The latest notice by SEE board of Nepal is that SEE result 2076 (2076) is published today on Ashar 12, 2076. All students are requested to read this article to check your result. It may take more than a few hours to publish the result on our website.

Many students are searching for the result. Students have a query on when is the result of see 2076, 2076 ko see result when come, nepal see result, when show the see result 2076 will published, how to check see result, latest news about see result 2076, how to get see result 2076 online, see ko result. People have been searching these keywords these days. So, to provide them with a definitive introduction about SEE, we have posted this article, which consists of each and every aspect of SEE.

SEE result 2076 is published. More than 4 lakh students result has been published. SEE result was previously known as SLC. So, many students still search SEE result 2076 and only a few searches for SEE result 2076. Anyways, our main intention of this post is to let the student know how to check SEE Result 2076 online.

SEE result 2076 is easy and is not as complex as people think. SEE result 2076 guide will guide step by step to any students for their help. SEE result 2076 is out on Wednesday 20th of June 2019. So, you must know this SEE result check help guide.

You can check SEE Result 2076 of Nepal with marks, percentage and grades. Office of SEE exam controller has fixed the week of publishing SEE Result 2076. It has been said officially by Exam controller office that SEE Result 2076 will be published on Ashar first week. It is good news that SEE result is being published on time. Publishing SEE result on time helps students to apply for further colleges on time.

In our previous post, we have discussed the ways to check SEE result 2076 using online methods and SMS methods for free. If you have missed our previous post, you can read it anytime.

SEE exam routine 2076

see routine 2076

Filled with anticipation, sometimes you are just too eager to check your result. And the more convenient and faster the merrier. In this article, we are going to show you how can you actually check your SEE result.

(Best way to check result) You can also check SEE result 2076 online or by SMS:

SEE result 2076 is available on different websites. Some are useless and some are nonsense, spam and unverified websites. They are crying like a child for one month about the result notice and often they tell result will likely be published today. Briefly talking about Wap Nepal, Wap Nepal is a genuine website and is registered under the rules and regulations of Nepal Government. Hence, we follow each and every rule before proceeding to any activities.

When is SEE result 2076

SEE result 2076 is going to be published in the first week of Ashad. All papers have been completed checking and mark calculation process is going on. Last time SEE examination was quite faster than this time but SEE examination department has decided to publish a result on time.

This time, 4,19,352 students are appearing to SEE examination 2076 on regular and 1,46,735 are appearing private SEE.

We hope that SEE Result 2076 will be published soon so that all students can decide their future soon. If you are searching for a result of SEE, you can visit numerous SEE related materials throughout our website.

SEE result 2019 is ready. You can download your result with marks, percentage, grades. You can get more information on SEE result 2076/2019 on the related pages below. These links cover up many details on SEE result which includes ideas and tips to get SEE result.

Students are waiting for SEE result marks and planning for their future. Currently, Students are busy deciding their field of study. After completion of SEE, students get lots of opportunities on choosing courses, choosing faculties. Even students are choosing colleges for further studies in this free time.

You can check SEE result from this website. We regularly update this page providing information on SEE result 2076/2019.

Please check this page regularly to stay connected. You can get SEE result by SMS or online as per your wish. For these all ideas on SEE result, you can carry on with our available resources on this website.

How to check SEE result 2076

You can check SEE result 2076 in three different ways. One is to obtain a result online through different websites. Usually, publishes SEE result regularly. Likewise, another way to obtain the result is through SMS service. The next method is called IVR method in which SEE result is checked with the help of PSTN landline phone service.

These interesting result check mediums have made SEE result much easier to check. Lastly, if you have any problem with SEE result check, you can comment on your problem in the comment section provided below. We will guide everyone with easier steps to get result online.

We guaranty that many result publishing websites get slower that day. Telephone (NTC) networks will be quite busy. You might Dial 1600 for hours from your landline PSTN.

SEE result 2076 is easy to check with this step by step guidelines.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your symbol number
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Check your result

SEE result 2076 is available on 4 steps mentioned above. You should not roam around different pages for a result.see result 2076

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Update: SEE result 2076 will be on the grading system. So, none of the students will fail the examination. Lastly, we would like to appreciate for taking the time to read the article. In the future days as well, we will be providing additional information regarding each and every activity in Nepal. Good wishes for your result and your future career after SEE.

SEE is regarded as a gateway for higher education. Students do get admission on higher grades after successfully completing school leaving certificate examination. To get your SEE result, you need to have your symbol number with you and follow the steps as mentioned below. This short guide will help you get your result in few moments. You need not stuck on searching again and again.

Authentic SEE result websites

These are the list of authentic SEE result websites and SEE result SMS service providers by Office of the controller of Examinations.

Authentic SEE result websites

SEE result 2076 is available on,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NTC Result Website

Go to

Type your symbol number then click submit and your result should appear on the screen.

There will be many websites that will claim you to be able to show you your SEE result. But most of them will be just a clickbait and you will not get your results from them. Here are the other list of websites, that is authenticated and has the best reputation.

Surf these official websites which publish SEE results online. Go through these listed links. These address of links are from the official notice of SEE result publish. If you know these all links, there is a bigger probability of getting SEE result soon.

