The best method of checking NEB result is online through the internet. It is free of cost and you do not have to spend money for this. You can go to the official website ( mentioned by NEB Nepal and check NEB result online. You can get your result along with your mark sheet. This is why, NEB result online is the best method to check result.

NEB publishes grade 11  and grade 12  management result, science result, arts result, education result, humanities result. You can check all NEB results from this page.

neb result 2079

National Examination Board NEB Nepal is handling the higher secondary level of studies in Nepal. Primary Level is commonly called for grade 1 to 5, Lower secondary is commonly called for grade 6 to 8, secondary is commonly called for 9 to 10, Higher Secondary is commonly called for grade 11 to 12. On this article we are talking about the NEB result Nepal. This article focus on the ways of getting result.

NEB consists of 856 higher secondary schools till date. NEB maintains the education system for 10 + 2 level in the country. NEB Nepal is always dedicated on maintaining its standard of education for higher secondary level. NEB main office located at Sanothimi Bhaktapur is maintaining the curriculum for grade 10 and grade 11.

neb result

NEB results grade 11 and grade 12 is out. Get your NEB result online with mark sheet from here.


Where is NEB Result?

NEB publishes result online through the internet website www neb gov np. People all around the globe can access NEB result just by putting their date of birth and their symbol number. There are few websites which publishes result of NEB. There are few other ways to check result out. These includes SMS technique. NTC as well as NCELL users can use a unique SMS syntax to get their NEB result on their mobile phone.

How to Check NEB Result?

Where is NEB Result?

NEB result is Online on www neb gov np

All NEB results including NEB management result, NEB science result, NEB arts result, NEB education result can also be checked online for free. There are lots of NEB result websites for result check. is the official website to check result. NEB official website (www neb gov np) publishes result for students. You can check result from official website

neb results www neb gov np

Another fastest way to check NEB examination result online is Nepal Telecom website ( This website provides NEB grade 11 and 12 result online with mark-sheet.

Nepal Telecom result website ( is another best online medium to get your NEB grade results online.

NEB result by SMS

Nepal Telecom NEB result check: This simply cost 1 rupee only. Type NEB<space>symbol number send it to 1600.
Miracle Infocom NEB result check: Type NEB<space>symbol number send it to 2333.

  1. Go to your message box and start typing your symbol number. You need to send it to 1400. This service is provided by Nepal Telecom. It is the cheapest sms service ever available to check NEB result.
  2. There is expensive service too. We recommend using cheap service mentioned in step 1. Go to your message box and type NEB<space>symbol number. You need to send it to 5001. This service is provided by Janaki Technologies also known as sparrow SMS. This service cost 5 rupees without tax. Better try step 1. (New update: NEB<space>symbol number).

NEB result by IVR service

Dial 1601 from Nepal telecom and follow the instructions to get your NEB result.

The easiest method to check result is simply dialing 1601 from your Nepal Telecom enabled phone. You can dial 1601 from PSTN landline phone as well as from NTC postpaid or NTC prepaid cell phone. Many students want to know how to check result of NEB from CDMA phone? The answer is Yes, this method works for CDMA phone too.

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NEB result result check is easy. You can follow steps mentioned above to get your result with mark sheet. NEB provides transcript, migration certificate only after 15 days of NEB result publish. If you found any mistake on your name and address, you need to notify district NEB office within 3 months.

These are the ways to check NEB results. We have already discussed the ways for result check by online websites, sms services as well as 1601 service. Students can easily get result with this helpful information., a reputed online web-portal wishes good luck to every student who have appeared NEB examination for their good result and for their better career path.

What is National Examination Board (NEB)?

National Examinations Board Nepal (known as NEB Nepal) is the governing body for the higher secondary education. It co-ordinates, administrates as well as regulates functioning of all the higher secondary levels of schools throughout the nation. When it comes to higher secondary education in Nepal, grade 11 and 12 are the level known as higher secondary.

There has been a separate body to govern the education policies, regulations as well operations till grade 10 also known as SLC while, NEB takes command for grade 11 and 12. In higher secondary level, students get to choose to faculty they want to pursue for higher education. Meanwhile, the course structures also narrow down as the number of subjects decrease from more than 8 to just 5 subjects in a year. NEB result is nearly to be out.

