All of us have dream job that we want to do. In fact the reason we are studying is somewhere because we want to get our dream job. But it is very tough to get dream job. There are so many competition in market and there are so many people who want the same job. In Country like Nepal, it is very tough to groom yourself to the point you get your dream job.


Job search in Nepal

It is not very easy thing to do. Many companies hire very experienced person so for beginners with less experience it is even more harder to get good job. In Nepal,  there are very less well paying jobs and in such cases you often end up in a job that pays very less compared to what you expect.  Having good income just from a job is very tough in Nepal but also there are few jobs that pay you quite well.

You have to train hard, make yourself worthy for the job and then only  you can get your dream Job. In a country like Nepal, where Nepotism exists in offices it is even hard to land in your dream job without connections.

Tips for getting the right job

But if you are determined and have the right skills, there is nothing you can’t do .  The trick is being employable or sellable so that the employers will feel your need. In the article I am listing few tips to prepare yourself for the dream job. These tips will help you get your dream job.

 These tips are no magic that you will get job any time soon. You may have to work hard for years until you finally get the job. So before starting the article let me tell you that these tips require time and dedication.

 Focus on your studies

If you are a graduate students and often think of your dream job, then make sure to focus on your study at the moment. There is no way you can get your dream job without good grades. You will have to stay focused in your studies while pursuing them. Don’t get distracted by other things just focus on you studies, grades and how you can improve them. This is first step that you should take as student. While you study also make sure to work on your leadership skills and confidence. Take leadership is college projects and learn to have faith in yourself.

Build you skills and improve your resume

A resume is the first thing that the employer sees about you. So remember you need o have a good resume, Your resume speaks for you in preliminary job screening so you need a strong resume. When I say strong resume, I don’t mean adding fake things to it. Update your skills and make your resume strong. If you have graduated right after you may not have good working experience so use your skills or even internship experience to stand out among the rest. Follow the recent style of making resume. You can search online on how to make your resume effective. Having a strong resume is first step to your dream job.

Build connections

 I have stated the term Nepotism ahead as well. Only good resume can’t get you a job but it is very important for you to build connections. It is one of talent you should have,  you should met new people and build connection with them specially people related to your field. For instance if you want to work in the modeling industry, meet models and related people.  That way you understand the industry better and at the same time build connections that may help you later on. You can make networking via linked in as well. Linked in is great site to meet and be familiar with professional of diverse field.

 Job search process

   Once you have acquired the right skills and experience for the job. It is time for you to start searching for job. Job search is important part of finding a job. Many people don’t spend much time in job search and end up no finding the suitable job. You can find job openings in newspapers, in job posting sites as in . Jobs, and so on. You can also find job openings in the respective website of the companies.

 When you find the suitable job that matches you interests and at the same time the job you are qualified for. Don’t apply for job that you are under qualified for. You will end up depressed and frustrated. I have seen many people doing so. If you apply for the job you are qualified for, there are high chances  you will get called for interview.

 Facing the Interview

If you do everything right, then there are chances you get called for interview. You can now use your confidence and leadership skills to impress the interviewers. The purpose of interview is to check if you have the skills listed in your resume. People often lie in resume and end up not getting the job later.

If you have been called for interview then your resume has worked and you have skills required for the job. The only task now is to prove them that  you are more of what your resume speaks for.

 Tips for interview

  • Appear with confidence. Confidence is the key when it comes to interviews. If you have not lied in your resume there is nothing to be afraid of .
  •  Dress smart and arrive on time. Make sure to arrive in time for the interview. If you arrive late then it will leave negative impression on the interviewer. Other important thing is to dress smart. You can wear formals and even go with little make up . Make up and dressing smart will boost your confidence.
  • Be patient while answering the  questions. Remember you have already passed the first stage so there must something in you that not many people have. So be patient while answering the questions. Don’t panic and stay focused.
  • Be polite while approaching the interviewer. After the end of interview as well, don’t forget to kindly thank the interviewer for giving you a chance.