University Grants Commission of Nepal has announced Higher Education Scholarships. The University has requested Applications for Higher Education Scholarships. Interested candidates can fill out the form to get the Disadvantaged Targeted scholarships.

Notice Date: Dec 20, 2022

The yearly distribution of scholarships to students from low-income backgrounds aims to increase public access to higher education, develop human resources, and advance the growth and development of the country’s economy.

Higher Education Scholarships

Who have finished their secondary education in government or public schools and are pursuing graduate-level courses domestically. And to offer Higher Education Scholarships every year using a particular process. The first-year/first-semester graduate students who complete their class 12 studies at the individual schools are called to submit scholarship applications.

This announcement has been made public to encourage interested students and stakeholders to submit applications via the Poverty Targeted Scholarship Program link on the University Grants Commission website’s home page at using their USER IDs.

a) For concerned students (to apply for the scholarship):

• USER ID: The individual National Examination Board Registration Number of the student (NEB Registration Number)
• User password (Password): Obtained by following the instructions to use the online system.

Application Period: From 1st Paush 2079 to 30th Paush 2079.

b)Concerning public or community schools (and the pupils enrolled there) (To receive and approve the scholarship application form)
USER ID: The National Examination Board ID for each school (NEB School Code)
Password for the user: to be obtained by following the instructions and using the online system.

Application and acceptance period: Date 2079 until 15th of January.

c)For the rural municipality or municipalities in question (schools that their municipality has approved
To accept the region’s application for a Higher Education Scholarship, including the required household survey:
• User ID number (USER ID): The University Grants Commission will supply this.
• User password (Password): Obtained by following the instructions to use the online system.

Final approval period: Date 2079 till 30th of January.

Other arrangements related to Higher Education Scholarships will be as follows.

  •  Through the online system on the website of the World School Grants Commission, the respective schools will review and verify applications from students who attended Gharpayak’s school and completed class 12 there.
  • The municipality/municipality bearing the applicant’s permanent home address will process and verify the application through the online system on the University Grants Commission website because the application is submitted by students who studied for their 12th grade while living elsewhere
  • . The students on the selection list may be withdrawn from the list or added if the completion level changes during the on-site inspection at their residences.
  •  Within 15 days of the initial date of the final selection notice, any applicant students who have complaints about the commission selection process may file an appeal in the format required by the University Grants Commission.
  •  The University Grants Commission will provide students with selection-related information in its SMS system.

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