NEB Nepal has made realization about the importance of smooth education regulation and system operation so; it has its own plans, policies and objectives that have been enabling this body to be efficient till the day. There are still some concerns and criticism but the body has remained intact with their operations. As per the education system of Nepal, higher secondary education is considered as the foundation for the future career.

Students pursue faculty based on their area of interest. They have options: Arts, Education, Science, Management, Humanities that open large number of job industries based on their education and competency. Higher Secondary Education Board is dedicated in providing quality education in higher secondary level to prepare students for further studies and pursue better career.

Educationalists as well as child psychologists have felt that the age group around 17-18 is very sensitive and it requires lots of care, control and procurement. And the international education practice considers this age group within the school arena. So, with common consent and concern for providing disciplined environment of the schools rather than that of the universities because of their sensitive age factor, NEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) was established. This act of introducing two more school years (11 and 12) did enable the educationalists as well as the stakeholders for proper planning, administration and pedagogy.

Being concluded in consensus of introducing Higher Secondary Education Board for optimum efficiency and effectiveness in higher schooling level, Higher Secondary Education Act came into effect in 1989 A.D. Despite of having own functioning body, NEB Nepal runs under the supervision of Ministry of Education. The assembly consists of board led by Honorary Education Minister. The current assembly of Higher Secondary Education Board has Honorable Mrs. Chitralekha Yadav as the chairman. Meanwhile, Mr. Chaitanya Prasad Sharma has been designated as Vice Chairman. The assembly has 22 members.

The members of the assembly are Mr. Bishwo Prakash Pandit, Mr. Suman Prasad Sharma, Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan. Prof. Dr. Shiva Haru Marahatta, Prof. Dr. Meheshwor Man Shrestha, Mr. Khagendra Prasad Bhattarai, Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharly, Prof. Dr. Kailashnath Pakurel, Mr. Kali Prasad Pandey, Prof. Dr. Jay Raj Awasthi, Mr. Nanda Kuman Kunwar, Mr. Anil Kumar Jha, Mr. Ghanashyam Pathak, Mr. Mohammad Yunus Kha, Mrs. Bimala Panta, Mr. Gokul Baniya, Mr. Baburam Adhikari, Mr. Deepak Raj Subedi, Mr. Bauwala Shah, Mr. Ganapati Nath Jha, Mr. Anil Kumar Kediya and Mr. Narayan Prasad Koirala as the Member Secretary for the assembly.

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Responsibilities of NEB

The Higher Secondary Education Board has numbers of responsibilities and functions. The board grants approval for +2 schools. The board also develops and revises curricula and textbook materials for 11 and 12. NEB is responsible for conducting examinations in regular interval as per the academic calendar and also for publishing NEB result. NEB Nepal awards certificates to Higher Secondary graduates. NEB continuously supervises and monitors all the higher secondary schools throughout the nation to ensure effectiveness in their education, proper functionalities as well as better NEB result.

NEB Nepal is continuously looking for educational development. Hence, they bring on new education plans, innovations as well as development strategies. It is responsible in implementing plans, programs for development and improvement of +2 schools. In an overall view, NEB is responsible for everything related to Higher Secondary Education, concerned stakeholders and all the operations.

Higher Secondary Education Board Nepal (NEB Nepal) operates with some core objectives. It is dedicated in preparing students for the professional world. It is dedicated in preparing students for acquiring middle level manpower requirements in different fields so that they can cope with the competitive world and sustain themselves for least. NEB also aims in preparing students for higher education and professional disciplines.

NEB wants competitive strength, patriotism, discipline to develop in the students so that they can add themselves as productive manpower and human resources for the nation. This will help them to shape their own as well as the nation’s future. NEB believes in equality in education and opportunities and it is adapting a system of reducing disparities based on region, ethnicity, gender via opportunities and empowerment. Students, children are ambassadors of society and NEB has objective of empowering them with all the etiquettes required.

As per the year 2076, NEB is governing 3,659 high schools. It really has huge responsibility of assuring smooth education environment throughout the nation especially when it comes to dealing with youths at critical age. For effective functioning of the board, NEB has some major functioning divisions.

There is a Curriculum and Training Division led by Heera Acharya Acting Joint Secretary. Office of the Controller of Examinations looks after all the concerns and works of examinations and related stuffs. There is Affiliation Division. NEB has Planning & Evaluation Division too with Administration Division administering all the operations in overall.

