Many students have completed SEE . Your years long school days are finally over and now you have 3 month vacation. You must be wondering what to do n these three months. You don’t want to spend this time by just staying home all day with your phone and getting bored.  If it was a month long vacation you could do that as well but it is three months long vacation and you can’t waste it by doing nothing. There are so many things you can do . Here are few things you could do in this three month vacation :

man staring at white sky taken at daytime

 Start preparing for higher studies

 It is not easy to move to higher studies from school level. The course is much vast and there are difficult courses so may be in the vacation you could prepare for your higher studies. There are many tuition classes all around the valley that prepare you for further studies. And above all since there is very tough competition in getting admission to good college. So I suggest you to  join entrance preparation class for the entrance examination. Top colleges like Saint Xaviers and Prasadi academy conduct entrance examination for selection so make sure to prepare for this examination. These courses are also known as bridge course because they fill the gap between school level and higher studies. That’s why rather than spending it doing nothing you can join bridge course and entrance examination for better future.


And of course you have worked so hard for the SEE, so when it is finally over you need to relax and enjoy the time you have. You can travel to the places you have always wanted to. Make plans with your friends and family and head out to your dream place. There are so many places you could go to namely Pokhara, Mustang, Rara, Manang, Jiri and so on. Make the most of this time rather than regretting it in future.

Apply for internship                         

 There are so many organizations and companies international and national, you could apply for internship in those companies. Anyone will hire you because you are willing to work for free . why would you want to work for free ? You have completed school and its time you learn professional skills, with internship you can learn team work and can know how the organization works. Above all you will meet different people, make new friends, your communication skills will develop and also your network will widen.   Therefore doing an internship is great use of your vacation. Don’t miss this opportunity and apply for your dream organization . Sharing my experience, I did internship in NGO during my SLC break and believe me it was very much productive for me. I got opportunity to meet amazing people. I had opportunity to dine with many high ranking government officials.  Thus I suggest everyone to do internship,  it will really help build your skills.

Build your skills        

Your skills are what makes you apart from rest of the world. So in this time you can build your skills in join music class, dance class, personality development class or anything you wish to do. You could join music class and train your vocals or even learn a new instrument. It is something you will cherish forever. There are courses available and you can join them . You never know you may end up doing this for your whole life. There are opportunities in this field as well. Even if you don’t want to do this professionally, you can do this to simply build your skills.

Continue with your hobby

You could join dance classes. It will not only refresh you and allow you to make new friends, you will be more fit as well. Other than that ,you can learn hosting, if you are good at this you will be able to make some money later. You can try modeling if you have interest in that field as well. You can learn photography, cooking, art and so many things. So the point is don’t waste it doing nothing enroll yourself in some course and learn a new skill.

Learn driving

Driving is the basic skill in today’s world so you could think of learning driving . You could learn riding and get a license.  We all know how tough it is to travel in public buses in Nepal and now you have grown up and actually have time to learn, why not do it ?  If you get good grades in SEE then you never know your parents may gift you a brand new motorbike or even a car.

Take up some sport

Sports are integral part of our life. There are so many sports you could learn in this leisure time. You can take swimming classes, basketball or football. In Nepal as well there are so many options available in sports. Find something that interests you the most and excel at it. You could learn wrestling, judo, karate, Football, Basketball, tennis and much more. These skills will be with you all your life and you may even take it to professional level.

Self defense classes for girls

And girls can take those Self defense classes that can really be beneficial. With so many cases of rapes and sexual abuse in country, a girl got to have Self defense skills. And certain skills like swimming are must have for everyone. So make the best of your SEE break with these sports.

Learn a new language

 Imagine being able to speak some exotic languages as in French, Spanish or Arabic. There are so many language centers that help you learn these languages . Enroll in those centers and learn a new language. You can then flaunt it proudly to your friends. You can even learn these courses online as well. But problem with online course is that you get bored eventually and then you will ditch the course. So my suggestion is to join some language center where you have to pay money. This way you will be regular and learn the language quickly. And other advantage of joining the institute is you will make new friends.