Kantipur Digital Corp website:

Ministry of Education website:

Department of Education website:

National Examination Board website:

Nepal Telecom website:

Ncell website:

NTC Result SMS

You can get the result through SMS. Some private SMS providers are costly. So always use Nepal Telecom SMS service to get the result via SMS.

If your symbol number is 1111111A then,

type SEE<space>1111111A and send it to 1400

This is the fastest method of getting a result. On a reply after sending the above short message, you will get a reply whether you are pass or fail.

SEE Result Grades

SEE result has been published just now. SEE result 2076 is available on see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result.

You can also check SEE result from Wap Nepal. All the good wishes for your SEE result 2076.

SEE exam was held on Chaitra month from 3rd to 11th. SEE result of 4 lakhs 62 thousands one hundred 36 students is published. Among them, 12,284 were able to secure 3.65 to 4 GPA. From 3.25 to 3.6 GPA, there were 42,427 students. 15 students were from 0.00 to 0.80 GPA.

This is a grade sheet for SEE result. From 2076, SEE board Nepal has decided to implement a grading system in SEE examination. The format shown in the above image is the actual format of the grade sheet that SEE students will obtain during their result. SEE board Nepal claims grade sheet being of international standard. We will update about the result as soon as we get any notice from SEE board Nepal.

It is best to know other ways of getting SEE result easily and in a short time. We are sharing the best ways to view your SEE result as quick as possible without any kind of obstacle.

There will be grades A+, A, B+, B, C+, C. This is how SEE results grading is done.
A+ is equivalent to 4.
A is equivalent to 3.6.
B+ is equivalent to 3.2.
B is equivalent to 2.8.

Grading is done on 4. Individual subjects will have 4 credit hours. If you do not understand this, you can take an image above as a reference. It will provide a good example of this description.

SEE result by phone

Dial 1600 and dial your symbol number.

Another great easy and convenient way is checking results from Landline. Landline is available in most households, offices and places. Imagine being able to just call someone and then know your results right away. It’s just like when you call your friend to hear about some juicy drama news but in this case, it’s your long-awaited result.

All you have to do is dial 1600 and then simply follow the instructions given by the auto answering machine.

SEE result by SMS

Sometimes the anticipation is so real that you don’t even want to wait for the whole detailed full report. You just want to know if you have passed your exams or failed.

And how much final total marks you have gotten in your exam. It will be very convenient and excellent if you just heard the news that result is out and you can check the results right away, no matter where you at. That’s when SMS comes really handy. With just a few words typing and there you have it. Isn’t that just great?

These are the trustworthy and authenticated ways you can check your results through SMS.

SMS syntax for SEE result SMS service is as shown below.


You can send this syntax to any SMS See result providers like 1600, 35566. Note that 1600 is the cheapest one.

NTC SEE Result

Type SEE<space><symbol Number> and send it to 1600

Example: Type SEE 0123456A and send it to 1600


Type SEE <space> Symbol Number and send it to 35001

Example: Type SEE 0123456A and send it to 35001.

Note: Sparrow SMS and other companies may cost you up to RS 5 for checking but NTC will only cost you RS 1.

SEE result with marks online

If you are the type of person who wants all of the tea, and not a hint of it. Well, this is the most detailed approach you can get out of all the other approaches above. This is the closest representation to the actual certificate provided by.

The Office of Controller of Examinations. You can either hop on the government website and check your result or for your convenience, just click the given links down below.

When Will SEE Result Publish?

SEE results will probably be published by The Office of Controller of Examinations on the Nepali Dats as the Second week of Asadh and English date as the fourth week of June

SEE, also known as Secondary Education Examination is the new Education Act implemented from 2016. To clear the most asked question that many people seem to e confused. Previously in past, SEE was referred to as SEE. This examination that will be held every year will only be taken by 10th Graders as countrywide degree examination.see result 2076

The students who pass the exam will be given a certificate for graduating Secondary School. The timeline that the examination will normally be held is within from April to June each and every year.

The SEE Examination plays a very crucial role, therefore, the government of Nepal is focusing on the examination with the strong belief that the grading system which is currently being implemented in the SEE examination will have a huge impact and give a well-needed push to increase the literacy rate of Nepal.

SEE will be the base for building an academic career, however, this education shall not be said as the dead-end because there will only be to some extent and limitation for SEE and not suitable for higher-level education.

I hope this article will clear up all your confusion and fulfil all your needs towards checking the SEE result. All the very best for all the students who appeared in SEE exams. Good Luck!!

SEE result 2076 is available on see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result, see result.

SEE result topper 2076 name list is online in our previous article. You can see the SEE topper 2076 name list.

SEE board Nepal has announced to provide grading system result to students. SEE board Nepal will release grades to students instead of marksheet like before. This is according to the international system of grading which has been already proved as one of the most effective result systems worldwide. Please stay connected with to get latest updates on SEE result. We provide every information regarding SEE results. We describe easy ways to get results as well. You can go through the related posts below to go through numerous resources for SEE result.

SEE is an iron gate of school life. We wish good luck to you all exam appearing students. If you get any difficulty on getting SEE result on time, please do comment below, we will provide your result as soon as possible.

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