NEB has realized performance lag due to centralization so, it has 11 regional offices helping in timely and efficient operations. NEB has offices in Dadeldhura, Dang, Lahan, Dhangadi, Nepalgunj, Butwal, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Hetauda, Janakpur, Biratnagar.

National Examinations Board (www neb gov np) has developed curriculum and faculties trying to cope with the need and demand for higher education as well as the professional disciplines. Students of +2 choose faculties based on their interest as well as confidence. In each of faculties, they get to choose subjects for specialization too that shall help them in determining core paths in the future ahead.

NEB Result class 11

NEB result is published. Check your NEB result class 11 online with marks of an individual subject. NEB result is very important for further studies. National Examinations Board Nepal publishes NEB result annually.

NEB result class 11 is easy to get online with mark sheet. No matter wherever result is available, NEB result is easy for everyone to check out. NEB result is officially published by NEB board of Nepal (www neb gov np) which conducts, examines national level education system.

neb result class 11

NEB result mark sheet is available with very easy techniques. NEB students might not know the real way of getting a result. So, this special NEB guide will help them prepare for a result. Besides online, NEB result is available through various other means like SMS system and IVR system. Strictly telling, NEB result is best to check online because you can get your result with mark sheet.

NEB result mark sheet is available on various websites. Students need to get into result publishing websites to get their score. Students must be aware of these facts to get result easily. NEB result mark sheet can be easily checked from NEB website and NTC website officially.

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So, students need to be alert on choosing the websites to check for a result. Most of the websites online provide a good information and guidelines to check result. Students can visit those websites to collect out resources available for reference purposes.

National Examination Board (NEB Nepal) publishes grade 11 result (class 11 result).

NEB Nepal publishes result over the internet and sms system. Students can get result on landline also. We describe the ways of getting NEB result on the article mentioned below.

Its a turn of NEB result mark sheet. After providing different guidelines and valuable information, continue reading to get result websites.

We have already mentioned these very important websites which provide results.

NEB students will be able to get their NEB result mark sheet after reading this article. If you still get confused, use our comment section below the post so that we can guide manually.  You can get numerous guides for NEB on the page.

NEB Result class 12

National Examinations Board (NEB Nepal) publishes grade 12 result (class 12 result). Grade 12 Exam was conducted four months before. Grade 12 examination is published on website. NEB Nepal official website is where class 12 result publishes.

Students need to enter their class 12 symbol number to get results. Students can see NEB result marks of all subjects in the official website (www neb gov np).

As soon as Grade 12 NEB result is out, you can check result online on the link mentioned below. Students can also use SMS service for getting NEB result. Process for checking NEB 11 result, NEB 12 result is similar. So, you need not get confusion on these things.

neb result class 12

Finally Grade 12 result has been published by NEB. To view result with marks, you need to follow following steps

Take out your mobile phone
Type NEB<space>YourSymbolNumber and send it to 1400.
Example: NEB 121212121A and send it to 1400

NEB supplementary Result

NEB Supplementary result publishes on official website of NEB NEB retotaling result also publishes on

NEB (National Examinations Board Nepal) publishes NEB supplementary result. Students can check supplementary exam result going to official website (www neb gov np). In this way mentioned above, students can check their NEB supplementary result online.


You can find NEB result online on www neb gov np. To get more ways how to get NEB result online, you can continue related articles that are on this website. We have included numerous ideas to get NEB result. NEB is a key to success. NEB Nepal publishes NEB result online with marks.

This page helps students who have appeared NEB examination and guides them to check result easily. If you wish to share this valuable information with your friends, you can use social sharing icons below to share it. Sharing is always good as all your friends can know this valuable information.

These are the important points to remember.

  • National Examinations Board publishes NEB result and www neb gov np result is official.
  • NEB result can be checked from online, sms service and IVR service.
  • There are lots of ways available to check result. You can simply send a single message to get your result. You can get NEB results online as well as by SMS service.
  • From website result checking method, you can get mark sheet as well. It’s free.
  • To get your result in your cell phones, Syntax for NEB result check is important. Type NEB <space><ur symbol no> and SMS to 1600. It’s not free.

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