to tackle each stumbling block that appears countless times. Problem-solving and decision-making skills are the essential skills you will learn and work with to achieve success. So, Don’t miss these things to do before SEE Result and after SEE Exam.

In Nepal, the SEE result is one of the most important determinants of academic life. SEE result defines your academic performance. It determines how good a person is at attaining and utilizing the information provided throughout the year. After completing almost 13 years of schooling, you come to attend the SEE board exam. The courage to participate in the SEE board exam was one of the hardest things you have faced. The moment to get your SEE result is the moment that will determine your whole future and shape it. Some important reasons why the SEE result is essential for you are listed below.

Secure Future

Your good SEE result means your good future life. You will find that good results will earn a lot for you in today’s life. You need an exceptionally brilliant result to survive in today’s competitive world. After you have completed SEE with good grades, thousands of doors have opened for you. You can quickly get seats in your desired colleges for further study with better grades.

The renowned institutions will knock on your door to invite you to their colleges. Some will pay for your photographs to be pasted in front of their college. With a better result, you won’t have to wait to get college seats as other low-grade students will do. According to Nepalese law, SEE is the minimum qualification you need to be a government servant(officer).

Future after SEE exam

The Beginning Of New Life

With the completion of your SEE exam with good grades, it’s the end of half of your study life. With that thirteen years of long school life, now is a relief. But at the same time, you realize that from now onwards, you need to start your life again differently from here.

According to the new system, compulsory subjects like Social, Nepali, English, etc., will be compulsory after the SEE. But you will have the chance to choose between Science and Management sectors. In most cases, you will be in a dilemma of choosing Science or Management.

Beginning of New Career

Take it simple. If you can improve continuously and have the capacity to struggle, then you can take Science because it is much faster than Management studies. On the other hand, if you study less and love to live an open life, then you can choose Management. Since it’s starting your new life, design it better so you won’t regret it.

Reputation In Society And Family Happiness

It’s a famous tagline in Nepalese society, SEE pass gare ko choro/chori. This means you are a grown-up child if you have cleared your SEE exams. Your family starts distributing Laddu to society when you have secured good grades. Your mom cooks new dishes, cooks meat, brings sweets, and many more. This means your good performance in SEE is directly linked with family happiness, the increased reputation of your family, and your family status.

Reputation in society

SEE result is the source of joy/sorrow for your family. With your result, you create your value in the eyes of society. If you secure an A+ grade, then, of course, you are viewed as a first-class personality. But with achievement comes more responsibility.

Self Evaluation And Positioning

The SEE result is significant because this directly determines your success in the academic sector. It defines your mental capacity of how well you can organize things you have learned and apply them when needed. Results define your position among your other competitors. It tells you where you stand and how well you are academically.

After your SEE result, you can also evaluate yourself and take corrective actions to improve yourself. On the other hand, nowadays, there are many programs conducted in Nepal after the SEE result in which the students securing good grades in the SEE exam are honoured and provided scholarships.

Job Opportunities And Self Dependent

SEE is the minimum qualification you will need to apply for any job post in Nepal. However, now the government plans to extend the school level up to class 12. This means you will require a class 12 degree to apply for any job. But this rule is not implemented yet. There are lots of things you can do after the SEE examination.

After the completion of your SEE, you will find that you can apply for many jobs in the private sector too. For jobs after the SEE exam, you can visit many job websites in Nepal like,, and where you can find a number of vacancies announced by the companies, and you can apply for the job that meets your qualification.

Job Opportunities after SEE Exam

Also, with your completion of SEE, you are meant to be self-dependent. You should not knock on the doors of your parents or relatives for small problems. You should develop problem-tackling capacities. Now you are no more a child in the eyes of your parents/society.

Empowerment And Social Development

An educated society is an educated nation as a whole. As drops are core elements for the ocean, similarly educated people are the core elements for social development. After your completion of SEE, you are assumed to be more educated.

You apply your education for the betterment of your society. When you start being involved in society, you meet many new people, get to know their experiences, and as a whole, start feeling more empowered. On the other hand, a girl’s completion of SEE is a great achievement for a girl child.

Many organizations in Nepal provide scholarship programs to girls in rural areas so they can attend school-level education and empower themselves. Women’s empowerment is taken as the core for the development of any nation. It is a popular proverb,” If a mother is educated, then the whole family becomes educated”.