After being a SEE graduate, selecting plus two colleges is one of the most stressful parts of your life. You jump with joy sharing your happiness, and all these words strike your mind. A new question arises now, ‘What after SEE’? You are a grown-up man and woman now! So don’t get worried while selecting a new college.

It’s a tricky matter of choosing colleges. Dedicated study-oriented students choose the best colleges in the town and prepare for the entrance examination. Few students wish to have their life like a free bird after their SEE and look after less strict colleges. You are just fifteen or sixteen years old, so you need to be dedicated to your studies. It’s not the time to lose discipline as well as education.

Choosing a college is a challenging matter. Many students look after their company to join college together. It’s not a problem with it. But a good selection of colleges is needed after SEE.

Wisely Select Plus Two College After SEE

Here are a few tips on choosing colleges after SEE.

  • Choose colleges having good plus two results.
  • Choose colleges that have a good reputation for discipline
  • See the name of teachers teaching there and gather knowledge of teachers. You can ask seniors about this matter.
  • See College tuition fees. Colleges having high college fees can not always be said as pretty good. Colleges having mild fees are also the best. See your financial status, too, before selecting colleges.

Decide what you want to study.

As soon as your SEE exam ends, you’d better start thinking about which subject you want to read. If you are interested in solving mathematical problems or you enjoy hanging your mind on accounting. You may have fun practising mass speaking; you may enjoy journalism or want to join science. The choice is yours. Decide which field you want to join.

Decide what you want to study after SEE in Plus Two

What type of college you are searching for

You may take note of what type of college you are willing to read. You may look for a friendly and peaceful college environment, the best lecturers, and your faculty courses and programmes conducted at the college. Be sure you are looking for the right college.

Do a research

There are hundreds of colleges around your area. Don’t be shy to search for the best one with all the programmes and facilities you’re seeking for. You may take all information like job placement, market reputation etc.

Discuss with your parents.

You cannot get admission to any college without your parents’ permission. So you must discuss the colleges you or your parents have selected. Study all the details you guys have chosen.

Study fee structures and college locations

Taking information about fee structures makes your parents easier to figure out a budget. Also, know where your college is located at. It may be difficult for you if it’s far from your home. So take all the required information which will surely help you to narrow your choices.

fee structure of colleges in Nepal

Make a college visit with your guardians.

It is very necessary to visit the colleges you want to study with your guardians. They can take the necessary information about that college. You should also watch the past students’ results and other information. Also, don’t forget to watch libraries, labs and classrooms.

Apply for several colleges you have selected.

You may not get admission to every college you desire to read. To apply for more than two colleges as you may be rejected from any of those colleges. Be prepared for your entrance exams. So you need not get worried in case you will be rejected from any of those.

Don’t Regret After Selection

Once you select your college and get admission, don’t start regretting it. Always think that you’ve made a perfect selection. Study best and be sure you’ve made the right decision.

College selection is very important. Your one step will decide your future. So don’t follow rumours. Research yourself and make the right choice. Remember that colleges themselves are not always perfect. Students are the ones who make it. So the future is yours. Give your best!