What is Unicode Nepali

Nepali Unicode Devnagari is official Nepali writing language. This is the same language used in Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi and other forms as well. There are altogether 128 points in Nepali Unicode starting from ऄ and ending in ज्ञ.With growing use of English language in all the formal communication process, use of Unicode Nepali is decreasing. But for few special occasions Unicode Nepali is a most.

how to type in nepali unicode

How to type in Unicode Nepali ?

Typing in Unicode Nepali can be quite a tedious task. But there are converter and many apps that help you do so. You can either enable settings in your PC to type in Nepali Unicode. Or there is another easy way. Just type any text in Roman English and later translate it using an online converter.

Type in Nepali using phone

You can even type Unicode Nepali in your phone. Since you often require to type in Nepali font for your work, it is now easy to type from your phone as well. Here, I illustrate how you can type Unicode in your phone. The process may be a bit different in android Phones. Here, I am illustrating the process in iPhone.

  1. You need an application to use Nepali Unicode.You can get numerous applications online. Find a suitable keyboard application and download it.
  2. You will have to get the app and later install it. Now only you can use it in your phone.
  3. You need to enter your Apple ID password to get the access. You can even use the touch ID if it’s available.
  4. Now the add the new downloaded keyboard to your regular setting. For that select settings. Then general and then select Keyboards via keyboard option.
  5. Click on the option add new Keyboard. Now select the downloaded app and add it to your phone.
  6. You can now type Nepali Unicode through your phone as well.

Type in Nepali using personal Computer

  1. Once you have downloaded the app from play store. You need to change few settings in your PC as well. For that click on control panel and select regional and language options. This option allows you to change the language settings.
  2. After that click on Keyboard and languages tab.
  3. Click on general tab and now select the add button. This will add the new font in your setting.
  4. You will get list of languages just select your desired language. Now save changes.
  5. You are good to go, with this you have activated the new font you need. And now can easily type in the font.

What is Nepali Unicode Converter ?

Nepali Unicode Converter is tool that directly converts your English font into Nepali Unicode. It is one of the most easy way of typing Nepali Unicode. It is an online tool that gives good results. The tool will simply convert any Roman English typing into Nepali Unicode. Also these tools provide you suggestion and additional hint whenever you are typing any word. Out of many online converter here are link to some converter. These are the most easiest and accurate ones:

  • https://www.ashesh.com.np/nepali-unicode.php
  • https://www.nepali-unicode.com/