Every nation has its some national symbol which gives the identity of the nation to the world. Such symbol is considered to be the national emblems of the nation. There are different things that give the identity of the nation like national animals, national birds, colour and many more. In the same way, the flag of the nation also provides the identity of the nation to the whole world. Every nation has its own national flag with their own design and symbols.

Here we are going to discuss about why Nepalese flag is unique and different than the flag of any other nations.

Nepal Flag and its unique features

Nepal the smallest country in the world is different than any other nation in the world in comparison to the religion that is followed here. In the same way, to the present of the highest peak in the Mount Everest has also made the nation unique and has provided the different identity to our nation. People from all over the world recognised our country as the country of Himalayan or as the country of Gautam Buddha who has started the religion known as Buddhism. Well, in the uniqueness of the country, there is one more thing that is a national flag.nepal flag

All the other countries flag are seen in the rectangular shape whereas only the flag of our nation is different in shape that is triangular in shape. The flag of our nation is unique than the flag of any other nation in different ways.

Unique Shape of Nepal Flag

The flag of Nepal is only the flag that is non-quadrilateral in shape all over the world. Well, the shape of the national flag of Nepal is made by two different pennants which provide the information on Himalayan Mountain and also two major religion that is followed in Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Unique color of Nepal Flag (Crimson and blue)

The colour of the Nepalese flag is crimson and the border is blue. The crimson colour that is seen in the flag is our national flag and is also the colour of the Rhodondern, the national flower of Nepal. Well, not only this crimson colour also indicates the bravery of the Nepali army or say Bir Gorkhali and also the overall Nepalese people.

In the same way, the blue colour that is seen in the border of the flag symbolize the peace and prosperity that is seen in Nepalese people since the time of Gautam Buddha who was also the founder of the Buddhism. He was the person who believes in peace and prosperity and thus the nation has adopted this blue colour as the symbol of peace. Not only for the peace but also this blue colour symbolizes that Nepal is rich in a large amount of natural resources water in the world. Thus, Nepal is considered as the second richest country in the water resources all over the world and is only the richest country in the water resources in Asia.

Unique symbols of Nepal Flag (sun and moon)

Nepal flag has two symbols used in its flag. They are the sun and the moon. They both have unique representation in flag of Nepal with an unique meaning.

Sun in Nepal flag represents bravery

nepal flag sunThere the different symbol like sun and moon, seen in two different pennants of the flag which has its own meaning. The presence of the sun in the flag represents the fierce and the bold character of the Nepali people who never bow their head in front of their enemies. As the Nepali Gorkhali are very brave Nepal was never colonized by any other country. Similarly, the sun that is represented in the lower pennant of the flag symbolizes that the nation of Nepal will remain as the independent nation in this world until the sun rises in the sky.

Moon in Nepal flag represents peace

nepal flag moonIn the same way, the moon symbolises the peace and calm nature of the Nepalese people . As the moon is considered to be cool and calm the weather of the Himalaya is also same. The moon represents the shades and the cool weather of the hills and the Himalayan region of Nepal. Similar to the sun, moon that is found in the upper pennant of the flag also represent that Nepal will remain in this world until the moon rises in the sky and will never be vanished from the globe of the world.

Due to the above-mentioned reason, the flag of Nepal is unique in the world. The shape of the flag is inspired by the Hindu religion as we can see the flag of single triangular shape in the temple from the concept of the flag was taken and the 2 pennant flag is designed. Not only this if we see the flag geometrically its measurement are accurate as mentioned in the constituent of Nepal which is very unique. No other country in the world has mention the measurement of the flag in the constituent and also the colour.